Proboscivirus (taxid:548689)



Enveloped, spherical to pleomorphic, 150-200 nm in diameter, T=16 icosahedral symmetry. Capsid consists of 162 capsomers and is surrounded by an amorphous tegument. Glycoproteins complexes are embeded in the lipid envelope.


Monopartite, linear, dsDNA genome.





Lytic replication:

  1. Attachment of the viral glycoproteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Entry into host cell is still unclear and may depend on the host cell type, i.e. endocytosis versus fusion at the plasma membrane.
  3. The capsid is transported to the nuclear pore where the viral DNA is released into the nucleus.
  4. Transcription of immediate early genes which promote transcription of early genes and protect the virus against innate host immunity.
  5. Transcription of early viral mRNA by host polymerase II, encoding proteins involved in replication of the viral DNA.
  6. A first round of circular genome amplification occurs by bidirectional replication
  7. Synthesis of linear concatemer copies of viral DNA by rolling circle.
  8. Transcription of late mRNAs by host polymerase II, encoding structural proteins.
  9. Assembly of the virus in nuclear viral factories and budding through the inner lamella of the nuclear membrane which has been modified by the insertion of herpes glycoproteins, throughout the Golgi and final release at the plasma membrane.

Latent replication : replication of circular viral episome in tandem with the host cell DNA using the host cell replication machinery.

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Elephantid herpesvirus 1 (isolate Asian elephant/Berlin/Kiba/1998) (EIHV-1) (Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus)

SCAF_ELHVK Capsid scaffolding protein (Protease precursor) (pPR) [Cleaved into: Assemblin (EC ...
KITH_ELHVK Thymidine kinase (EC
GH_ELHVK Envelope glycoprotein H (gH)
ICP27_ELHVK mRNA export factor ICP27 homolog
GB_ELHVK Envelope glycoprotein B (gB)
DPOL_ELHVK DNA polymerase catalytic subunit (EC (EC
AN_ELHVK Alkaline nuclease (EC 3.1.-.-)
UL97_ELHVK Phosphotransferase UL97 homolog (EC 2.7.1.-)
CEP2_ELHVK Cytoplasmic envelopment protein 2
CVC1_ELHVK Capsid vertex component 1
TRM3_ELHVK Tripartite terminase subunit 3 (EC 3.1.-.-) (Terminase large subunit)
MCP_ELHVK Major capsid protein (MCP)
TRX2_ELHVK Triplex capsid protein 2
VGCR_ELHVK G-protein coupled receptor
CVC2_ELHVK Capsid vertex component 2
UL24_ELHVK Protein UL24 homolog
GN_ELHVK Envelope glycoprotein N
TEG7_ELHVK Tegument protein UL51 homolog
PRIM_ELHVK DNA primase (EC 2.7.7.-)
DNBI_ELHVK Major DNA-binding protein
TRM1_ELHVK Tripartite terminase subunit 1
UL96_ELHVK Protein U68
UL95_ELHVK Protein U67
UL92_ELHVK Protein U63
U62_ELHVK Protein U62
UL88_ELHVK Protein U59
UL87_ELHVK Protein U58
U54_ELHVK Protein U54
UL79_ELHVK Protein U52
VU4_ELHVK Protein U4
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 4 taxid:548914

Protein ModelArchive
1,3 galactose glycoprotein beta1,6 N-acetyl glucosaminyl transferase 1 (EC... ma-jd-viral-50908
Alkaline exonuclease ma-jd-viral-08489
Capsid scaffolding protein (Protease precursor) (pPR) ma-jd-viral-12446
Conserved protein kinase ma-jd-viral-24856
Cysteine-rich protein ma-jd-viral-40327
DNA packaging protein 2 ma-jd-viral-01720
DNA polymerase processivity factor (Polymerase accessory protein) ma-jd-viral-66208
Docking protein ma-jd-viral-10225
Docking protein ma-jd-viral-12377
Encapsidation protein U35 ma-jd-viral-60371
Envelope glycoprotein B ma-jd-viral-31245
Envelope glycoprotein H ma-jd-viral-16945
Envelope glycoprotein L ma-jd-viral-00355
Envelope glycoprotein M ma-jd-viral-37896
Envelope glycoprotein N ma-jd-viral-59562
Envelope glycoprotein O ma-jd-viral-61686
G protein coupled receptor-3 ma-jd-viral-18453
G protein-coupled receptor-1 ma-jd-viral-18368
G protein-coupled receptor-2 ma-jd-viral-18456
G protein-coupled receptor-4 ma-jd-viral-18470
G protein-coupled receptor-4A ma-jd-viral-18473
G protein-coupled receptor-4B ma-jd-viral-18481
G protein-coupled receptor-6 ma-jd-viral-18454
G protein-coupled receptor-6.1 ma-jd-viral-18338
G protein-coupled receptor-6.2 ma-jd-viral-18441
G protein-coupled receptor-6.3 ma-jd-viral-18448
G protein-coupled receptor-6.4 ma-jd-viral-18442
Glycoprotein ORF-O ma-jd-viral-63593
Glycoprotein ORF-R ma-jd-viral-49167
Helicase subunit ma-jd-viral-37523
Membrane glycoprotein vOX2-B ma-jd-viral-16511
Myristylated tegument protein ma-jd-viral-34948
Nuclear protein ORF-M ma-jd-viral-47472
Nuclear protein U49 ma-jd-viral-12162
Packaging protein UL32 ma-jd-viral-40933
Packaging subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-02109
Portal protein ma-jd-viral-59271
Primase associated factor ma-jd-viral-17346
Protein E1 ma-jd-viral-18464
Protein E10A ma-jd-viral-66215
Protein E11 ma-jd-viral-15429
Protein E12 ma-jd-viral-15439
Protein E12A ma-jd-viral-51045
Protein E13 ma-jd-viral-15441
Protein E14 ma-jd-viral-15445
Protein E14.1 ma-jd-viral-15448
Protein E14.2 ma-jd-viral-15447
Protein E16 ma-jd-viral-15435
Protein E17 ma-jd-viral-50911
Protein E17A ma-jd-viral-67666
Protein E18 ma-jd-viral-02167
Protein E18C ma-jd-viral-29566
Protein E20A ma-jd-viral-47699
Protein E20B ma-jd-viral-59661
Protein E22 ma-jd-viral-60923
Protein E22A ma-jd-viral-41648
Protein E23B ma-jd-viral-58256
Protein E27 ma-jd-viral-39472
Protein E28 ma-jd-viral-02172
Protein E29 ma-jd-viral-35772
Protein E2A ma-jd-viral-18337
Protein E30 ma-jd-viral-60606
Protein E30A ma-jd-viral-50396
Protein E31A ma-jd-viral-45026
Protein E31B ma-jd-viral-65048
Protein E31C ma-jd-viral-62043
Protein E33A ma-jd-viral-38931
Protein E4A ma-jd-viral-55069
Protein E4B ma-jd-viral-49632
Protein E4C ma-jd-viral-53744
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-15432
Protein E6A ma-jd-viral-29380
Protein E6B ma-jd-viral-33222
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-15430
Protein E7B ma-jd-viral-46842
Protein E9 ma-jd-viral-15451
Protein E9B ma-jd-viral-48134
Protein E9C ma-jd-viral-47724
Protein ORF-A ma-jd-viral-33476
Protein ORF-F2 ma-jd-viral-50046
Protein ORF-J ma-jd-viral-55309
Protein ORF-S ma-jd-viral-40236
Protein U13.5 ma-jd-viral-22191
Protein U14 ma-jd-viral-07662
Protein U14.5 ma-jd-viral-37015
Protein U4 ma-jd-viral-13327
Protein U4.5 ma-jd-viral-13329
Protein U52 ma-jd-viral-54772
Protein U59 ma-jd-viral-11011
Protein U62 ma-jd-viral-54422
Protein U63 ma-jd-viral-51378
Protein U65 ma-jd-viral-02705
Protein vECTL ma-jd-viral-16398
Ribonucleotide reductase A subunit ma-jd-viral-14340
Small capsomere-interacting protein ma-jd-viral-01989
Tegument protein U67 ma-jd-viral-36743
Tegument protein U68 ma-jd-viral-52997
Tegument protein U75 ma-jd-viral-14086
Tegument protein UL51 homolog ma-jd-viral-35766
Terminase subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-06518
Terminase subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-61480
Thymidine kinase ma-jd-viral-05931
Triplex capsid protein 1 ma-jd-viral-09178
Triplex capsid protein 2 ma-jd-viral-04784
UDP-GlcNAcbeta GAL beta1,3 N-acetyl glucosaminyl transferase 3 (EC ma-jd-viral-65689
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-50047
Uracil DNA glycosylase ma-jd-viral-07722
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05486

Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 5 taxid:768738

Protein ModelArchive
4-galactosyl-N-acetylglucosaminide 3-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase 9 (EC (Fucosyltransferase 9) (Fucosyltransferase IX) (Galactoside... ma-jd-viral-23962
Beta-1,3-galactosyl-O-glycosyl-glycoprotein beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase (EC... ma-jd-viral-42293
Capsid portal protein ma-jd-viral-59316
Capsid scaffold protein ma-jd-viral-47762
Capsid scaffolding protein (Protease precursor) (pPR) ma-jd-viral-12445
Capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-09177
Capsid triplex subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-04782
DNA packaging protein UL33 ma-jd-viral-60383
DNA packaging tegument protein UL17 ma-jd-viral-02119
DNA packaging tegument protein UL25 ma-jd-viral-01721
DNA packaging terminase subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-06507
DNA packaging terminase subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-61511
DNA polymerase processivity subunit ma-jd-viral-66210
Deoxyribonuclease ma-jd-viral-08458
Envelope glycoprotein B ma-jd-viral-31199
Envelope glycoprotein H ma-jd-viral-16946
Envelope glycoprotein L (gL) ma-jd-viral-00356
Envelope glycoprotein M ma-jd-viral-37846
Envelope glycoprotein N ma-jd-viral-59561
Envelope glycoprotein O ma-jd-viral-61687
Envelope glycoprotein UL33 ma-jd-viral-18364
Envelope protein UL78 ma-jd-viral-18366
Helicase-primase helicase subunit ma-jd-viral-37595
Helicase-primase primase subunit ma-jd-viral-33344
Helicase-primase subunit ma-jd-viral-17340
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-63094
Membrane protein EE18 ma-jd-viral-35771
Membrane protein EE19 ma-jd-viral-02171
Membrane protein EE20 ma-jd-viral-39473
Membrane protein EE21 ma-jd-viral-18449
Membrane protein EE22 ma-jd-viral-24353
Membrane protein EE22A ma-jd-viral-24350
Membrane protein EE26 ma-jd-viral-18482
Membrane protein EE28 ma-jd-viral-18431
Membrane protein EE31 ma-jd-viral-02168
Membrane protein EE33 ma-jd-viral-15434
Membrane protein EE34 ma-jd-viral-18468
Membrane protein EE35 ma-jd-viral-15449
Membrane protein EE36 ma-jd-viral-15442
Membrane protein EE37 ma-jd-viral-15443
Membrane protein EE38 ma-jd-viral-15433
Membrane protein EE39 ma-jd-viral-66898
Membrane protein EE40 ma-jd-viral-15452
Membrane protein EE41 ma-jd-viral-15437
Membrane protein EE42 ma-jd-viral-15426
Membrane protein EE43 ma-jd-viral-15428
Membrane protein EE45 ma-jd-viral-18445
Membrane protein EE47 ma-jd-viral-18446
Membrane protein EE48 ma-jd-viral-18455
Membrane protein EE49 ma-jd-viral-18471
Membrane protein EE49B ma-jd-viral-38949
Membrane protein EE49D ma-jd-viral-66204
Membrane protein EE50 ma-jd-viral-24368
Membrane protein EE51 ma-jd-viral-24348
Membrane protein EE52 ma-jd-viral-24344
Membrane protein EE62 ma-jd-viral-18452
Membrane protein EE62A ma-jd-viral-24371
Myristylated tegument protein ma-jd-viral-42615
Nuclear egress lamina protein ma-jd-viral-10229
Nuclear egress membrane protein ma-jd-viral-12380
Nuclear protein UL24 ma-jd-viral-12161
Packaging protein UL32 ma-jd-viral-40982
Protein EE10 ma-jd-viral-36499
Protein EE11 ma-jd-viral-13330
Protein EE12 ma-jd-viral-51150
Protein EE13 ma-jd-viral-37016
Protein EE14 ma-jd-viral-61689
Protein EE15 ma-jd-viral-62964
Protein EE16 ma-jd-viral-61011
Protein EE17 ma-jd-viral-47590
Protein EE1A ma-jd-viral-40237
Protein EE2 ma-jd-viral-52420
Protein EE23 ma-jd-viral-16524
Protein EE24 ma-jd-viral-59210
Protein EE25 ma-jd-viral-60925
Protein EE27 ma-jd-viral-42637
Protein EE29 ma-jd-viral-50048
Protein EE30 ma-jd-viral-39075
Protein EE30A ma-jd-viral-32551
Protein EE32 ma-jd-viral-30410
Protein EE32A ma-jd-viral-30959
Protein EE4 ma-jd-viral-57527
Protein EE5 ma-jd-viral-64186
Protein EE6 ma-jd-viral-34038
Protein EE8 ma-jd-viral-46060
Protein UL112 ma-jd-viral-48031
Protein UL27 ma-jd-viral-13326
Protein UL34 ma-jd-viral-22190
Protein UL49 ma-jd-viral-40332
Protein UL79 ma-jd-viral-54793
Protein UL84 ma-jd-viral-50049
Protein UL87 ma-jd-viral-56108
Protein UL91 ma-jd-viral-54421
Protein UL92 ma-jd-viral-51397
Protein UL95 ma-jd-viral-36745
Replication origin-binding protein ma-jd-viral-01475
Ribonucleotide reductase subunit 1 (EC ma-jd-viral-14285
Small capsomere-interacting protein ma-jd-viral-01991
Tegument protein UL14 ma-jd-viral-52998
Tegument protein UL16 ma-jd-viral-02699
Tegument protein UL35 ma-jd-viral-07661
Tegument protein UL51 homolog ma-jd-viral-35767
Tegument protein UL7 ma-jd-viral-14087
Tegument protein UL88 ma-jd-viral-11012
Tegument serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24855
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-05933
Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07736
mRNA export factor ICP27 homolog ma-jd-viral-45127
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05439

Elephantid herpesvirus 1 taxid:146015

Protein ModelArchive
4-galactosyl-N-acetylglucosaminide 3-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase 9 (EC (Fucosyltransferase 9) (Fucosyltransferase IX) (Galactoside... ma-jd-viral-23963
Beta-1,3-galactosyl-O-glycosyl-glycoprotein beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase (EC... ma-jd-viral-42294
Capsid portal protein ma-jd-viral-59332
Capsid scaffold protein ma-jd-viral-47763
Capsid scaffolding protein (Protease precursor) (pPR) ma-jd-viral-12447
Capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-09176
Capsid triplex subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-04779
DNA packaging protein UL33 ma-jd-viral-60377
DNA packaging tegument protein UL17 ma-jd-viral-02122
DNA packaging tegument protein UL25 ma-jd-viral-01722
DNA packaging terminase subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-06535
DNA packaging terminase subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-61482
DNA polymerase processivity subunit ma-jd-viral-66209
Deoxyribonuclease ma-jd-viral-08462
Envelope glycoprotein B ma-jd-viral-31204
Envelope glycoprotein H ma-jd-viral-16947
Envelope glycoprotein L (gL) ma-jd-viral-00357
Envelope glycoprotein M ma-jd-viral-37855
Envelope glycoprotein N ma-jd-viral-59560
Envelope glycoprotein O ma-jd-viral-61685
Envelope glycoprotein UL33 ma-jd-viral-18365
Envelope protein UL78 ma-jd-viral-18367
Helicase-primase helicase subunit ma-jd-viral-37552
Helicase-primase primase subunit ma-jd-viral-33345
Helicase-primase subunit ma-jd-viral-17350
Membrane protein EE18 ma-jd-viral-35773
Membrane protein EE19 ma-jd-viral-02170
Membrane protein EE20 ma-jd-viral-39471
Membrane protein EE21 ma-jd-viral-18447
Membrane protein EE22 ma-jd-viral-24352
Membrane protein EE26 ma-jd-viral-18483
Membrane protein EE28 ma-jd-viral-18432
Membrane protein EE31 ma-jd-viral-02169
Membrane protein EE33 ma-jd-viral-15436
Membrane protein EE34 ma-jd-viral-18469
Membrane protein EE35 ma-jd-viral-15446
Membrane protein EE36 ma-jd-viral-15444
Membrane protein EE37 ma-jd-viral-15440
Membrane protein EE38 ma-jd-viral-15431
Membrane protein EE39 ma-jd-viral-66897
Membrane protein EE40 ma-jd-viral-15450
Membrane protein EE41 ma-jd-viral-15438
Membrane protein EE42 ma-jd-viral-15427
Membrane protein EE43 ma-jd-viral-15425
Membrane protein EE45 ma-jd-viral-18450
Membrane protein EE47 ma-jd-viral-18451
Membrane protein EE48 ma-jd-viral-18444
Membrane protein EE49 ma-jd-viral-18472
Membrane protein EE50 ma-jd-viral-24367
Membrane protein EE51 ma-jd-viral-24354
Membrane protein EE52 ma-jd-viral-24345
Membrane protein EE58 ma-jd-viral-29923
Membrane protein EE62 ma-jd-viral-18443
Myristylated tegument protein ma-jd-viral-42616
Nuclear egress lamina protein ma-jd-viral-10226
Nuclear egress membrane protein ma-jd-viral-12381
Nuclear protein UL24 ma-jd-viral-12160
Packaging protein UL32 ma-jd-viral-40987
Protein EE10 ma-jd-viral-36498
Protein EE11 ma-jd-viral-13328
Protein EE12 ma-jd-viral-51151
Protein EE13 ma-jd-viral-37014
Protein EE14 ma-jd-viral-61688
Protein EE15 ma-jd-viral-62963
Protein EE16 ma-jd-viral-61012
Protein EE17 ma-jd-viral-47591
Protein EE1A ma-jd-viral-40235
Protein EE2 ma-jd-viral-52421
Protein EE23 ma-jd-viral-16523
Protein EE24 ma-jd-viral-59211
Protein EE25 ma-jd-viral-60924
Protein EE27 ma-jd-viral-42638
Protein EE29 ma-jd-viral-50044
Protein EE3 ma-jd-viral-42958
Protein EE30 ma-jd-viral-55127
Protein EE30A ma-jd-viral-32552
Protein EE32 ma-jd-viral-30409
Protein EE32A ma-jd-viral-30960
Protein EE4 ma-jd-viral-57528
Protein EE5 ma-jd-viral-33645
Protein EE6 ma-jd-viral-34037
Protein EE8 ma-jd-viral-46059
Protein UL112 ma-jd-viral-48030
Protein UL27 ma-jd-viral-13325
Protein UL34 ma-jd-viral-22189
Protein UL49 ma-jd-viral-40324
Protein UL79 ma-jd-viral-54768
Protein UL84 ma-jd-viral-50045
Protein UL87 ma-jd-viral-56104
Protein UL91 ma-jd-viral-54420
Protein UL92 ma-jd-viral-51386
Protein UL95 ma-jd-viral-36733
Replication origin-binding protein ma-jd-viral-01479
Ribonucleotide reductase subunit 1 (EC ma-jd-viral-14293
Small capsomere-interacting protein ma-jd-viral-01990
Tegument protein UL14 ma-jd-viral-52996
Tegument protein UL16 ma-jd-viral-02704
Tegument protein UL35 ma-jd-viral-07663
Tegument protein UL51 homolog ma-jd-viral-35765
Tegument protein UL7 ma-jd-viral-14085
Tegument protein UL88 ma-jd-viral-11010
Tegument serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24854
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-05932
Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07717
mRNA export factor ICP27 homolog ma-jd-viral-45126
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05449

Elephantid herpesvirus 1 (isolate Asian elephant/Berlin/Kiba/1998) taxid:654902

Protein ModelArchive
Protein ORF A ma-jd-viral-36498
Protein ORF B ma-jd-viral-13328
Protein U4 ma-jd-viral-13325
Protein U68 ma-jd-viral-52996
Tegument protein UL51 homolog ma-jd-viral-35765