Super Antigens (SAgs) are molecule able to activate non specific immune repertoire, by bridging together T-cell receptors with non-specific partners.Initially this cause lymphocyte activation but then result in clonal deletion and anergy, leading to immune tolerance. Some viruses would encode superantigens that may help them survive against host innate immunity.

Epstein-Barr virus would transactivates the human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K18 that encodes a superantigen, thereby gaining the advantages of immune escape


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Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

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NCAP_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
NCAP_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain
NCAP_MMVRMaize mosaic virus (isolate Maize/United States/Reed/2005) (MMV) reference strain
NCAP_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
NCAP_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
NCAP_RYSVRice yellow stunt virus (RYSV) (Rice transitory yellowing virus) reference strain
NCAP_TAVCVTaro vein chlorosis virus (TAVCV) reference strain
NCAP_ARAVAravan virus (ARAV)
NCAP_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
NCAP_DUVVDuvenhage virus (DUVV)
NCAP_IRKVIrkut virus (IRKV)
NCAP_KHUVKhujand virus (KHUV)
NCAP_RABVFRabies virus (isolate Fox/Ontario/1991) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVURabies virus (isolate Skunk/Ontario/1991) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVCRabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)
NCAP_WCBVWest Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)

Protein PR73

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PR73_MMTVCMouse mammary tumor virus (strain C3H) (MMTV) reference strain

Protein PR73 (Superantigen) (Sag)

PR73_MMTVBMouse mammary tumor virus (strain BR6) (MMTV)
PR73_MMTVGMouse mammary tumor virus (strain GR) (MMTV)

Protein PR73 5'-endogenous

PR7L_MMTVGMouse mammary tumor virus (strain GR) (MMTV)

Protein PR73 3'-endogenous

PR7R_MMTVGMouse mammary tumor virus (strain GR) (MMTV)