VIRALZONE NEWS Bunyavirales June 2017
The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV ) has created in 2016 the new order Bunyavirales, which allows to classify better many genera of the negative stranded RNA viruses . Many other changes have been coined by ICTV in 2016 and these will soon be displayed in ViralZone.

Circular ssRNA virus/viroid March 2017
Viroids are plant selfish circular complementary RNA entities that behave like viruses but are not classified as such because they do not encode for proteins. Viroids can replicate either by symmetrical or assymmetrical rolling circle. Surprisingly the human hepatitis Delta virus genome and it’s replication are similar to those of plant avsunviroidae, suggesting a common ancestor. Hepatitis D is the only known virus of its kind, and was discovered because it does have an impact on human health. We can expect to discover more of those virus/viroid in the future

Communication between viruses guides lysis-lysogeny decisions March 2017
In phi3T bacteriophage, the decision between latency and replication depends on the concentration of a small peptide that is secreted by infecting viruses and an intracellular receptor that acts as a transcriptional regulator. When a virus infects an as-yet-uninfected bacteria in which the peptide has accumulated, latency will be promoted.

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