Smacoviridae (taxid:2169574)



Unknown (2018), discovered using viral metagenomics. Most likely T=1 icosahedric capsid.


Monopartite, circular, ssDNA genome of from 2.3 to 2.8kb.


Unknown (2018)



Unknown (2018)

These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 1 taxid:1843749

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28838
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50689

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 2 taxid:1843750

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28827
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50663

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 3 taxid:1843751

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28810
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50671

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 4 taxid:1843752

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28833
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50690

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 5 taxid:1843753

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28808
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-17104

Bovine faeces associated smacovirus 6 taxid:1843754

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28835
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50661

Chicken associated smacovirus taxid:1932006

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28831
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50657

Dromedary stool-associated circular ssDNA virus taxid:1574422

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-27901
Putative replicase protein ma-jd-viral-20148
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-45677

Gorilla associated porprismacovirus 1 taxid:2170111

Protein ModelArchive
Cap protein ma-jd-viral-28842
Rep protein ma-jd-viral-50695

Howler monkey associated porprismacovirus 1 taxid:2170112

Protein ModelArchive
Cap protein ma-jd-viral-28803
Rep protein ma-jd-viral-50698

Human smacovirus 1 taxid:1595998

Protein ModelArchive
Cap ma-jd-viral-28832
Rep ma-jd-viral-50664

Pig stool associated circular ssDNA virus GER2011 taxid:1114942

Protein ModelArchive
Minor capsid protein ma-jd-viral-34216
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28807
Putative replicase protein ma-jd-viral-50682
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34064
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-59116

PoSCV Kor J481 taxid:1488557

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28802
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50673

Porcine stool-associated circular virus taxid:1843773

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28818
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50688

Porcine stool-associated circular virus 2 taxid:1328031

Protein ModelArchive
Cap protein ma-jd-viral-28806
Rep protein ma-jd-viral-50669

Porcine stool-associated circular virus 3 taxid:1328032

Protein ModelArchive
Cap protein ma-jd-viral-28841
Rep protein ma-jd-viral-50687

Rat stool-associated circular ssDNA virus taxid:1699316

Protein ModelArchive
Cap protein ma-jd-viral-28839

Sheep faeces associated smacovirus 1 taxid:1843756

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28798
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50684

Sheep faeces associated smacovirus 2 taxid:1843757

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28811
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50672

Sheep faeces associated smacovirus 3 taxid:1843758

Protein ModelArchive
Putative capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28812
Replication associated protein ma-jd-viral-50686

Turkey associated porprismacovirus 1 taxid:2170130

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein ma-jd-viral-28804
Replicase ma-jd-viral-50696