Clathrin- and caveolin-independent endocytosis of virus by host

fusion lysis permeabilisation

Several pathways that do not use a clathrin or caveolin coat are sometimes hijacked by bacteria and viruses to gain access to the host cell. These pathways can be further defined by their dependency to various molecules such as cholesterol, DNM2/Dynamin-2, small GTPases or tyrosine kinase and possibly involve non-caveolar lipid rafts.

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Capsid protein

CAPSD_PCV2Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex

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GLYC_LASSJLassa virus (strain Mouse/Sierra Leone/Josiah/1976) (LASV) reference strain
GLYC_LYCVALymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain Armstrong) (LCMV) reference strain
GLYC_LASSGLassa virus (strain GA391) (LASV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_LYCVWLymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain WE) (LCMV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)


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HEMA_I49A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Germany/1949 H10N7) reference strain
HEMA_I96A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Goose/Guangdong/1/1996 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd) reference strain
HEMA_I34A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 H1N1) reference strain
HEMA_I80A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/1/1980 H7N7) reference strain
HEMA_I72A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Shearwater/Australia/1972 H6N5) reference strain
HEMA_I80A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/833/1980 H4N2) reference strain
HEMA_I68A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Aichi/2/1968 H3N2)
HEMA_I89A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/353/1989 H3N2)
HEMA_I75A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/39/1975 H3N2)
HEMA_I77AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/Brazil/11/1978 H1N1)
HEMA_I18A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Brevig Mission/1/1918 H1N1) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I77AGInfluenza A virus (strain A/Budgerigar/Hokkaido/1/1977 H4N6)
HEMA_I75A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Alabama/1/1975 H4N8)
HEMA_I49A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Germany/n/1949 H10N7)
HEMA_I97A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/220/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
HEMA_I83A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Pennsylvania/1/1983 H5N2)
HEMA_I59A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Scotland/1959 H5N1)
HEMA_I85A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Victoria/1/1985 H7N7)
HEMA_I000FInfluenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Weybridge H7N7) (Influenza A virus (strain ...
HEMA_I83A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Chile/1/1983 H1N1)
HEMA_I96A3Influenza A virus (strain A/China:Nanchang/11/1996 H1N1)
HEMA_I76A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/28/1976 H4N6)
HEMA_I76A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/35/1976 H1N1)
HEMA_I76A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/60/1976 H12N5)
HEMA_I76A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/78/1976 H3N8)
HEMA_I80A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Australia/749/1980 H1N1)
HEMA_I56A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Czechoslovakia/1956 H4N6)
HEMA_I56A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/England/1/1956 H11N6)
HEMA_I80A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hokkaido/8/1980 H3N8)
HEMA_I00A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hong Kong/2986.1/2000 H5N1 genotype C)
HEMA_I83A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Ireland/113/1983 H5N8)
HEMA_I74A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Memphis/928/1974 H3N8)
HEMA_I76AKInfluenza A virus (strain A/Duck/New Zealand/31/1976 H4N6)
HEMA_I63A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Ukraine/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I77A8Influenza A virus (strain A/England/321/1977 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Algiers/1972 H3N8)
HEMA_I64A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/C.Detroit/1/1964 H7N7)
HEMA_I63A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Cambridge/1/1963 H7N7)
HEMA_I73A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Cambridge/1/1973 H7N7)
HEMA_I64A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Detroit/1/1964 H7N7)
HEMA_I76A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Fontainebleau/1976 H3N8) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I89A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Jillin/1/1989 H3N8)
HEMA_I81A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/1/1981)
HEMA_I87A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/1/1987 H3N8)
HEMA_I86A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/2/1986 H3N8)
HEMA_I66A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Lexington/1/1966 H7N7)
HEMA_I73A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/London/1416/1973 H7N7)
HEMA_I63A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Miami/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I77A9Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/New Market/1/1977 H7N7)
HEMA_I76AJInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/New Market/1976 H3N8)
HEMA_I56A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Prague/1/1956 H7N7)
HEMA_I80ABInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Romania/1980 H3N8)
HEMA_I85A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Santiago/1/1985 H3N8)
HEMA_I76ALInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Sao Paulo/1/1976 H7N7)
HEMA_I89A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Suffolk/1989 H3N8)
HEMA_I72A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Switzerland/137/1972 H7N7)
HEMA_I86A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Tennessee/5/1986 H3N8)
HEMA_I71A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Tokyo/1971 H3N2)
HEMA_I63A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Uruguay/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I34A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Fowl plague virus/Rostock/8/1934 H7N1)
HEMA_I79A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Grey teal/Australia/2/1979 H4N4)
HEMA_I84A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Astrakhan/227/1984 H13N6)
HEMA_I77AFInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Maryland/704/1977 H13N6)
HEMA_I80ADInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Minnesota/945/1980 H13N6)
HEMA_I36A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Henry/1936 H1N1)
HEMA_I88A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Herring gull/DE/677/1988 H2N8)
HEMA_I40A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Hickox/1940 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/1/1968 H3N2)
HEMA_I97A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/156/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
HEMA_I83A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/5/1983 H3N2)
HEMA_I80AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/India/6263/1980 H1N1)
HEMA_I57A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Japan/305/1957 H2N2)
HEMA_I79A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Kiev/59/1979 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Korea/426/1968 H2N2)
HEMA_I54A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/1/1954 H1N1)
HEMA_I54A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Malaysia:Malaya/302/1954 H1N1)
HEMA_I82A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Astrakhan/263/1982 H14N5) (Influenza A ...
HEMA_I78A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6750/1978 H2N2)
HEMA_I78A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6874/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I87A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Ohio/556/1987 H5N9)
HEMA_I71A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/1/1971 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/101/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/102/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I76A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/110/1976 H3N2)
HEMA_I78A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/18/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I78A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/2/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I80A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/4/1980 H3N2)
HEMA_I84A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Mink/Sweden/1984 H10N4)
HEMA_I00A1Influenza A virus (strain A/New Zealand:South Canterbury/35/2000 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Northern Territory/60/1968 H3N2) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I73A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Port Chalmers/1/1973 H3N2)
HEMA_I85A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Ruddy Turnstone/New Jersey/47/1985 H4N6)
HEMA_I06A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Russia:St.Petersburg/8/2006 H1N1)
HEMA_I82A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/133/1982 H4N5)
HEMA_I57A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Singapore/1/1957 H2N2)
HEMA_I85A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Starling/Victoria/5156/1985 H7N7)
HEMA_I77A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Colorado/1/1977 H3N2)
HEMA_I88A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Indiana/1726/1988 H1N1)
HEMA_I30A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Iowa/15/1930 H1N1)
HEMA_I85A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Netherlands/12/1985 H1N1)
HEMA_I76AIInfluenza A virus (strain A/Swine/New Jersey/11/1976 H1N1)
HEMA_I84A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Ukkel/1/1984 H3N2)
HEMA_I61A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Wisconsin/1/1961 H1N1)
HEMA_I67A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Wisconsin/1/1967 H1N1)
HEMA_I61A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Tern/South Africa/1961 H5N3)
HEMA_I83A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ireland/1378/1983 H5N8)
HEMA_I81A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/1661/1981 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/6118/1968 H8N4)
HEMA_I66A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/7732/1966 H5N9)
HEMA_I71A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Oregon/1971 H7N3)
HEMA_I66A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/1966 H9N2)
HEMA_I72A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Udorn/307/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I51A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Albany/12/1951 H1N1)
HEMA_I45A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Huston/AA/1945 H1N1)
HEMA_I43A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Iowa/1943 H1N1)
HEMA_I96A2Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Memphis/10/1996 H1N1)
HEMA_I35A3Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Phila/1935 H1N1)
HEMA_I07A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Texas/UR06-0195/2007 H1N1)
HEMA_I77ABInfluenza A virus (strain A/USSR/90/1977 H1N1)
HEMA_I75A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Victoria/3/1975 H3N2)
HEMA_I84A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Whale/Maine/328/1984 H13N2)
HEMA_I33A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Wilson-Smith/1933 H1N1) (Influenza A virus (strain ...
HEMA_I000XInfluenza A virus (strain A/X-31 H3N2)

Genome polyprotein

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POLG_FMDVIFoot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Brazil/C3Indaial/1971 serotype C) (FMDV)
POLG_FMDV5Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Germany/A5Westerwald/1951 serotype A) ...
POLG_FMDVTFoot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Germany/C1Oberbayen/1960 serotype C) ...
POLG_FMDVSFoot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Spain/S8c1SantaPau/1970 serotype C) ...
POLG_FMDVCFoot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Bovine/Brazil/A24Cruzeiro/1955 serotype ...
POLG_FMDVOFoot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Bovine/Germany/O1Kaufbeuren/1966 serotype ...
POLG_POL1SPoliovirus type 1 (strain Sabin)
POLG_POL2LPoliovirus type 2 (strain Lansing)
POLG_POL2WPoliovirus type 2 (strain W-2)
POLG_POL32Poliovirus type 3 (strain 23127)
POLG_POL3LPoliovirus type 3 (strains P3/Leon/37 and P3/Leon 12A[1]B)