Enveloped, prolate ellipsoid form (ichnovirus) and cylindrical (bracovirus). Depending on the species, a virion contains one or several nucleocapsids.


Segmented, circular supercoiled dsDNAs ranging from 2.0-31kb. Each virion contains multiple copies of the genome.




a) replicative: occurs in the calyx cells of the ovary.

  1. Excision and circularization of viral DNA in the ovary cells.
  2. Viral DNA synthesis.
  3. Appearance of viral envelopes and nucleocapsids in the nucleus.
  4. Mature virions are released into the lumen of the oviduct probably by lysis (brachovirus) or budding through the cell membrane (ichnovirus).

b) vegetative: occurs in all non-reproductive cells.

The viral genome is transmitted in proviral linear form integrated in the wasp's chromosomes. The virus DNA is replicated, just like any other part of the wasp's genome.

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

PTP-H2 triggers mitochondrial membrane depolarization and caspase-dependent apoptosis suggesting that apoptosis is induced through a mitochondria-dependent death pathway.

NF-kappa-B modulation

Polydnavirus Ank proteins bind NF-kappa-B homodimers and inhibit processing of relish/NF-kappa-B p110 subunit .

Innate immune response inhibition

Microplitis demolitor cracovirus PTP-H2 and PTP-H3 are functional tyrosine phosphatases whose expression inhibit phagocytosis . Another protein, Glc1.8 is also involved in suppression of the insect cellular immune response .

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52 entries

Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (isolate Webb) (MdBV) reference strain

PTPJ4_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J4 (PTP-J4) (EC
PTPH2_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase H2 (PTP-H2) (EC
PTPN1_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein N1 (PTP-N1) (EC
PTPH5_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H5 (PTP-H5)
PTPJ3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J3 (PTP-J3)
PTPJ1_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J1 (PTP-J1)
IKBC1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein C1
YE2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein E2
YD2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein D2
YA2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein A2
YD3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein D3
YB1_MDBVW Putative BEN domain-containing protein B1
YM3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M3
PTPN2_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N2 (PTP-N2)
PTPH3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase H3 (PTP-H3) (EC
PTPH1_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H1 (PTP-H1)
YF1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein F1
YM4_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M4
PTPJ2_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J2 (PTP-J2) (EC
PTPH4_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein H4 (PTP-H4) (EC
PTPN3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N3 (PTP-N3)
EG04B_MDBVW Probable protease inhibitor Egf0.4b
GL18A_MDBVW Mucin-like protein Glc1.8a
EG15A_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.5a
EG15B_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.5b
EG10_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.0
IKBG1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein G1
GL18B_MDBVW Mucin-like protein Glc1.8b (Glc1.8b)
EG04A_MDBVW Probable protease inhibitor Egf0.4a
IKBF1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein F1
IKBN1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein N1
IKBG2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein G2
IKBH1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein H1
IKBN2_MDBVW I-kappa-B like protein N2
IKBN3_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein N3
IKBF2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein F2
IKBI1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein I1
IKBJ1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein J1
IKBC2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein C2
YM5_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M5
YM1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M1
YI2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein I2
YA1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein A1
YG1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein G1
YN1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein N1
YC3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein C3
YE1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein E1
YK1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein K1
PTPD1_MDBVW Truncated tyrosine phosphatase D1 (PTP-D1)
YM2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M2
YL1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein L1
YG2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein G2