Mastrevirus (taxid:10812)



Non-enveloped, about 38 nm in length and 22 nm in diameter (for MSV), twinned (geminate) incomplete T=1 icosahedral symmetry capsid that contains 22 pentameric capsomers made of 110 capsid proteins (CP). Each geminate particle contains only a single circular ssDNA.



Monopartite, circular, ssDNA genome (+) genome of about 2.6-2.8 kb. 3' terminus has no poly(A) tract. There are coding regions in both the virion (positive) and complementary (negative) sense strands.
The genome is replicated through double-stranded intermediates. The replication (Rep) protein initiates and terminates rolling circle replication, the host DNA polymerase being used for DNA replication itself. There is a potential stem-loop structure in the long intergenic region (LIR) that includes a conserved nona-nucleotide sequence (TAATATTAC) where ssDNA synthesis is initiated.
The short intergenic region (SIR) contains bidirectional polyadenylation signals.


Transcription is bidirectional from the long intergenic region (LIR) which contains two divergent promoters: a V-(virion) and a C-(complementary) sense. The resulting C- and V-transcripts encode four proteins. On the V-sense: the movement and CP. On the C-sense: RepA and Rep (which is expressed as a splice product of RepA and RepB ORFs).




  1. Virus penetrates into the host cell.
  2. Uncoating, the viral ssDNA genome penetrates into the nucleus.
  3. The ssDNA is converted into dsDNA with the participation of cellular factors.
  4. bidirectional dsDNA transcription from the IR promoter produces viral mRNAs and translation of viral proteins.
  5. Replication is initiated by cleavage of the(+)strand by REP, and occurs by rolling circle producing ssDNA genomes.
  6. These newly synthesized ssDNA can either
    a) be converted to dsDNA and serve as a template for transcription/replication
    b) be encapsidated by capsid protein and form virions released by cell lysis
    c) be transported outside the nucleus, to a neighboring cell through plasmodesmata (cell-cell movement) with the help of viral movement proteins.

Host-virus interaction

Cell-cycle modulation

Mastrevirus protein RepA is responsible for inhibiting host retinoblastoma protein and inducing transition from the G1 to S phase in preparation for virus replication since the virus targets differentiated non-dividing cells. .

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Bean yellow dwarf virus (BeYDV) reference strain

REPA_BEYDV Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_BEYDV Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
MP_BEYDV Movement protein (MP)
CAPSD_BEYDV Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype A (isolate South Africa) (MSV) reference strain

REP_MSVS Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_MSVS Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVS Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVS Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype B (isolate Tas) (MSV) reference strain

REPA_MSVTA Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_MSVTA Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVTA Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVTA Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Miscanthus streak virus (isolate 91) (MiSV) reference strain

REP_MISV9 Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_MISV9 Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MISV9 Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MISV9 Putative movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Panicum streak virus (isolate Kenya) (PanSV) reference strain

REP_PASVK Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_PASVK Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_PASVK Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_PASVK Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Sugarcane streak virus (isolate South Africa) (SSV) (Sugarcane streak virus (isolate Natal)) reference strain

REP_SSVN Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_SSVN Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_SSVN Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_SSVN Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Wheat dwarf virus (isolate Sweden) (WDV) reference strain

REPA_WDVS Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_WDVS Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
MP_WDVS Movement protein (MP)
CAPSD_WDVS Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)

3 entries

Chloris striate mosaic virus (CSMV) reference strain

REP_CSMV Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_CSMV Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_CSMV Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype A (isolate Kenya) (MSV)

REPA_MSVK Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_MSVK Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVK Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVK Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype A (isolate Nigeria) (MSV)

CAPSD_MSVN Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
REP_MSVN Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_MSVN Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
MP_MSVN Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype C (isolate Set) (MSV)

REP_MSVSE Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REPA_MSVSE Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVSE Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVSE Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype D (isolate Raw) (MSV)

REPA_MSVRA Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_MSVRA Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVRA Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVRA Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Maize streak virus genotype E (isolate Pat) (MSV)

REPA_MSVPA Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_MSVPA Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_MSVPA Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_MSVPA Movement protein (MP)

4 entries

Tobacco yellow dwarf virus (strain Australia) (TYDV)

REPA_TYDVA Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-)
REP_TYDVA Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-)
CAPSD_TYDVA Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
MP_TYDVA Movement protein (MP)
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Axonopus compressus streak virus taxid:1476487

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27722
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62884
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60116
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60125

Bean yellow dwarf virus taxid:57119

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) ma-jd-viral-27744
Movement protein (MP) ma-jd-viral-64095
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20493
Replication-associated protein A (RepA) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60106

Bromus catharticus striate mosaic virus taxid:936005

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27718
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-58363
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20269
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20549

Chickpea chlorosis Australia virus taxid:1302848

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27735
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64093
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20448
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20577

Chickpea chlorosis virus-A taxid:887825

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27726
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64092
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20637
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20547

Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus taxid:463360

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27730
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64104
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60131
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60132

Chickpea redleaf virus taxid:887827

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27738
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64094
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20180
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20541

Chickpea yellow dwarf virus taxid:1568974

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27732
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64098
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20331
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20397

Digitaria ciliaris striate mosaic virus taxid:1196237

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27731
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-58364
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20598
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20611

Digitaria didactyla striate mosaic virus taxid:889510

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27727
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-58365
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60096
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60113

Eragrostis minor streak virus taxid:1030595

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27709
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-50069
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60104
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60124

Eragrostis streak virus taxid:496807

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27740
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-54469
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20157

Maize streak Reunion virus taxid:1182518

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27707
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64102
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60105
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60114

Oat dwarf virus taxid:497863

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27716
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64090
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60115
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60127

Paspalum dilatatum striate mosaic virus taxid:1196236

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27721
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-58362
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20638
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20453

Paspalum striate mosaic virus taxid:1072672

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27746
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-58366
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60111
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60128

Saccharum streak virus taxid:683179

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27747
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-54468
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20253

Sporobolus striate mosaic virus 1 taxid:1302849

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27720
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62888
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60123
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60133

Sporobolus striate mosaic virus 2 taxid:1302850

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27742
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62887
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60100
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60109

Sugarcane chlorotic streak virus taxid:1919062

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27705
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-54467
RepB ma-jd-viral-20959
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20603
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20230

Sugarcane white streak virus taxid:1492296

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27719
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64096
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-20226
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60126

Switchgrass mosaic-associated virus 1 taxid:1571533

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27704
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62883
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60095
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60122

Wheat dwarf India virus taxid:1174526

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27717
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-64101
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60094
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60112

Wheat dwarf virus taxid:10834

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27739
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62886
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60120

Wheat dwarf virus - [Enkoping1] taxid:290587

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-27739
Movement protein ma-jd-viral-62886
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60093
Replication-associated protein (Rep) (EC 3.1.21.-) ma-jd-viral-60120