Corticoviridae (taxid:10659)



Icosahedral pseudo T=21 capsid 56 nm in diameter, composed of 1200 P1 (spike) and 60 P2 (capsid) proteins. The pentameric receptor-binding spikes are protruding from the 12 fivefold axes. The capsid encloses an internal lipid core containing the structural proteins P3 to P9.


Circular, supercoiled dsDNA genome of about 10 kb encoding for 21 proteins. Displays a very high number of negative supercoils.


The genome is organized in three operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attach to target cell
  2. Injection: viral DNA is injected in host cell cytoplasm
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes
  4. Replication of genomic DNA via a rolling-circle mechanism
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes
  6. Capsid proteins polymerize around a lipoprotein vesicle translocated in the cytoplasm by virion assembly factors.
  7. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions
  8. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis

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Pseudoalteromonas phage PM2 (Bacteriophage PM2) reference strain

CAPSD_BPPM2 Major capsid protein P2 (Protein II)
P4_BPPM2 Protein P4 (Protein IV)
P6_BPPM2 Protein P6 (Protein VI)
P5_BPPM2 Protein P5 (Protein V)
SPIKE_BPPM2 Spike protein P1 (Protein I)
P8_BPPM2 Protein P8 (Protein VIII)
P3_BPPM2 Protein P3 (Protein III)
EXLYS_BPPM2 Peptidoglycan hydrolase P7 (Protein VII)
P9_BPPM2 Protein P9 (Protein IX)
P12_BPPM2 Probable replication protein P12 (EC 3.1.-.-) (Protein XII)
GPB_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-b*
GPL_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-l
GPK_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-k
GPJ_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-j
GPH_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-h
P14_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein P14 (Protein XIV)
P13_BPPM2 Transcription factor P13 (Protein XIII)
GPE_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-e
GPD_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-d
GPC_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-c
GPA_BPPM2 Uncharacterized protein Gp-a