Nimaviridae (taxid:196937)



Enveloped ovoidal particles of about 275 nm in length and 120 nm in width, with a tail-like appendage at one end.


Circular dsDNA about 300 kb in size, encoding for at least 531 ORF.




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White spot syndrome virus (isolate Shrimp/China/Tongan/1996) (WSSV) (White spot bacilliform virus) reference strain

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RING finger containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase WSV222 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase WSV222)

White spot syndrome virus (isolate Shrimp/China/Tongan/1996) (WSSV) (White spot bacilliform virus) reference strain

1 entry

RING finger containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase WSV403 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase WSV403)

White spot syndrome virus (isolate Shrimp/China/Tongan/1996) (WSSV) (White spot bacilliform virus) reference strain
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White spot syndrome virus taxid:342409

Protein ModelArchive
Anti-apoptosis protein (ORF170) ma-jd-viral-36883
Arv1-like family (ORF23) (ORF60) (WSV 477) (Wsv477) ma-jd-viral-57447
BESS motif (Immediate-early protein) (ORF137) (ORF55, gene family 5) (WSSV159)... ma-jd-viral-29552
BUD22 (Envelope protein) (ORF159) (ORF980) (Wsv327) ma-jd-viral-38245
BUD22 (ORF160) (WSSV088) (Wsv332) ma-jd-viral-49850
Bone sialoprotein II (BSP-II) (Envelope protein) (ORF1263) (ORF35) (Wsv010) ma-jd-viral-45024
Bone sialoprotein II (BSP-II) (Wsv037) ma-jd-viral-51665
Capsid protein (Envelope protein VP466) (ORF340) (PHB/PHA accumulation regulator DNA-binding domain) (WSSV078) (Wssv119)... ma-jd-viral-38916
Capsid protein (ORF183) (Wsv415) ma-jd-viral-31447
Capsid protein (Wsv220) ma-jd-viral-55524
Capsid protein (Wsv271) ma-jd-viral-52921
Centromere protein B dimerization domain (Envelope protein) (Major virion protein VP19) (ORF182) (ORF895) (WSSV111) (Wssv156)... ma-jd-viral-54336
DNA-binding protein (ORF109) (VP15) (Wsv214) ma-jd-viral-63059
Daxx family (ORF64) (Wsv090) ma-jd-viral-33759
Double zinc ribbon (ORF43) (Wsv045) ma-jd-viral-46218
E3 ligase (ORF113, gene family 9) (Wsv222) ma-jd-viral-49054
E3 ligase immediate-early protein (E3 ligase, immediate-early protein) (ORF177, gene family 9) (ORF429) (RING finger-containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase) (WSSV105) (Wssv152)... ma-jd-viral-39857
E3 ligase, immediate-early protein ma-jd-viral-41563
EXOG mitochondrial nuclease-like protein (Putative endonuclease) (WSSV031) ma-jd-viral-56214
Envelope and capsid protein (ORF6) (WSSV121) ma-jd-viral-58294
Envelope protein ma-jd-viral-51492
Envelope protein ma-jd-viral-52472
Envelope protein ma-jd-viral-59971
Envelope protein ma-jd-viral-55440
Envelope protein ma-jd-viral-55441
Envelope protein (Ephrin type-A receptor 2 transmembrane domain) (ORF36)... ma-jd-viral-53466
Envelope protein (FlgD Tudor-like domain) (ORF120, gene family 3) (Wsv242) ma-jd-viral-52511
Envelope protein (Major virion protein) (ORF1) (Structural envelope protein VP) (VP28)... ma-jd-viral-12526
Envelope protein (Nuclear RNA-splicing-associated protein) (ORF129, gene family 3) (ORF301) (WSSV056) (Wssv099)... ma-jd-viral-52512
Envelope protein (ORF1004) (ORF144) (Transcription factor TFIID) (WSSV071)... ma-jd-viral-44217
Envelope protein (ORF102) (ORF244) (Ring finger domain) (WSSV034) (Wsv198) ma-jd-viral-53087
Envelope protein (ORF118, gene family 10) (Wsv237) ma-jd-viral-59971
Envelope protein (ORF1264) (ORF34) (Wsv009) ma-jd-viral-39833
Envelope protein (ORF1268) (ORF31) (Structural envelope protein VP) (VP24)... ma-jd-viral-52004
Envelope protein (ORF127, gene family 10) (WSSV054) (Wssv097) (Wsv254) ma-jd-viral-59970
Envelope protein (ORF128, gene family 8) (ORF300) (WSSV055) (Wssv098) (Wsv256) ma-jd-viral-55442
Envelope protein (ORF150) (Thrombin inhibitor madanin) (Wsv306) ma-jd-viral-37136
Envelope protein (ORF155) ma-jd-viral-63520
Envelope protein (ORF158) (ORF356) (WSSV084) (Wsv325) ma-jd-viral-33264
Envelope protein (ORF161) (Wsv338) ma-jd-viral-62280
Envelope protein (ORF162) (Wsv339) ma-jd-viral-62997
Envelope protein (ORF163) (ORF973) (Wsv340) ma-jd-viral-52755
Envelope protein (ORF168) (Wsv386) ma-jd-viral-56165
Envelope protein (ORF41) ma-jd-viral-35728
Envelope protein (VP26) (ORF153) (ORF985) (Structural envelope protein VP) (WSSV080)... ma-jd-viral-12527
Fic/DOC family (ORF424) (Wsv397) ma-jd-viral-51320
Flagellar FliJ protein (ORF74) (Wsv126) ma-jd-viral-63309
Glycosyl hydrolase family 67 C-terminus (ORF95) (Wsv180) ma-jd-viral-54608
Helicase C-like protein (ORF39) (WSSV145) ma-jd-viral-59776
Histone acetyltransferase HAC5 (ORF166) (Putative CREB-binding protein immediate-early protein) (Putative CREB-binding protein, immediate-early protein)... ma-jd-viral-37042
ICP11/P9 (ORF115) (VP9 protein) (Wsv230) ma-jd-viral-46069
Immediate-early protein ma-jd-viral-33039
Immediate-early protein ma-jd-viral-36562
Immediate-early protein ma-jd-viral-41097
Immediate-early protein (ORF1200) (ORF60) (Ring finger domain) (Wsv079) ma-jd-viral-55126
Immediate-early protein (ORF1201) (Wssv029) (Wsv078) ma-jd-viral-64594
Immediate-early protein (ORF47, gene family 5) (Wsv056) ma-jd-viral-29553
Mediator complex subunit 2 (ORF145) (ORF332) (Wsv294) ma-jd-viral-52183
Minor capsid protein 2 (ORF124) (ORF294) (Wsv247) ma-jd-viral-53141
Nop14-like family (ORF164) (ORF972) (Wsv342) ma-jd-viral-36018
Normal lung function maintenance low in lung cancer 1 protein (ORF168) (ORF69)... ma-jd-viral-34063
Nuclear RNA-splicing-associated protein (ORF135) (ORF315) (WSSV062) (Wsv277) ma-jd-viral-59413
ORF10 (ORF36) (Wsv455) ma-jd-viral-49643
ORF100 (POPLD (NUC188) domain protein) (Wsv192) ma-jd-viral-32195
ORF101 (Wsv195) ma-jd-viral-67646
ORF1039 (ORF131) (WSSV058) (Wsv267) ma-jd-viral-29139
ORF1061 (WSSV050) (Wsv234) ma-jd-viral-46824
ORF107 (Per os infectivity) (Wsv207) ma-jd-viral-42862
ORF1085 (Wsv203) ma-jd-viral-65670
ORF1114 (ORF91) (Ribonucleotide reductase barrel domain) (Wsv166) ma-jd-viral-30793
ORF1115 (ORF90) ma-jd-viral-56930
ORF114 (VP9 protein) (Wssv085) ma-jd-viral-48670
ORF1144 (ORF83) (Wsv142) ma-jd-viral-64180
ORF1149 (ORF81) (Wsv137) ma-jd-viral-55816
ORF1156 (ORF76) (Wsv130) ma-jd-viral-64909
ORF121 ma-jd-viral-62678
ORF1212 (ORF53, gene family 7) (Wsv064) ma-jd-viral-47749
ORF1250 (ORF38) (ScpA/B protein) (Wssv011) (Wsv023) ma-jd-viral-32813
ORF1251 (ORF37) (WSSV143) (Wssv010) (Wsv021) ma-jd-viral-33134
ORF126, gene family 4 (WSSV053) (Wsv252) ma-jd-viral-52662
ORF1267 (ORF32) (Wsv004) ma-jd-viral-31848
ORF13 (Wsv460) ma-jd-viral-64388
ORF1314 (ORF22) (Putative zinc ribbon domain) (Wsv476) ma-jd-viral-66028
ORF132 (Wsv269) ma-jd-viral-52675
ORF133 (Wssv103) (Wsv270) ma-jd-viral-52752
ORF1348 (Putative serine/threonine protein kinase) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase prk-2)... ma-jd-viral-30616
ORF138 (Tuberin) (Wsv281) ma-jd-viral-44757
ORF139 (ORF57) (WSSV161) (Wssv026) (Wsv076) ma-jd-viral-53269
ORF14 ma-jd-viral-55110
ORF14 (Wsv432) ma-jd-viral-56702
ORF140 (Wsv282) ma-jd-viral-54417
ORF141 (ORF323) (WSSV068) (Wssv110) (Wsv284) ma-jd-viral-47451
ORF142 (WSSV069) ma-jd-viral-52162
ORF146 (ORF333) (Wsv295) ma-jd-viral-50291
ORF147 (PRANC domain) (WSSV074) (Wsv299) ma-jd-viral-42747
ORF148 (ORF998) (Structural envelope protein VP) (WSSV075) (Wssv116) (Wsv302) ma-jd-viral-53843
ORF149, putative TATA box binding protein (ORF337) (Putative TATA-box bind protein) (Transcription factor TFIID)... ma-jd-viral-36563
ORF152 (ORF341) (Wsv310) ma-jd-viral-67422
ORF156 (WSSV083) (Wssv124) (Wsv322) ma-jd-viral-33094
ORF17 (Wsv473) ma-jd-viral-65196
ORF173 (Wsv398) ma-jd-viral-39883
ORF174 (Wsv399) ma-jd-viral-43473
ORF178 (ORF431) (Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain) (Wssv153)... ma-jd-viral-63771
ORF179 (ORF898) (RING finger-containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase) (Wsv407) ma-jd-viral-64332
ORF180 (Wsv411) ma-jd-viral-37239
ORF184 (ORF443) (Wsv420) ma-jd-viral-36609
ORF191 (ORF79) (WSSV010) (Wsv134) ma-jd-viral-48185
ORF192 (ORF80) (TMEM101 protein family) (Wssv050) (Wsv136) ma-jd-viral-35159
ORF234 (ORF97) (WSSV029) (Wsv184) ma-jd-viral-37788
ORF248 (Procyclic acidic repetitive protein (PARP)) (WSSV037) (Wssv075)... ma-jd-viral-01177
ORF25, gene family 4 (WSSV136) (Wsv508) ma-jd-viral-48592
ORF28 (Wsv525) ma-jd-viral-33593
ORF29 (Wsv526) ma-jd-viral-61768
ORF3 (WSSV118) (Wsv427) ma-jd-viral-35733
ORF4 (Procyclic acidic repetitive protein (PARP)) (WSSV119) (Wsv433) ma-jd-viral-33356
ORF436 (WSSV110) (Wssv155) (Wsv412) ma-jd-viral-45828
ORF44 (Wsv051) ma-jd-viral-48124
ORF442 (Wsv419) ma-jd-viral-33707
ORF56, gene family 8 (WSSV160) (Wsv073) ma-jd-viral-43587
ORF63 ma-jd-viral-50829
ORF67 (Wsv106) ma-jd-viral-36842
ORF73 (Wsv119) ma-jd-viral-64164
ORF77 (Wsv131) ma-jd-viral-67642
ORF78 (WSSV009) (Wsv133) ma-jd-viral-41445
ORF93 ma-jd-viral-40775
ORF96 (WSSV028) (Wsv181) ma-jd-viral-57785
ORF982 (WSSV085) (Wssv125) (Wsv324) ma-jd-viral-40694
Protein kinase, immediate-early protein (Wsv083) ma-jd-viral-30617
Putative transposase DNA-binding domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-57916
RING-type domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-47750
RNA binding motif (Wsv260) ma-jd-viral-58928
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14305
Thymidine kinase (EC (EC (dTMP kinase) ma-jd-viral-09839
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-12529
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-33220
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34329
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-50080
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-48591
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-39928
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-42450
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43183
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-66582
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58488
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-55111
WSSV135 (Wsv500) ma-jd-viral-57448
WSSV205 (Wsv149a) ma-jd-viral-54566
Wssv041 (p74 conserved region) ma-jd-viral-51306
Wssv172 ma-jd-viral-50981
Wsv006 ma-jd-viral-33473
Wsv059 ma-jd-viral-56924
Wsv077 ma-jd-viral-44457
Wsv108 ma-jd-viral-31016
Wsv139 ma-jd-viral-39167
Wsv147 ma-jd-viral-32881
Wsv150 ma-jd-viral-35843
Wsv151 ma-jd-viral-65806
Wsv231 ma-jd-viral-48593
Wsv313 ma-jd-viral-66119
Wsv387 ma-jd-viral-36229
Wsv440 ma-jd-viral-48773
Wsv446 ma-jd-viral-37434
Wsv464 ma-jd-viral-12528
Wsv479 ma-jd-viral-48594
Wsv482-like protein ma-jd-viral-62860
Wsv484 ma-jd-viral-43752
Wsv502 ma-jd-viral-30794
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-56822
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05430
thymidylate synthase (EC ma-jd-viral-08300

White spot syndrome virus taxid:92652

Protein ModelArchive
DNA binding protein (VP15) (Vp14) ma-jd-viral-63059
Envelope protein (VP19) (Structural protein VP19) (WSSV473) (Wsv414) ma-jd-viral-54336
Envelope protein (WSSV092) ma-jd-viral-35728
Envelope protein (WSSV396) (WSV340) ma-jd-viral-52755
ORF1050 ma-jd-viral-59970
ORF1056 ma-jd-viral-55442
ORF15 (WSSV523) ma-jd-viral-12528
ORF1976 ma-jd-viral-58294
ORF21 ma-jd-viral-53466
ORF2359 ma-jd-viral-61768
ORF2735 ma-jd-viral-35733
ORF2877 ma-jd-viral-56165
ORF4010 ma-jd-viral-67642
ORF4162 ma-jd-viral-55126
ORF4427 ma-jd-viral-39833
ORF4441 ma-jd-viral-52004
ORF853 ma-jd-viral-55524
ORF948 ma-jd-viral-59971
ORF972 ma-jd-viral-52511
ORFIII ma-jd-viral-12529
ORFV ma-jd-viral-55441
Orf023 (Wsv023) ma-jd-viral-32813
Protein kinase (WSSV482) (Wsv423) ma-jd-viral-30616
Putative TATA-box binding protein (WSSV359) (Wsv303) ma-jd-viral-36563
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14305
Structural protein (VP28) (Envelope protein VP28) (Major structural protein VP28) (Major virion protein VP28) (Vp28 structural protein) (WSSV480)... ma-jd-viral-12526
VP24 (Major virion protein VP24) (Wsv002) ma-jd-viral-52004
VP39 (WSSV395) (Wsv339) ma-jd-viral-62997
WSSV236 (Wsv180) ma-jd-viral-54608
WSSV237 (Wsv181) ma-jd-viral-57785
WSSV349 (Wsv293a) ma-jd-viral-44217
WSSV350 (Wsv294) ma-jd-viral-52183
WSSV355 (Wsv299) ma-jd-viral-42747
WSSV362 (Wsv306) ma-jd-viral-37136
WSSV446 (Wsv387) ma-jd-viral-36229
WSSV449 ma-jd-viral-36883
WSSV456 (Wsv397) ma-jd-viral-51320
WSSV458 ma-jd-viral-43473
Wsv295 ma-jd-viral-50291
p22 (Structural protein VP26) (Vp26) (Major virion protein VP26) (Vp26 structural protein) (WSSV367)... ma-jd-viral-12527
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05430