Inhibition of host IKBKE by virus

Upon activation of viral RNA sensors, such as RIG-I-like receptors, IKK-epsilon associates with DDX3X and phosphorylates interferon regulatory factors (IRFs), IRF3 and IRF7, as well as DDX3X. This activity allows subsequent homodimerization and nuclear translocation of the IRF3 leading to transcriptional activation of pro-inflammatory and antiviral genes including IFNB. In order to establish such an antiviral state, IKBKE forms several different complexes whose composition depends on the type of cell and cellular stimuli.

Several viruses including arenaviruses or ebola virus interact directly with and inhibit IKBKE/IKK-epsilon to prevent IRFs activation. Engagement of arenavirus nucleocapsid protein seems to sequester IKKepsilon in an inactive complex while VP35 from ebola virus interferes with the interaction between Ikkepsilon and IRF3/IRF7 substrates.

Inhibition of MDA5/RIG-I pathway Inhibition of RIG-I
Inhibition of MDA5
Inhibition of MAVS
Inhibition of IKKepsilon
Inhibition of host IRF3
Inhibition of host IRF7
Links Uniprot Keyword: KW-1224
GO ontology: GO:0039724
Virus -Arenaviruses
(Arenaviridae, Arenavirus)

(Filoviridae, Ebolavirus)

-Dengue virus
(Flaviviridae, Flavivirus)

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Nucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

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NCAP_LASSJLassa virus (strain Mouse/Sierra Leone/Josiah/1976) (LASV) reference strain
NCAP_LATVBLatino mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Bolivia/MARU 1924/1965) (LATV) reference strain
NCAP_LYCVALymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain Armstrong) (LCMV) reference strain
NCAP_OLVVAOliveros mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/Argentina/RIID 3229/1990) (OLVV) reference strain
NCAP_PIRVVPirital mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Venezuela/VAV-488/1995) (PIRV) reference strain
NCAP_TACVFTacaribe virus (strain Franze-Fernandez) (TCRV) reference strain
NCAP_ALLVPAllpahuayo mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Peru/CLHP-2472/1997) (ALLV)
NCAP_BCNVUBear Canyon mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/United States/AV A0070039/2000) (BCNV)
NCAP_CHAVBChapare mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Bolivia/810419/2003)
NCAP_CPXVBCupixi mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Brasil/BeAn 119303/1970) (CPXV)
NCAP_GTOVVGuanarito mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Venezuela/NH-95551/1990) (GTOV)
NCAP_IPPYVIppy mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Central African Republic/Dak An B 188 d/1970) ...
NCAP_JUNINJunin mammarenavirus (JUNV) (Junn mammarenavirus)
NCAP_LASSGLassa virus (strain GA391) (LASV)
NCAP_LYCVWLymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain WE) (LCMV)
NCAP_MACHUMachupo virus (MACV)

Nucleoprotein (Protein N) (Nucleocapsid protein)

NCAP_MOBVCMobala mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Central African Republic/Acar 3080/1983) ...
NCAP_MOPEIMopeia virus (MOPV)
NCAP_PARVPParana mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Paraguay/12056/1965) (PARV) (Paran ...
NCAP_PIARVPichinde mammarenavirus (PICV) (Pichind mammarenavirus)
NCAP_SABVBSabia mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Brasil/SPH114202/1990) (SABV) (Sabi ...
NCAP_TAMVUTamiami mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/United States/W 10777/1964) (TAMV)
NCAP_WWAVUWhitewater Arroyo mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/United States/AV 9310135/1995) ...

Non-structural protein ORF4b (ORF4b)

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ORF4B_BCHK4Bat coronavirus HKU4 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU4/2004) reference strain
ORF4B_BCHK5Bat coronavirus HKU5 (BtCoV) (BtCoV/HKU5/2004) reference strain
ORF4B_CVEMCHuman coronavirus EMC (isolate United Kingdom/H123990006/2012) (HCoV-EMC)

Polymerase cofactor VP35

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VP35_EBOZMZaire ebolavirus (strain Mayinga-76) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus) reference strain
VP35_EBOREReston ebolavirus (strain Philippines-96) (REBOV) (Reston Ebola virus)
VP35_EBORRReston ebolavirus (strain Reston-89) (REBOV) (Reston Ebola virus)
VP35_EBOSUSudan ebolavirus (strain Uganda-00) (SEBOV) (Sudan Ebola virus)
VP35_EBOZ5Zaire ebolavirus (strain Kikwit-95) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus)