Non-enveloped capsid with a pseudo T=25 icosahedral symmetry. The capsid diameter is about 90 nm. The capsid shell consists of 720 hexon subunits arranged as 240 trimers and 12 vertex penton capsomers each with a fiber protruding from the surface.


Non-segmented, linear double-stranded DNA of 30 kb encoding about 30 proteins. The genome has terminally redundant sequences which have inverted terminal repetitions (ITR). The terminal protein (TP) is covalently attached to each end of the genome.


Transcription is nuclear, in two phases; early (replication), late (virion assembly). All genes are transcribed by host RNA pol II. Genes transcribed by RNA pol II give rise to multiple mRNA that are produced by alternative splicing and use of different poly(A) sites.



  1. Attachment of the viral fiber glycoproteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell and fiber shedding.
  2. Disruption of the endosome by lytic protein VI releases the viral capsid in the cytosol.
  3. Viral penetration into host nucleus.
  4. Transcription of early genes (E genes) by host RNA pol II, replication of the DNA genome by DNA strand displacement in the nucleus.
  5. Transcription of late genes (L genes) by host RNA pol II, mostly encoding for structural proteins.
  6. Assembly of new virions in the nucleus.
  7. Virions are released by lysis of the cell.

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Snake adenovirus serotype 1 (SnAdV-1) reference strain

UXP_ADES1 Probable U-exon protein
CAP3_ADES1 Pre-hexon-linking protein IIIa (Capsid vertex-specific component IIIa) (CVSC) (Protein IIIa) (pIIIa) ...
22K_ADES1 Putative protein 22K
105R_ADES1 Protein 105R
RH1_ADES1 Protein RH1
P32K_ADES1 Structural protein p32K
L2MU_ADES1 Late L2 mu core protein (Protein X) (pX) (pMu)
LH1_ADES1 Protein LH1
LH2_ADES1 Protein LH2
E42_ADES1 Protein E4.2
LH3_ADES1 Hexon-interlacing protein LH3
NP_ADES1 Pre-histone-like nucleoprotein (Pre-core protein VII) (pVII) [Cleaved into: Histone-like ...
ORF1_ADES1 Protein ORF1
CAP8_ADES1 Pre-hexon-linking protein VIII (Pre-protein VIII) (pVIII) [Cleaved into: Hexon-linking protein-N ...
DNB2_ADES1 DNA-binding protein (DBP) (Early 2A protein) (Early E2A DNA-binding protein)
CAP6_ADES1 Pre-protein VI (pVI) [Cleaved into: Endosome lysis protein; Protease cofactor (pVI-C)]
E41_ADES1 Protein E4.1
CAPSH_ADES1 Hexon protein (CP-H) (Protein II)
CAPSP_ADES1 Penton protein (CP-P) (Penton base protein) (Protein III)
E43_ADES1 Protein E4.3
DPOL_ADES1 DNA polymerase (EC
PRO_ADES1 Protease (EC (Adenain) (Adenovirus protease) (AVP) (Adenovirus proteinase) (Endoprotease)
SHUT_ADES1 Shutoff protein (100 kDa protein) (p100K) (100K-chaperone protein) (L4-100K) (Shutoff protein 100K)
PKG1_ADES1 Packaging protein 1 (Packaging protein IVa2)
SPIKE_ADES1 Fiber protein (SPIKE) (Protein IV)
33K_ADES1 Putative protein 33K
TERM_ADES1 Preterminal protein (pTP) (Bellett protein) (Precursor terminal protein) [Cleaved into: Intermediate ...
PKG3_ADES1 Packaging protein 3 (L1-52/55 kDa protein) (Packaging protein 52K)

3 entries

Ovine adenovirus D serotype 7 (isolate OAV287) (OAdV-7) (Ovine adenovirus 7) reference strain

P32K_ADEO7 Structural protein p32K
PRO_ADEO7 Protease (EC (Adenain) (Adenovirus protease) (AVP) (Adenovirus proteinase) (Endoprotease)
LH3_ADEO7 Hexon-interlacing protein LH3

1 entry

Bovine adenovirus 4 (BAdV-4) reference strain

PRO_ADEB4 Protease (EC (Adenain) (Adenovirus protease) (AVP) (Adenovirus proteinase) (Endoprotease)

1 entry

Bovine adenovirus 7 (BAdV-7)

PRO_ADEB7 Protease (EC (Adenain) (Adenovirus protease) (AVP) (Adenovirus proteinase) (Endoprotease)