Host mRNA suppression by virus

Viruses have evolved ways of suppressing host mRNAs expression to favor their survival and maximize expression of their own mRNAs. Decimating cellular mRNAs eventually leads to shutoff of host proteins expression and gives viruses transcripts a competitive edge for access to the cellular translation machinery. Preventing the expression of host proteins is also a strategy to counteract the antiviral response.

mrna export mrna decay mrna processing

Some viruses interfere with host pre-mRNA processing function (splicing or polyadenylation), whereas other induce the host mRNAs degradation or block their export out of the nucleus.

Viruses inhibiting host mRNA splicing:

Family Virus Viral protein mRNA suppression strategy references
Orthomyxoviridae Influenza A virus NS1 Inhibition of polyadenylation & nuclear export
Herpesviridae HHV1, HHV2 (Simplexvirus) ICP27 Inhibition of splicing & nuclear export
VHS protein mRNA decay
HHV-8/KSHV (Gammaherpesvirinae) SOX protein mRNA decay
MHV68 (Rhadinovirus) SOX protein mRNA decay
EBV (Lymphocryptovirus) BGLF5 mRNA decay
Retroviridae HIV-1 VPR Inhibition of splicing
Coronaviridae SARS coronavirus NSP1 mRNA decay
Picornaviridae Poliovirus (Enterovirus) 2A protease Inhibition of nuclear export
Theiler’s virus (Cardiovirus) Leader protein Inhibition of nuclear export
EMCV (Cardiovirus) Leader protein Inhibition of nuclear export
HRV16 (Enterovirus) 3C protease Inhibition of nuclear export
HRV14 (Enterovirus) ? Inhibition of nuclear export
Rhabdoviridae Vesicular stomatitis virus (Vesiculovirus) M protein Inhibition of nuclear export
Adenoviridae Adenovirus (Mastadenovirus) ? Inhibition of nuclear export

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Shutoff alkaline exonuclease (SOX) (EC 3.1.-.-)

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AN_ALHV1Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 (strain C500) (AlHV-1) (Malignant catarrhal fever ... reference strain
AN_EBVA8Epstein-Barr virus (strain AG876) (HHV-4) (Human herpesvirus 4) reference strain
AN_EBVB9Epstein-Barr virus (strain B95-8) (HHV-4) (Human herpesvirus 4) reference strain
AN_EHV2Equine herpesvirus 2 (strain 86/87) (EHV-2) reference strain
AN_HHV8PHuman herpesvirus 8 type P (isolate GK18) (HHV-8) (Kaposi's sarcoma-associated ... reference strain
AN_EBVGEpstein-Barr virus (strain GD1) (HHV-4) (Human herpesvirus 4)

mRNA export factor (Immediate-early protein IE63) (Infected cell protein 27) (ICP27) (VMW63)

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ICP27_HHV11Human herpesvirus 1 (strain 17) (HHV-1) (Human herpes simplex virus 1) reference strain
ICP27_HHV2HHuman herpesvirus 2 (strain HG52) (HHV-2) (Human herpes simplex virus 2) reference strain
ICP27_HHV1EHuman herpesvirus 1 (strain HFEM) (HHV-1) (Human herpes simplex virus 1)

mRNA export factor (Immediate-early protein IE63) (Infected cell protein 27) (ICP27)

Matrix protein

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MATRX_VSIVGVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Glasgow) (VSIV) reference strain
MATRX_VSIVAVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain San Juan) (VSIV) reference strain
MATRX_VSIVSVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 85CLB South America) (VSIV)
MATRX_VSIVCVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 94GUB Central America) (VSIV)
MATRX_VSIVNVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 98COE North America) (VSIV)
MATRX_VSNJOVesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (strain Ogden subtype Concan) (VSNJV)

Non-structural protein 1 (NS1) (NS1A)

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NS1_I49A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Germany/1949 H10N7) reference strain
NS1_I96A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Goose/Guangdong/1/1996 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd) reference strain
NS1_I34A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 H1N1) reference strain
NS1_I80A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/1/1980 H7N7) reference strain
NS1_I72A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Shearwater/Australia/1972 H6N5) reference strain
NS1_I80A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/833/1980 H4N2) reference strain
NS1_I68A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Aichi/2/1968 H3N2)
NS1_I77A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Alaska/6/1977 H3N2)
NS1_I76A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Anas acuta/Primorje/695/1976 H2N3)
NS1_I60A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Ann Arbor/6/1960 H2N2)
NS1_I89A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/352/1989 H3N2)
NS1_I75A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/39/1975 H3N2)
NS1_I77AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/Brazil/11/1978 H1N1)
NS1_I18A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Brevig Mission/1/1918 H1N1) (Influenza A virus ...
NS1_I77AGInfluenza A virus (strain A/Budgerigar/Hokkaido/1/1977 H4N6)
NS1_I02A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Brescia/1902 H7N7)
NS1_I49A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Germany/n/1949 H10N7)
NS1_I97A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/220/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
NS1_I02A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/31.2/2002 H5N1 genotype X1)
NS1_I02A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/37.4/2002 H5N1 genotype X2)
NS1_I01A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/715.5/2001 H5N1 genotype E)
NS1_I02A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/96.1/2002 H5N1 genotype Y)
NS1_I01A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/FY150/2001 H5N1 genotype D)
NS1_I02A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/YU22/2002 H5N1 genotype Z)
NS1_I01A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/YU562/2001 H5N1 genotype B)
NS1_I83A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Pennsylvania/1/1983 H5N2)
NS1_I83A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Pennsylvania/1370/1983 H5N2)
NS1_I59A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Scotland/1959 H5N1)
NS1_I03A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Shantou/4231/2003 H5N1 genotype V)
NS1_I85A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Victoria/1/1985 H7N7)
NS1_I83A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Chile/1/1983 H1N1)
NS1_I96A3Influenza A virus (strain A/China:Nanchang/11/1996 H1N1)
NS1_I76A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/60/1976 H12N5)
NS1_I56A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Czechoslovakia/1956 H4N6)
NS1_I56A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/England/1/1956 H11N6)
NS1_I80A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hokkaido/8/1980 H3N8)
NS1_I00A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hong Kong/2986.1/2000 H5N1 genotype C)
NS1_I69A0Influenza A virus (strain A/England/878/1969 H3N2)
NS1_I91A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Alaska/1/1991 H3N8)
NS1_I89A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Jillin/1/1989 H3N8)
NS1_I73A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/London/1416/1973 H7N7)
NS1_I77A9Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/New Market/1/1977 H7N7)
NS1_I56A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Prague/1/1956 H7N7)
NS1_I86A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Tennessee/5/1986 H3N8)
NS1_I47A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Fort Monmouth/1/1947 H1N1)
NS1_I50A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Fort Warren/1/1950 H1N1)
NS1_I34A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Fowl plague virus/Rostock/8/1934 H7N1)
NS1_I79A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Grey teal/Australia/2/1979 H4N4)
NS1_I02A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Guinea fowl/Hong Kong/38/2002 H5N1 genotype X0)
NS1_I78AFInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Maryland/1824/1978 H13N6)
NS1_I77AFInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Maryland/704/1977 H13N6)
NS1_I80ACInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Massachusetts/26/1980 H13N6)
NS1_I80ADInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Minnesota/945/1980 H13N6)
NS1_I36A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Henry/1936 H1N1)
NS1_I88A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Herring gull/DE/677/1988 H2N8)
NS1_I40A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Hickox/1940 H1N1)
NS1_I68A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/1/1968 H3N2)
NS1_I97A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/156/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
NS1_I03A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/212/2003 H5N1 genotype Z+)
NS1_I83A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/5/1983 H3N2)
NS1_I80AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/India/6263/1980 H1N1)
NS1_I57A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Japan/305/1957 H2N2)
NS1_I68A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Korea/426/1968 H2N2)
NS1_I54A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/1/1954 H1N1)
NS1_I57A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/134/17/1957 H2N2)
NS1_I57A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/134/1957 H2N2)
NS1_I57A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/134/47/1957 H2N2)
NS1_I54A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Malaysia:Malaya/302/1954 H1N1)
NS1_I78A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Alberta/827/1978 H8N4)
NS1_I76A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Alberta/88/1976 H3N8)
NS1_I78A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6750/1978 H2N2)
NS1_I78A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6874/1978 H3N2)
NS1_I87A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Ohio/556/1987 H5N9)
NS1_I71A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/1/1971 H3N2)
NS1_I72A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/101/1972 H3N2)
NS1_I72A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/102/1972 H3N2)
NS1_I76A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/110/1976 H3N2)
NS1_I78A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/18/1978 H3N2)
NS1_I78A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/2/1978 H3N2)
NS1_I80A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/4/1980 H3N2)
NS1_I00A1Influenza A virus (strain A/New Zealand:South Canterbury/35/2000 H1N1)
NS1_I79A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Pintail/Alberta/119/1979 H4N6)
NS1_I79A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Pintail/Alberta/121/1979 H7N8)
NS1_I78AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/Pintail/Alberta/268/1978 H6N2)
NS1_I79A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Pintail/Alberta/358/1979 H3N6)
NS1_I73A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Port Chalmers/1/1973 H3N2)
NS1_I70A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Qu/7/1970 H3N2)
NS1_I85A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Ruddy Turnstone/New Jersey/47/1985 H4N6)
NS1_I06A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Russia:St.Petersburg/8/2006 H1N1)
NS1_I82A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/133/1982 H4N5)
NS1_I01A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Silky Chicken/Hong Kong/SF189/2001 H5N1 genotype A)
NS1_I02A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Silky Chicken/Hong Kong/YU100/2002 H5N1 genotype X3)
NS1_I57A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Singapore/1/1957 H2N2)
NS1_I77A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Colorado/1/1977 H3N2)
NS1_I30A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Iowa/15/1930 H1N1)
NS1_I61A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Wisconsin/1/1961 H1N1)
NS1_I72A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Tern/Turkmenia/18/1972 H3N3)
NS1_I67A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Tokyo/3/1967 H2N2)
NS1_I82A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Bethlehem-Glilit/1492-B/1982 H1N1)
NS1_I63A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Canada/1963 H6N8)
NS1_I83A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ireland/1378/1983 H5N8)
NS1_I78ACInfluenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/501/1978 H6N8)
NS1_I68A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/6118/1968 H8N4)
NS1_I66A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/7732/1966 H5N9)
NS1_I71A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Oregon/1971 H7N3)
NS1_I66A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/1966 H9N2)
NS1_I72A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Udorn/307/1972 H3N2)
NS1_I51A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Albany/12/1951 H1N1)
NS1_I45A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Huston/AA/1945 H1N1)
NS1_I43A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Iowa/1943 H1N1)
NS1_I96A2Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Memphis/10/1996 H1N1)
NS1_I35A3Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Phila/1935 H1N1)
NS1_I07A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Texas/UR06-0195/2007 H1N1)
NS1_I77ABInfluenza A virus (strain A/USSR/90/1977 H1N1)
NS1_I000WInfluenza A virus (strain A/Wa-182)
NS1_I84A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Whale/Maine/328/1984 H13N2)
NS1_I33A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Wilson-Smith/1933 H1N1) (Influenza A virus (strain ...
NS1_I000XInfluenza A virus (strain A/X-31 H3N2)

Genome polyprotein

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POLG_EMCVREncephalomyocarditis virus (strain Rueckert) (EMCV) reference strain
POLG_HRV8AHuman rhinovirus A serotype 89 (strain 41467-Gallo) (HRV-89) reference strain
POLG_POL1MPoliovirus type 1 (strain Mahoney) reference strain
POLG_BOVEVBovine enterovirus (strain VG-5-27) (BEV)
POLG_CX16GCoxsackievirus A16 (strain G-10)
POLG_CX16TCoxsackievirus A16 (strain Tainan/5079/98)
POLG_CXA21Coxsackievirus A21 (strain Coe)
POLG_CXA24Coxsackievirus A24 (strain EH24/70)
POLG_CXA9Coxsackievirus A9 (strain Griggs)
POLG_CXB1JCoxsackievirus B1 (strain Japan)
POLG_CXB2OCoxsackievirus B2 (strain Ohio-1)
POLG_CXB3NCoxsackievirus B3 (strain Nancy)
POLG_CXB3WCoxsackievirus B3 (strain Woodruff)
POLG_CXB4ECoxsackievirus B4 (strain E2)
POLG_CXB4JCoxsackievirus B4 (strain JVB / Benschoten / New York/51)
POLG_CXB5PCoxsackievirus B5 (strain Peterborough / 1954/UK/85)
POLG_CXB6SCoxsackievirus B6 (strain Schmitt)
POLG_EC01FEchovirus 1 (strain Human/Egypt/Farouk/1951) (E-1)
POLG_EC11GEchovirus 11 (strain Gregory)
POLG_EC12TEchovirus 12 (strain Travis)
POLG_EC30BEchovirus 30 (strain Bastianni)
POLG_EC05NEchovirus 5 (strain Noyce)
POLG_EC06CEchovirus 6 (strain Charles)
POLG_EC09BEchovirus 9 (strain Barty)
POLG_EC09HEchovirus 9 (strain Hill)
POLG_EMCVEncephalomyocarditis virus
POLG_EMCVBEncephalomyocarditis virus (strain emc-b nondiabetogenic)
POLG_EMCVDEncephalomyocarditis virus (strain emc-d diabetogenic)
POLG_HE701Human enterovirus 70 (strain J670/71) (EV 70)
POLG_HE71MHuman enterovirus 71 (strain 7423/MS/87) (Ev 71)
POLG_HE71BHuman enterovirus 71 (strain BrCr) (Ev 71)
POLG_HRV14Human rhinovirus 14 (HRV-14)
POLG_HRV16Human rhinovirus 16 (HRV-16)
POLG_HRV1AHuman rhinovirus 1A (HRV-1A)
POLG_HRV1BHuman rhinovirus 1B (HRV-1B)
POLG_HRV2Human rhinovirus 2 (HRV-2)
POLG_HRV3Human rhinovirus 3 (HRV-3)
POLG_POL1SPoliovirus type 1 (strain Sabin)
POLG_POL2LPoliovirus type 2 (strain Lansing)
POLG_POL2WPoliovirus type 2 (strain W-2)
POLG_POL32Poliovirus type 3 (strain 23127)
POLG_POL3LPoliovirus type 3 (strains P3/Leon/37 and P3/Leon 12A[1]B)
POLG_PEV9UPorcine enterovirus 9 (strain UKG/410/73)
POLG_SVDVHSwine vesicular disease virus (strain H/3 '76) (SVDV)
POLG_SVDVUSwine vesicular disease virus (strain UKG/27/72) (SVDV)
POLG_TMEVGTheiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus (strain GDVII) (TMEV)

Replicase polyprotein 1a (pp1a) (ORF1a polyprotein)

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R1A_BCHK3Bat coronavirus HKU3 (BtCoV) (SARS-like coronavirus HKU3) reference strain
R1A_BCHK4Bat coronavirus HKU4 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU4/2004) reference strain
R1A_BCHK9Bat coronavirus HKU9 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU9) reference strain
R1A_CVHN1Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N1) (HCoV-HKU1) reference strain
R1A_CVHSAHuman SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) (Severe acute respiratory syndrome ... reference strain
R1A_CVM2Murine coronavirus (strain 2) (MHV-2) (Murine hepatitis virus) reference strain
R1A_CVMA5Murine coronavirus (strain A59) (MHV-A59) (Murine hepatitis virus) reference strain
R1A_BC133Bat coronavirus 133/2005 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/133/2005)
R1A_BC279Bat coronavirus 279/2005 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/279/2005)
R1A_BCRP3Bat coronavirus Rp3/2004 (BtCoV/Rp3/2004) (SARS-like coronavirus Rp3)
R1A_CVBENBovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-ENT) (BCoV-ENT) (BCV)
R1A_CVBLUBovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-LUN) (BCoV-LUN) (BCV)
R1A_CVBMBovine coronavirus (strain Mebus) (BCoV) (BCV)
R1A_CVBQBovine coronavirus (strain Quebec) (BCoV) (BCV)
R1A_CVEMCHuman coronavirus EMC (isolate United Kingdom/H123990006/2012) (HCoV-EMC)
R1A_CVHN2Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N2) (HCoV-HKU1)
R1A_CVHN5Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N5) (HCoV-HKU1)
R1A_CVHOCHuman coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
R1A_CVMJHMurine coronavirus (strain JHM) (MHV-JHM) (Murine hepatitis virus)

Replicase polyprotein 1ab (pp1ab) (ORF1ab polyprotein)

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R1AB_BCHK3Bat coronavirus HKU3 (BtCoV) (SARS-like coronavirus HKU3) reference strain
R1AB_BCHK4Bat coronavirus HKU4 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU4/2004) reference strain
R1AB_BCHK5Bat coronavirus HKU5 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU5/2004) reference strain
R1AB_BCHK9Bat coronavirus HKU9 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU9) reference strain
R1AB_CVHN1Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N1) (HCoV-HKU1) reference strain
R1AB_CVHSAHuman SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) (Severe acute respiratory syndrome ... reference strain
R1AB_CVM2Murine coronavirus (strain 2) (MHV-2) (Murine hepatitis virus) reference strain
R1AB_CVMA5Murine coronavirus (strain A59) (MHV-A59) (Murine hepatitis virus) reference strain
R1AB_BC133Bat coronavirus 133/2005 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/133/2005)
R1AB_BC279Bat coronavirus 279/2005 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/279/2005)
R1AB_BCRP3Bat coronavirus Rp3/2004 (BtCoV/Rp3/2004) (SARS-like coronavirus Rp3)
R1AB_CVBENBovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-ENT) (BCoV-ENT) (BCV)
R1AB_CVBLUBovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-LUN) (BCoV-LUN) (BCV)
R1AB_CVBMBovine coronavirus (strain Mebus) (BCoV) (BCV)
R1AB_CVBQBovine coronavirus (strain Quebec) (BCoV) (BCV)
R1AB_CVEMCHuman coronavirus EMC (isolate United Kingdom/H123990006/2012) (HCoV-EMC)
R1AB_CVHN2Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N2) (HCoV-HKU1)
R1AB_CVHN5Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N5) (HCoV-HKU1)
R1AB_CVHOCHuman coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
R1AB_CVMJHMurine coronavirus (strain JHM) (MHV-JHM) (Murine hepatitis virus)

Virion host shutoff protein (Vhs) (EC 3.1.27.-)

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SHUT_EHV1BEquine herpesvirus 1 (strain Ab4p) (EHV-1) (Equine abortion virus) reference strain
SHUT_GAHVMGallid herpesvirus 2 (strain Chicken/Md5/ATCC VR-987) (GaHV-2) (Marek's disease ... reference strain
SHUT_HHV11Human herpesvirus 1 (strain 17) (HHV-1) (Human herpes simplex virus 1) reference strain
SHUT_HHV2HHuman herpesvirus 2 (strain HG52) (HHV-2) (Human herpes simplex virus 2) reference strain
SHUT_PSHV1Psittacid herpesvirus 1 (isolate Amazon parrot/-/97-0001/1997) (PsHV-1) ... reference strain
SHUT_VZVDVaricella-zoster virus (strain Dumas) (HHV-3) (Human herpesvirus 3) reference strain
SHUT_EHV1VEquine herpesvirus 1 (strain V592) (EHV-1) (Equine abortion virus)
SHUT_HHV1KHuman herpesvirus 1 (strain KOS) (HHV-1) (Human herpes simplex virus 1)
SHUT_HHV23Human herpesvirus 2 (strain 333) (HHV-2) (Human herpes simplex virus 2)
SHUT_HHV2GHuman herpesvirus 2 (strain G) (HHV-2) (Human herpes simplex virus 2)
SHUT_SUHVKSuid herpesvirus 1 (strain Kaplan) (SuHV-1) (Pseudorabies virus (strain Kaplan))