T=pseudo3 icosahedral capsid protein

T=pseudo3 icosahedral capsid is composed of 12 pentameric and 20 hexameric capsomeres for a total of 180 capsid proteins. These capsids are not T=3 symmetry as described by Caspar and Klug (PubMed) because the basic unit is composed of three different proteins. Since the three subunits are morphologically very similar, the structure is therefore a pseudo T=3.

Icosahedric triangulation number is calculated following Caspar and Klug system (1962 PubMed)

Comovirus, Fabavirus and Nepovirus share the same pseudo T=3 structure, eventhough subunits are not all processed.

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Genome polyprotein

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POLG_HRV8AHuman rhinovirus A serotype 89 (strain 41467-Gallo) (HRV-89) reference strain
POLG_POL1MPoliovirus type 1 (strain Mahoney) reference strain
POLG_BOVEVBovine enterovirus (strain VG-5-27) (BEV)
POLG_CX16GCoxsackievirus A16 (strain G-10)
POLG_CX16TCoxsackievirus A16 (strain Tainan/5079/98)
POLG_CXA21Coxsackievirus A21 (strain Coe)
POLG_CXA24Coxsackievirus A24 (strain EH24/70)
POLG_CXA9Coxsackievirus A9 (strain Griggs)
POLG_CXB1JCoxsackievirus B1 (strain Japan)
POLG_CXB2OCoxsackievirus B2 (strain Ohio-1)
POLG_CXB3NCoxsackievirus B3 (strain Nancy)
POLG_CXB3WCoxsackievirus B3 (strain Woodruff)
POLG_CXB4ECoxsackievirus B4 (strain E2)
POLG_CXB4JCoxsackievirus B4 (strain JVB / Benschoten / New York/51)
POLG_CXB5PCoxsackievirus B5 (strain Peterborough / 1954/UK/85)
POLG_CXB6SCoxsackievirus B6 (strain Schmitt)
POLG_EC01FEchovirus 1 (strain Human/Egypt/Farouk/1951) (E-1)
POLG_EC11GEchovirus 11 (strain Gregory)
POLG_EC12TEchovirus 12 (strain Travis)
POLG_EC30BEchovirus 30 (strain Bastianni)
POLG_EC05NEchovirus 5 (strain Noyce)
POLG_EC06CEchovirus 6 (strain Charles)
POLG_EC09BEchovirus 9 (strain Barty)
POLG_EC09HEchovirus 9 (strain Hill)
POLG_HE701Human enterovirus 70 (strain J670/71) (EV 70)
POLG_HE71MHuman enterovirus 71 (strain 7423/MS/87) (Ev 71)
POLG_HE71BHuman enterovirus 71 (strain BrCr) (Ev 71)
POLG_HRV14Human rhinovirus 14 (HRV-14)
POLG_HRV16Human rhinovirus 16 (HRV-16)
POLG_HRV1AHuman rhinovirus 1A (HRV-1A)
POLG_HRV1BHuman rhinovirus 1B (HRV-1B)
POLG_HRV2Human rhinovirus 2 (HRV-2)
POLG_HRV3Human rhinovirus 3 (HRV-3)
POLG_POL1SPoliovirus type 1 (strain Sabin)
POLG_POL2LPoliovirus type 2 (strain Lansing)
POLG_POL2WPoliovirus type 2 (strain W-2)
POLG_POL32Poliovirus type 3 (strain 23127)
POLG_POL3LPoliovirus type 3 (strains P3/Leon/37 and P3/Leon 12A[1]B)
POLG_PEV9UPorcine enterovirus 9 (strain UKG/410/73)
POLG_SVDVHSwine vesicular disease virus (strain H/3 '76) (SVDV)
POLG_SVDVUSwine vesicular disease virus (strain UKG/27/72) (SVDV)