Fusion of virus membrane with host endosomal membrane

Enveloped viruses use specialized machinery to fuse viral and host cell membranes after internalization through the endosomal pathway. Viral fusion proteins drive this fusion reaction by undergoing major conformational change. The specific trigger depends on the virus and very often involves the exposure to the low pH of the late endosome.

All fusion proteins are active in a trimeric conformation. Most of them are natively trimeric, some of them are dimers on the virion surface but are converted to trimers upon activation .
Fusion proteins have to be produced in an inactive state in order to avoid to trigger fusion in the Golgi or other compartments upon synthesis and transport to the cell surface. Many are activated in the trans.Golgi network or at the cell surface by proteolytic cleavage which reveals the fusion peptide.

Fusion mechanism according to the “viral fusion pore” model of Lee K. . A different model has been described with PIV5

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Envelope glycoprotein gp160 (Env polyprotein)

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ENV_HV1MAHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype A (isolate MAL) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1B1Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate BH10) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1BRHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate BRU/LAI) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1H2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate HXB2) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV193Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype F1 (isolate 93BR020) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1VIHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype F1 (isolate VI850) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1ANHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group O (isolate ANT70) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV1MVHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group O (isolate MVP5180) (HIV-1) reference strain
ENV_HV2BEHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate BEN) (HIV-2) reference strain
ENV_HV1ZHHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype A (isolate Z321) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1A2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate ARV2/SF2) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1B8Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate BH8) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1BNHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate BRVA) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1C4Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate CDC-451) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1H3Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate HXB3) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1J3Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate JH32) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1JRHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate JRCSF) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1KBHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate KB-1/ETR) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1LWHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate LW123) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1MFHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate MFA) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1MNHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate MN) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1N5Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate NY5) (HIV-1)

Truncated surface protein (SU) (Glycoprotein 120) (gp120)

ENV_HV1OYHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate OYI) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1RHHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate RF/HAT3) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1SCHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate SC) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1S1Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate SF162) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1S3Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate SF33) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1W1Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate WMJ1) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1W2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate WMJ22) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1Y2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (isolate YU-2) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1B9Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype B (strain 89.6) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV192Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype C (isolate 92BR025) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1ETHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype C (isolate ETH2220) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1ELHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype D (isolate ELI) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1NDHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype D (isolate NDK) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1Z2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype D (isolate Z2/CDC-Z34) ...
ENV_HV1Z6Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype D (isolate Z6) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1Z8Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype D (isolate Z84) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1MPHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype F2 (isolate MP255) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1M2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype F2 (isolate MP257) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV19NHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype G (isolate 92NG083) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV190Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype H (isolate 90CF056) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1V9Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype H (isolate VI991) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1S9Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype J (isolate SE9173) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1S2Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype J (isolate SE9280) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV196Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype K (isolate 96CM-MP535) ...
ENV_HV197Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype K (isolate 97ZR-EQTB11) ...
ENV_HV1Z3Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M subtype U (isolate Z3) (HIV-1)

Truncated surface protein (SU) (Glycoprotein 120) (gp120)

ENV_HV1YBHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group N (isolate YBF106) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV1YFHuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 group N (isolate YBF30) (HIV-1)
ENV_HV2CAHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate CAM2) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2D1Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate D194) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2G1Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate Ghana-1) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2KRHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate KR) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2NZHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate NIH-Z) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2ROHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate ROD) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2SBHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate SBLISY) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2STHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate ST) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2S2Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype A (isolate ST/24.1C#2) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2D2Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype B (isolate D205) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2EHHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype B (isolate EHO) (HIV-2)
ENV_HV2UCHuman immunodeficiency virus type 2 subtype B (isolate UC1) (HIV-2)
ENV_NPVLDLymantria dispar multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (LdMNPV)

Envelope fusion protein

Major envelope glycoprotein (gp64)

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FUS_NPVOPOrgyia pseudotsugata multicapsid polyhedrosis virus (OpMNPV) reference strain
FUS_NPVACAutographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV)
FUS_NPVCFChoristoneura fumiferana nuclear polyhedrosis virus (CfMNPV)

Major envelope glycoprotein (gp67)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex

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GLYC_LASSJLassa virus (strain Mouse/Sierra Leone/Josiah/1976) (LASV) reference strain
GLYC_LATVBLatino mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Bolivia/MARU 1924/1965) (LATV) reference strain
GLYC_LYCVALymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain Armstrong) (LCMV) reference strain
GLYC_OLVVAOliveros mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/Argentina/RIID 3229/1990) (OLVV) reference strain
GLYC_PIRVVPirital mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Venezuela/VAV-488/1995) (PIRV) reference strain
GLYC_TACVFTacaribe virus (strain Franze-Fernandez) (TCRV) reference strain
GLYC_TAMVUTamiami mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/United States/W 10777/1964) (TAMV) reference strain
GLYC_ALLVPAllpahuayo mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Peru/CLHP-2472/1997) (ALLV)
GLYC_BCNVUBear Canyon mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/United States/AV A0070039/2000) (BCNV)
GLYC_CHAVBChapare mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Bolivia/810419/2003)
GLYC_CPXVBCupixi mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Brasil/BeAn 119303/1970) (CPXV)
GLYC_GTOVVGuanarito mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Venezuela/NH-95551/1990) (GTOV)
GLYC_IPPYVIppy mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Central African Republic/Dak An B 188 d/1970) ...
GLYC_JUNINJunin mammarenavirus (JUNV) (Junn mammarenavirus)
GLYC_LASSGLassa virus (strain GA391) (LASV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_LYCVWLymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (strain WE) (LCMV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_MACHUMachupo virus (MACV)
GLYC_MOBVCMobala mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Central African Republic/Acar 3080/1983) ...
GLYC_MOPEIMopeia virus (MOPV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_PARVPParana mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Paraguay/12056/1965) (PARV) (Paran ...
GLYC_PIARVPichinde mammarenavirus (PICV) (Pichind mammarenavirus)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_SABVBSabia mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Brasil/SPH114202/1990) (SABV) (Sabi ...
GLYC_TACVTTacaribe virus (strain TRVL 11598) (TCRV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_TACV5Tacaribe virus (strain V5) (TCRV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_TACV7Tacaribe virus (strain V7) (TCRV)

Pre-glycoprotein polyprotein GP complex (Pre-GP-C)

GLYC_WWAVUWhitewater Arroyo mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/United States/AV 9310135/1995) ...


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GLYCO_DMSVADrosophila melanogaster sigma virus (isolate Drosophila/USA/AP30/2005) (DMelSV) reference strain
GLYCO_TIBVCTibrogargan virus (strain CS132) (TIBV) reference strain
GLYCO_TUPVTTupaia virus (isolate Tupaia/Thailand/-/1986) (TUPV) reference strain
GLYCO_VSIVGVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Glasgow) (VSIV) reference strain
GLYCO_VSIVAVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain San Juan) (VSIV) reference strain
GLYCO_SVCVSpring viremia of carp virus (Rhabdovirus carpia)
GLYCO_VSIVSVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 85CLB South America) (VSIV)
GLYCO_VSIVCVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 94GUB Central America) (VSIV)
GLYCO_VSIVNVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 98COE North America) (VSIV)
GLYCO_VSIVOVesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Orsay) (VSIV)
GLYCO_VSNJOVesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (strain Ogden subtype Concan) (VSNJV)

Envelopment polyprotein (M polyprotein)

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GP_BUNYWBunyamwera virus (BUNV) reference strain
GP_CCHFICrimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (strain Nigeria/IbAr10200/1970) (CCHFV) reference strain
GP_DUGBADugbe virus (isolate ArD44313) (DUGV) reference strain
GP_HANTVHantaan virus (strain 76-118) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus) reference strain

Envelopment polyprotein (Glycoprotein precursor) (M polyprotein)

GP_RVFVZRift valley fever virus (strain ZH-548 M12) (RVFV) reference strain
GP_TSWV1Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Brazilian Br-01) (TSWV) reference strain
GP_UUKSUukuniemi virus (strain S23) (Uuk) reference strain
GP_SBVBHBovine Schmallenberg virus (isolate Bovine/BH80/Germany/2011) (SBV)
GP_BUNGEBunyavirus germiston
GP_BUNL7Bunyavirus La Crosse (isolate Aedes triseriatus/United States/L74/1974)
GP_BUNSHBunyavirus snowshoe hare
GP_HANTBHantaan virus (strain B-1) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)
GP_HANTHHantaan virus (strain Hojo) (Hojo virus) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)
GP_HANTLHantaan virus (strain Lee) (Lee virus) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)
GP_INSVImpatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV)
GP_NYVNew York virus (NYV)
GP_PHVProspect Hill virus (PHV)
GP_PTPVPunta toro phlebovirus
GP_PUUMGPuumala virus (strain Bank vole/Russia/CG1820/1984)
GP_PUUMKPuumala virus (strain K27)
GP_PUUMPPuumala virus (strain P360)
GP_PUUMSPuumala virus (strain Sotkamo/V-2969/81)
GP_RVFVRift valley fever virus (RVFV)
GP_SEOU8Seoul virus (strain 80-39)
GP_SEOURSeoul virus (strain R22)
GP_SEOUSSeoul virus (strain SR-11) (Sapporo rat virus)
GP_TSWVDTomato spotted wilt virus (isolate D) (TSWV)
GP_TSWVRTomato spotted wilt virus (strain Regular2A) (TSWV)
GP_TSWVTomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)

Large envelope protein (L glycoprotein) (L-HBsAg) (LHB) (Large S protein) (Large surface protein) (Major surface antigen)

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HBSAG_HBVA5Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw (isolate Philippines/pFDW294/1988) ... reference strain
HBSAG_HBVC4Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Korea/Kim/1989) (HBV-C) reference strain
HBSAG_HBVCJHepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayr (isolate Human/Japan/Okamoto/-) (HBV-C) reference strain
HBSAG_HBVG3Hepatitis B virus genotype G (isolate IG29227/2000) (HBV-G) reference strain
HBSAG_HBVA6Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw2 (isolate South Africa/84/2001) ...
HBSAG_HBVA1Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw2 (isolate Southern-Africa/Cai) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA7Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 (isolate Japan/11D11HCCW/1998) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA2Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw (isolate Japan/Nishioka/1983) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA4Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw2 (isolate Germany/991/1990) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA3Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw2 (strain Rutter 1979) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA9Hepatitis B virus genotype A3 (isolate Cameroon/CMR711/1994) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVA8Hepatitis B virus genotype A3 (isolate Cameroon/CMR983/1994) (HBV-A)
HBSAG_HBVB4Hepatitis B virus genotype B/C subtype adw (isolate Okinawa/pODW282/1998) ...
HBSAG_HBVB8Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 (isolate Japan/Ry30/2002) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB7Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 (isolate Japan/Yamagata-2/1998) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB1Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 subtype adw (isolate Japan/pJDW233/1988) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB2Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Indonesia/pIDW420/1988) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB5Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Vietnam/16091/1992) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB3Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Vietnam/9873/1997) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVB6Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 subtype adw (isolate China/patient4/1996) (HBV-B)
HBSAG_HBVC0Hepatitis B virus genotype C (isolate Vietnam/3270/2000) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC5Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ad (isolate Japan/S-179/1988) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC6Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate China/NC-1/1988) (HBV-C)

Small envelope protein (S glycoprotein) (S-HBsAg) (SHB) (Small S protein) (Small surface protein)

HBSAG_HBVC8Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Japan/A4/1994) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC1Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Japan/Nishioka/1983) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC3Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (strain Japan/adr4/1983) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC2Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ar (isolate Japan/S-207/1988) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC9Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayw (isolate Australia/AustRC/1992) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVC7Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayw (isolate China/Tibet127/2002) (HBV-C)
HBSAG_HBVD2Hepatitis B virus genotype D (isolate France/alpha1/1989) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVD7Hepatitis B virus genotype D (isolate Germany/1-91/1991) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVD1Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype adw (isolate United Kingdom/adyw/1979) ...
HBSAG_HBVD5Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Australia/AustKW/1991) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVD3Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate France/Tiollais/1979) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVD6Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Italy/CI/1992) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVD4Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Japan/JYW796/1988) (HBV-D)
HBSAG_HBVE2Hepatitis B virus genotype E (isolate Cote d'Ivoire/ABI-129/2003) (HBV-E)
HBSAG_HBVE4Hepatitis B virus genotype E (isolate Cote d'Ivoire/ABI-212/2003) (HBV-E)
HBSAG_HBVE1Hepatitis B virus genotype E subtype ayw4 (isolate Kou) (HBV-E)
HBSAG_HBVF3Hepatitis B virus genotype F1 (isolate Argentina/sa11/2000) (HBV-F)
HBSAG_HBVF4Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 (isolate Argentina/sa16/2000) (HBV-F)
HBSAG_HBVF1Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 (isolate Brazil/w4B) (HBV-F)
HBSAG_HBVF6Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 subtype adw4q (isolate Senegal/9203) (HBV-F)
HBSAG_HBVH1Hepatitis B virus genotype H (isolate United States/LAS2523/2002) (HBV-H)
HBSAG_HBVH2Hepatitis B virus genotype H subtype adw4 (isolate Nicaragua/1853Nic/1997) ...
HBSAG_HBVH3Hepatitis B virus genotype H subtype adw4 (isolate Nicaragua/2928Nic/1997) ...


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HEMA_ISAV8Infectious salmon anemia virus (isolate Atlantic salmon/Norway/810/9/99) (ISAV) reference strain

Hemagglutinin-esterase (HE protein) (EC

HEMA_I49A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Germany/1949 H10N7) reference strain
HEMA_I96A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Goose/Guangdong/1/1996 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd) reference strain
HEMA_I34A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 H1N1) reference strain
HEMA_I80A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/1/1980 H7N7) reference strain
HEMA_I72A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Shearwater/Australia/1972 H6N5) reference strain
HEMA_I80A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/833/1980 H4N2) reference strain
HEMA_INBLEInfluenza B virus (strain B/Lee/1940) reference strain
HEMA_INCAAInfluenza C virus (strain C/Ann Arbor/1/1950) reference strain

Hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion glycoprotein (HEF) (EC

HEMA_I68A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Aichi/2/1968 H3N2)
HEMA_I89A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/353/1989 H3N2)
HEMA_I75A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Beijing/39/1975 H3N2)
HEMA_I77AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/Brazil/11/1978 H1N1)
HEMA_I18A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Brevig Mission/1/1918 H1N1) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I77AGInfluenza A virus (strain A/Budgerigar/Hokkaido/1/1977 H4N6)
HEMA_I75A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Alabama/1/1975 H4N8)
HEMA_I49A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Germany/n/1949 H10N7)
HEMA_I97A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Hong Kong/220/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
HEMA_I83A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Pennsylvania/1/1983 H5N2)
HEMA_I59A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Scotland/1959 H5N1)
HEMA_I85A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Victoria/1/1985 H7N7)
HEMA_I000FInfluenza A virus (strain A/Chicken/Weybridge H7N7) (Influenza A virus (strain ...
HEMA_I83A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Chile/1/1983 H1N1)
HEMA_I96A3Influenza A virus (strain A/China:Nanchang/11/1996 H1N1)
HEMA_I76A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/28/1976 H4N6)
HEMA_I76A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/35/1976 H1N1)
HEMA_I76A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/60/1976 H12N5)
HEMA_I76A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Alberta/78/1976 H3N8)
HEMA_I80A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Australia/749/1980 H1N1)
HEMA_I56A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Czechoslovakia/1956 H4N6)
HEMA_I56A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/England/1/1956 H11N6)
HEMA_I80A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hokkaido/8/1980 H3N8)
HEMA_I00A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Hong Kong/2986.1/2000 H5N1 genotype C)
HEMA_I83A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Ireland/113/1983 H5N8)
HEMA_I74A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Memphis/928/1974 H3N8)
HEMA_I76AKInfluenza A virus (strain A/Duck/New Zealand/31/1976 H4N6)
HEMA_I63A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Duck/Ukraine/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I77A8Influenza A virus (strain A/England/321/1977 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Algiers/1972 H3N8)
HEMA_I64A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/C.Detroit/1/1964 H7N7)
HEMA_I63A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Cambridge/1/1963 H7N7)
HEMA_I73A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Cambridge/1/1973 H7N7)
HEMA_I64A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Detroit/1/1964 H7N7)
HEMA_I76A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Fontainebleau/1976 H3N8) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I89A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Jillin/1/1989 H3N8)
HEMA_I81A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/1/1981)
HEMA_I87A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/1/1987 H3N8)
HEMA_I86A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Kentucky/2/1986 H3N8)
HEMA_I66A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Lexington/1/1966 H7N7)
HEMA_I73A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/London/1416/1973 H7N7)
HEMA_I63A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Miami/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I77A9Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/New Market/1/1977 H7N7)
HEMA_I76AJInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/New Market/1976 H3N8)
HEMA_I56A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Prague/1/1956 H7N7)
HEMA_I80ABInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Romania/1980 H3N8)
HEMA_I85A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Santiago/1/1985 H3N8)
HEMA_I76ALInfluenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Sao Paulo/1/1976 H7N7)
HEMA_I89A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Suffolk/1989 H3N8)
HEMA_I72A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Switzerland/137/1972 H7N7)
HEMA_I86A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Tennessee/5/1986 H3N8)
HEMA_I71A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Tokyo/1971 H3N2)
HEMA_I63A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Equine/Uruguay/1/1963 H3N8)
HEMA_I34A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Fowl plague virus/Rostock/8/1934 H7N1)
HEMA_I79A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Grey teal/Australia/2/1979 H4N4)
HEMA_I84A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Astrakhan/227/1984 H13N6)
HEMA_I77AFInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Maryland/704/1977 H13N6)
HEMA_I80ADInfluenza A virus (strain A/Gull/Minnesota/945/1980 H13N6)
HEMA_I36A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Henry/1936 H1N1)
HEMA_I88A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Herring gull/DE/677/1988 H2N8)
HEMA_I40A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Hickox/1940 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/1/1968 H3N2)
HEMA_I97A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/156/1997 H5N1 genotype Gs/Gd)
HEMA_I83A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Hong Kong/5/1983 H3N2)
HEMA_I80AAInfluenza A virus (strain A/India/6263/1980 H1N1)
HEMA_I57A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Japan/305/1957 H2N2)
HEMA_I79A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Kiev/59/1979 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Korea/426/1968 H2N2)
HEMA_I54A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Leningrad/1/1954 H1N1)
HEMA_I54A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Malaysia:Malaya/302/1954 H1N1)
HEMA_I82A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Astrakhan/263/1982 H14N5) (Influenza A ...
HEMA_I78A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6750/1978 H2N2)
HEMA_I78A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/New York/6874/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I87A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Mallard/Ohio/556/1987 H5N9)
HEMA_I71A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/1/1971 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/101/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I72A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/102/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I76A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/110/1976 H3N2)
HEMA_I78A8Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/18/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I78A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/2/1978 H3N2)
HEMA_I80A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Memphis/4/1980 H3N2)
HEMA_I84A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Mink/Sweden/1984 H10N4)
HEMA_I00A1Influenza A virus (strain A/New Zealand:South Canterbury/35/2000 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Northern Territory/60/1968 H3N2) (Influenza A virus ...
HEMA_I73A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Port Chalmers/1/1973 H3N2)
HEMA_I85A7Influenza A virus (strain A/Ruddy Turnstone/New Jersey/47/1985 H4N6)
HEMA_I06A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Russia:St.Petersburg/8/2006 H1N1)
HEMA_I82A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Seal/Massachusetts/133/1982 H4N5)
HEMA_I57A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Singapore/1/1957 H2N2)
HEMA_I85A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Starling/Victoria/5156/1985 H7N7)
HEMA_I77A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Colorado/1/1977 H3N2)
HEMA_I88A6Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Indiana/1726/1988 H1N1)
HEMA_I30A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Iowa/15/1930 H1N1)
HEMA_I85A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Netherlands/12/1985 H1N1)
HEMA_I76AIInfluenza A virus (strain A/Swine/New Jersey/11/1976 H1N1)
HEMA_I84A5Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Ukkel/1/1984 H3N2)
HEMA_I61A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Wisconsin/1/1961 H1N1)
HEMA_I67A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Swine/Wisconsin/1/1967 H1N1)
HEMA_I61A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Tern/South Africa/1961 H5N3)
HEMA_I83A4Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ireland/1378/1983 H5N8)
HEMA_I81A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Minnesota/1661/1981 H1N1)
HEMA_I68A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/6118/1968 H8N4)
HEMA_I66A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Ontario/7732/1966 H5N9)
HEMA_I71A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Oregon/1971 H7N3)
HEMA_I66A1Influenza A virus (strain A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/1966 H9N2)
HEMA_I72A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Udorn/307/1972 H3N2)
HEMA_I51A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Albany/12/1951 H1N1)
HEMA_I45A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Huston/AA/1945 H1N1)
HEMA_I43A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Iowa/1943 H1N1)
HEMA_I96A2Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Memphis/10/1996 H1N1)
HEMA_I35A3Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Phila/1935 H1N1)
HEMA_I07A0Influenza A virus (strain A/USA:Texas/UR06-0195/2007 H1N1)
HEMA_I77ABInfluenza A virus (strain A/USSR/90/1977 H1N1)
HEMA_I75A3Influenza A virus (strain A/Victoria/3/1975 H3N2)
HEMA_I84A2Influenza A virus (strain A/Whale/Maine/328/1984 H13N2)
HEMA_I33A0Influenza A virus (strain A/Wilson-Smith/1933 H1N1) (Influenza A virus (strain ...
HEMA_I000XInfluenza A virus (strain A/X-31 H3N2)
HEMA_INBBEInfluenza B virus (strain B/Beijing/1/1987)
HEMA_INBENInfluenza B virus (strain B/England/222/1982)
HEMA_INBORInfluenza B virus (strain B/Oregon/5/1980)
HEMA_INBSIInfluenza B virus (strain B/Singapore/222/1979)
HEMA_INBVKInfluenza B virus (strain B/Victoria/2/1987)
HEMA_INCCAInfluenza C virus (strain C/California/1978)

Hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion glycoprotein (HEF) (EC

HEMA_INCJHInfluenza C virus (strain C/Johannesburg/1/1966)

Hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion glycoprotein (HEF) (EC

HEMA_INCNBInfluenza C virus (strain C/Nara/2/1985)

Hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion glycoprotein (HEF) (EC

HEMA_INCYBInfluenza C virus (strain C/Yamagata/4/1988)

Hemagglutinin-esterase-fusion glycoprotein (HEF) (EC

Genome polyprotein

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POLG_BVDVNBovine viral diarrhea virus (isolate NADL) (BVDV) (Mucosal disease virus) reference strain
POLG_DEN1WDengue virus type 1 (strain Nauru/West Pac/1974) (DENV-1) reference strain
POLG_HCVHHepatitis C virus genotype 1a (isolate H) (HCV) reference strain
POLG_YEFV1Yellow fever virus (strain 17D vaccine) (YFV) reference strain
POLG_ZIKVZika virus (strain Mr 766) (ZIKV) reference strain
POLG_BVDVCBovine viral diarrhea virus (strain CP7) (BVDV) (Mucosal disease virus)
POLG_BVDVSBovine viral diarrhea virus (strain SD-1) (BVDV) (Mucosal disease virus)
POLG_CSFVAClassical swine fever virus (strain Alfort) (CSFV) (Hog cholera virus)
POLG_CSFVBClassical swine fever virus (strain Brescia) (CSFV) (Hog cholera virus)
POLG_DEN1BDengue virus type 1 (strain Brazil/97-11/1997) (DENV-1)
POLG_DEN1SDengue virus type 1 (strain Singapore/S275/1990) (DENV-1)
POLG_DEN28Dengue virus type 2 (isolate Thailand/0168/1979) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN27Dengue virus type 2 (strain 16681-PDK53) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN2JDengue virus type 2 (strain Jamaica/1409/1983) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN2QDengue virus type 2 (strain Peru/IQT2913/1996) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN2PDengue virus type 2 (strain Puerto Rico/PR159-S1/1969) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN26Dengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/16681/1984) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN2NDengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/NGS-C/1944) (DENV-2)
POLG_DEN3CDengue virus type 3 (strain China/80-2/1980) (DENV-3)
POLG_DEN3MDengue virus type 3 (strain Martinique/1243/1999) (DENV-3)
POLG_DEN3PDengue virus type 3 (strain Philippines/H87/1956) (DENV-3)
POLG_DEN3IDengue virus type 3 (strain Singapore/8120/1995) (DENV-3)
POLG_DEN3SDengue virus type 3 (strain Sri Lanka/1266/2000) (DENV-3)
POLG_DEN4DDengue virus type 4 (strain Dominica/814669/1981) (DENV-4)
POLG_DEN4PDengue virus type 4 (strain Philippines/H241/1956) (DENV-4)
POLG_DEN4SDengue virus type 4 (strain Singapore/8976/1995) (DENV-4)
POLG_DEN4TDengue virus type 4 (strain Thailand/0348/1991) (DENV-4)
POLG_DEN4HDengue virus type 4 (strain Thailand/0476/1997) (DENV-4)
POLG_HCV1Hepatitis C virus genotype 1a (isolate 1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVBKHepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate BK) (HCV)
POLG_HCVCOHepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Con1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJ1Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-J1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJTHepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-JT) (HCV)
POLG_HCVR6Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HCR6) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJAHepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Japanese) (HCV)
POLG_HCVTWHepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Taiwan) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJ4Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (strain HC-J4) (HCV)
POLG_HCVH9Hepatitis C virus genotype 1c (isolate HC-G9) (HCV)
POLG_HCVINHepatitis C virus genotype 1c (isolate India) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJ6Hepatitis C virus genotype 2a (isolate HC-J6) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJFHepatitis C virus genotype 2a (isolate JFH-1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJ8Hepatitis C virus genotype 2b (isolate HC-J8) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJPHepatitis C virus genotype 2b (isolate JPUT971017) (HCV)
POLG_HCVBBHepatitis C virus genotype 2c (isolate BEBE1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVVAHepatitis C virus genotype 2k (isolate VAT96) (HCV)
POLG_HCVK3Hepatitis C virus genotype 3a (isolate k3a) (HCV)
POLG_HCVNZHepatitis C virus genotype 3a (isolate NZL1) (HCV)
POLG_HCVTRHepatitis C virus genotype 3b (isolate Tr-Kj) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJKHepatitis C virus genotype 3k (isolate JK049) (HCV)
POLG_HCVEDHepatitis C virus genotype 4a (isolate ED43) (HCV)
POLG_HCVEVHepatitis C virus genotype 5a (isolate EUH1480) (HCV)
POLG_HCVSAHepatitis C virus genotype 5a (isolate SA13) (HCV)
POLG_HCV6AHepatitis C virus genotype 6a (isolate 6a33) (HCV)
POLG_HCVEUHepatitis C virus genotype 6a (isolate EUHK2) (HCV)
POLG_HCVT5Hepatitis C virus genotype 6b (isolate Th580) (HCV)
POLG_HCVVNHepatitis C virus genotype 6d (isolate VN235) (HCV)
POLG_HCVJLHepatitis C virus genotype 6g (isolate JK046) (HCV)
POLG_HCVVPHepatitis C virus genotype 6h (isolate VN004) (HCV)
POLG_HCVVOHepatitis C virus genotype 6k (isolate VN405) (HCV)
POLG_GBVBHepatitis GB virus B (GBV-B) (GB virus B)
POLG_JAEVJJapanese encephalitis virus (strain Jaoars982)
POLG_JAEV5Japanese encephalitis virus (strain SA(v))
POLG_JAEV1Japanese encephalitis virus (strain SA-14)
POLG_KUNJMKunjin virus (strain MRM61C)
POLG_LANVTLangat virus (strain TP21)
POLG_LIVLouping ill virus (Li)
POLG_MVEV5Murray valley encephalitis virus (strain MVE-1-51) (MVEV)
POLG_TBEVHTick-borne encephalitis virus (strain Hypr) (TBEV)
POLG_TBEVWTick-borne encephalitis virus European subtype (strain Neudoerfl) (NEUV) ...
POLG_TBEVSTick-borne encephalitis virus Far Eastern subtype (strain Sofjin) (SOFV) ...
POLG_POWVLTick-borne powassan virus (strain LB) (POWV) (Powassan virus)
POLG_WNVWest Nile virus (WNV)
POLG_YEFVNYellow fever virus (isolate Angola/14FA/1971) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVEYellow fever virus (isolate Ethiopia/Couma/1961) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVCYellow fever virus (isolate Ivory Coast/1999) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVIYellow fever virus (isolate Ivory Coast/85-82H/1982) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVUYellow fever virus (isolate Uganda/A7094A4/1948) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVFYellow fever virus (strain French neurotropic vaccine FNV) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVAYellow fever virus (strain Ghana/Asibi/1927) (YFV)
POLG_YEFVTYellow fever virus (strain Trinidad/TRINID79A/1979) (YFV)

Structural polyprotein (p130)

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POLS_CHIKSChikungunya virus (strain S27-African prototype) (CHIKV) reference strain
POLS_RUBVTRubella virus (strain Therien) (RUBV) reference strain

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_SFVSemliki forest virus (SFV) reference strain
POLS_SINDVSindbis virus (SINV) reference strain
POLS_BFVBarmah forest virus (BFV)
POLS_CHIK3Chikungunya virus (strain 37997) (CHIKV)
POLS_CHIKNChikungunya virus (strain Nagpur) (CHIKV)
POLS_EEEVEastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) (Eastern equine encephalomyelitis ...
POLS_EEEVFEastern equine encephalitis virus (strain Florida 91-469) (EEEV) (Eastern ...
POLS_EEEV1Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain PE-0.0155) (EEEV) (Eastern equine ...
POLS_EEEV8Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain PE-3.0815) (EEEV) (Eastern equine ...
POLS_EEEV3Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain va33[ten broeck]) (EEEV) (Eastern ...
POLS_GETVGetah virus (GETV)
POLS_MAYABMayaro virus (strain Brazil) (MAYV)
POLS_MIDDVMiddelburg virus
POLS_ONNVGO'nyong-nyong virus (strain Gulu) (ONNV)
POLS_ONNVIO'nyong-nyong virus (strain Igbo Ora) (ONNV) (Igbo Ora virus)
POLS_ONNVSO'nyong-nyong virus (strain SG650) (ONNV)
POLS_RRVNRoss river virus (strain NB5092) (RRV)
POLS_RRVTRoss river virus (strain T48) (RRV)
POLS_RUBVBRubella virus (strain BRD1) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVCRubella virus (strain BRDII) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVDRubella virus (strain Cendehill) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVMRubella virus (strain M33) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVRRubella virus (strain RA27/3 vaccine) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVNRubella virus (strain RN-UK86) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVORubella virus (strain TO-336 vaccine) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_RUBVVRubella virus (strain TO-336) (RUBV)

Structural polyprotein (p110)

POLS_SAGVSagiyama virus (SAGV)
POLS_SPDVSalmon pancreas disease virus (SPDV)
POLS_SINDOSindbis virus subtype Ockelbo (strain Edsbyn 82-5) (OCKV) (Ockelbo virus)
POLS_SLDVSleeping disease virus (SDV)
POLS_EEVV3Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain 3880) (VEEV)
POLS_EEVVEVenezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Everglades Fe3-7c) (VEEV)
POLS_EEVVMVenezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Mena II) (VEEV)
POLS_EEVVPVenezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain P676) (VEEV)
POLS_EEVV8Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain TC-83) (VEEV)
POLS_EEVVTVenezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Trinidad donkey) (VEEV)
POLS_WEEVWestern equine encephalitis virus (WEEV)

Frameshifted structural polyprotein (p130)

POLSF_SFVSemliki forest virus (SFV)

Spike glycoprotein (S glycoprotein) (E2) (Peplomer protein)

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SPIKE_IBVBAvian infectious bronchitis virus (strain Beaudette) (IBV) reference strain
SPIKE_CVHSAHuman SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) (Severe acute respiratory syndrome ... reference strain
SPIKE_IBV6Avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain 6/82) (IBV)
SPIKE_IBVD2Avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain D274) (IBV)
SPIKE_IBVKAvian infectious bronchitis virus (strain KB8523) (IBV)
SPIKE_IBVMAvian infectious bronchitis virus (strain M41) (IBV)
SPIKE_CVM4Murine coronavirus (strain 4) (MHV-4) (Murine hepatitis virus)

Envelope glycoprotein p57 (gp84) (gp94)

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VGLG_BDVVBorna disease virus (strain V) (BDV) reference strain
VGLG_BDVBorna disease virus (BDV)

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP)

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VGP_MABVMLake Victoria marburgvirus (strain Musoke-80) (MARV) (Marburg virus (strain ... reference strain

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP) (Virion spike glycoprotein)

VGP_EBOZMZaire ebolavirus (strain Mayinga-76) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus) reference strain
VGP_MABVALake Victoria marburgvirus (strain Angola/2005) (MARV)

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP) (Virion spike glycoprotein)

VGP_MABVOLake Victoria marburgvirus (strain Ozolin-75) (MARV) (Marburg virus (strain ...

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP) (Virion spike glycoprotein)

VGP_MABVPLake Victoria marburgvirus (strain Popp-67) (MARV) (Marburg virus (strain West ...

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP) (Virion spike glycoprotein)

VGP_MABVRLake Victoria marburgvirus (strain Ravn-87) (MARV) (Marburg virus (strain ...

Envelope glycoprotein (GP1,2) (GP) (Virion spike glycoprotein)

VGP_EBOREReston ebolavirus (strain Philippines-96) (REBOV) (Reston Ebola virus)
VGP_EBORRReston ebolavirus (strain Reston-89) (REBOV) (Reston Ebola virus)
VGP_EBORSReston ebolavirus (strain Siena/Philippine-92) (REBOV) (Reston Ebola virus)
VGP_EBOSBSudan ebolavirus (strain Boniface-76) (SEBOV) (Sudan Ebola virus)
VGP_EBOSMSudan ebolavirus (strain Maleo-79) (SEBOV) (Sudan Ebola virus)
VGP_EBOSUSudan ebolavirus (strain Uganda-00) (SEBOV) (Sudan Ebola virus)
VGP_TAFVCTai Forest ebolavirus (strain Cote d'Ivoire-94) (TAFV) (Cote d'Ivoire Ebola ...
VGP_EBOECZaire ebolavirus (strain Eckron-76) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus)
VGP_EBOG4Zaire ebolavirus (strain Gabon-94) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus)
VGP_EBOZ5Zaire ebolavirus (strain Kikwit-95) (ZEBOV) (Zaire Ebola virus)