Post-transcriptional editing


Related to: Hepatitis delta

Location: Host cell nucleus.

Transcription events: The editing of HDV RNA consists of the replacement of one single nucleotide (A to I) that occurs post-transcriptionally on HDV antigenomic RNA . This modification results in a transcriptional readthrough and production of the large delta antigen HDAg-L, since a tryptophan replaces an amber (STOP) codon in the sequence. Cellular double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminase 1 (ADAR1) carries out this change in the antigenomic RNA , and it requires the secondary structure of HDV antigenome. The edited antigenomic RNA is not infectious.

post-transcriptional editing

Genus Virus Number of substitutions Protein % Sequence Position Reference
Deltavirus Hepatitis delta virus 1 A to G SHDAg / LHDAg - CCAUAGGAU 1016-1006 (antigenomic)