Non-enveloped, round, T=1 icosahedral symmetry, 18-26 nm in diameter. The capsid consists of 60 copies of CP protein.


Linear, ssDNA genome of about 4 to 6 kb in size.
The genome is replicated through rolling-hairpin mechanism.


Host proteins transcribe the genome into mRNAs. Depending on the virus there can be one (Erythrovirus and Iteravirus), two (Densovirus and Brevidensovirus) or three (Dependovirus) promoters for mRNA transcription. Alternative splicing allows expression of both structural and non-structural proteins. Leaky scanning is used as well by densoviruses.



  1. Attachement to host receptors initiates clathrin-mediated endocytosis of the virion into the host cell.
  2. The virion penetrates into the cytoplasm via permeabilization of host endosomal membrane.
  3. Microtubular transport of the virion toward the nucleus.
  4. The viral ssDNA genome penetrates into the nucleus.
  5. The ssDNA is converted into dsDNA by cellular proteins.
  6. dsDNA transcription gives rise to viral mRNAs when host cell enters S phase and translated to produce viral proteins.
  7. Replication occurs through rolling-hairpin mechanism, with NS1 endonuclease binding covalently to the 5’ genomic end.
  8. Individual ssDNA genomes are excised from replication concatemers by a process called junction resolution.
  9. These newly synthesized ssDNA can either
    a) be converted to dsDNA and serve as a template for transcription/replication
    b) be encapsidated to form new virions that are released by cell lysis.

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

Parvoviruses infection induces host cell death, which is often directly associated with disease outcomes. Apoptosis is the major form of cell death induced by parvovirus infection, mostly associated with caspases activation. However, necrosis, has also been reported during infection of the minute virus of mice, parvovirus H-1 and bovine parvovirus.

Cell-cycle modulation

Many parvoviruses induce G2/M checkpoint arrest.

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Adeno-associated virus 2 (isolate Srivastava/1982) (AAV-2) reference strain

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AAP_AAV2SAssembly activating protein AAP
CAPSD_AAV2SCapsid protein VP1
REP40_AAV2SProtein Rep40 (EC
REP52_AAV2SProtein Rep52
REP68_AAV2SProtein Rep68 (EC
REP78_AAV2SProtein Rep78

5 entries

Human parvovirus B19 (strain HV) (HPV B19) reference strain

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11K_PAVHVHost-modulation protein 11K (Host-modulation protein of 11 kDa)
75K_PAVHVUncharacterized protein 7.5K (Uncharacterized protein of 7.5 kDa)
CAPSD_PAVHVCapsid protein VP1
NS1_PAVHVNon-structural protein 1
X_PAVHVUncharacterized protein X

4 entries

Aleutian mink disease parvovirus (strain G) (ADV) reference strain

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CAPSD_ADVGCapsid protein VP1
NS1_ADVGNon-structural protein NS1
NS2_ADVGNon-structural protein NS2
NS3_ADVGNon-structural protein NS3

4 entries

Junonia coenia densovirus (isolate pBRJ/1990) (JcDNV) reference strain

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CAPSD_JDNVPCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1) (Structural protein VP1)
VNCS_JDNVPNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)
VNS2_JDNVPPutative non-structural protein NS2 (ORF3)
VNS3_JDNVPPutative non-structural protein NS3 (ORF4)

3 entries

Aedes albopictus densovirus (isolate Boublik/1994) (AalDNV) reference strain

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CAPSD_AADNVCapsid protein VP1/VP2 (Coat protein VP1/VP2)
NS1_AADNVNon-structural protein NS1 (Non-capsid protein NS-1) (NCVP1)
NS2_AADNVNon-structural protein NS2 (Non-capsid protein NS-2) (NCVP2)

3 entries

Bovine parvovirus (isolate pAT153/1986) (BPV) reference strain

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CAPSD_PAVBPCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCN_PAVBPProbable non-capsid protein NP1
VNCS_PAVBPNon-capsid protein NS-1 (Non-structural protein NS1)

3 entries

Murine minute virus (strain MVM prototype) (MVM) (Murine minute virus (strain MVM(p))) reference strain

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CAPSD_MUMIPCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
NS1_MUMIPNon-structural protein NS1
NS2_MUMIPNon-structural protein NS2

4 entries

Diatraea saccharalis densovirus (DsDNV)

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CAPSD_DSDNVCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1) (Structural protein VP1)
VNCS_DSDNVNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)
VNS2_DSDNVNon-structural protein NS2
VNS3_DSDNVNon-structural protein NS3

3 entries

Bombyx mori densovirus (BmDNV) (Bombyx densonucleosis virus)

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VNCS_BMDNVPutative non-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)
VNS1_BMDNVPutative non-structural protein (ORF1)
VNS3_BMDNVPutative non-structural protein (ORF3)

2 entries

Aedes densonucleosis virus (strain GKV 002 002) (Aedes densovirus)

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CAPSD_AEDEVCapsid protein VP1/VP2 (Coat protein VP1/VP2)
VNCS_AEDEVNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Canine parvovirus type 2 (isolate Dog/United States/CPV-N/1978) (CPV-2)

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CAPSD_PAVCNCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVCNNon-capsid protein NS-1 (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Feline panleukopenia virus (strain 193) (FPV)

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CAPSD_FPV19Capsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_FPV19Non-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Hamster parvovirus H1

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CAPSD_PAVHHCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVHHNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Human parvovirus B19 (isolate AU) (HPV B19)

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CAPSD_PAVHUCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVHUNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Mink enteritis virus (strain Abashiri) (MEV)

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CAPSD_MEVACapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_MEVANon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Murine minute virus (strain MVMi) (MVM) (Murine parvovirus)

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CAPSD_MUMIMCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_MUMIMNon-capsid protein NS-1 (NCVP1) (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Parvovirus LuIII

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CAPSD_PAVL3Capsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVL3Non-capsid protein NS-1 (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Porcine parvovirus (strain Kresse) (PPV)

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CAPSD_PAVPKCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVPKNon-capsid protein NS-1 (Non-structural protein NS1)

2 entries

Porcine parvovirus (strain NADL-2) (PPV)

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CAPSD_PAVPNCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)
VNCS_PAVPNNon-capsid protein NS-1 (Non-structural protein NS1)

1 entry

Canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2)

CAPSD_PAVCCapsid protein VP2 (Coat protein VP2)

1 entry

Canine parvovirus type 2 (isolate Dog/United States/CPV-b/1978) (CPV-2)

CAPSD_PAVCBCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)

1 entry

Canine parvovirus type 2 (strain Dog/United States/780929/-) (CPV-2)

CAPSD_PAVC7Capsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)

1 entry

Canine parvovirustype 2 (isolate Dog/United States/CPV-d/1988) (CPV-2)

CAPSD_PAVCDCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)

1 entry

Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV)

CAPSD_FPVCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)

1 entry

Galleria mellonella densovirus (GmDNV)

CAPSD_GMDNVCapsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1) (Structural protein VP1)

1 entry

Porcine parvovirus (strain 90HS) (PPV)

CAPSD_PAVP9Capsid protein VP1 (Coat protein VP1)