Non enveloped, large (50 nm diameter) icosahedral particles composed of 420 subunits (T=7) . The virion shell is covered with virion associated protein (VAP) , and it has not been described whether the capsid is T=7 laevo or dextro.


Monopartite, open circular, double stranded DNA of about 8000 base pairs with discontinuities in both strands: one in the transcribed strand and one to three in the non-transcribed strand. Codes for 6 to 7 proteins.


The 35s RNA and its spliced derivatives serves as polycistronic mRNA for viral proteins. Polycistronic translation depends on Tav which is believed to be a translation reinitiation factor. Tav is produced from the monocistronic 19S RNA, the second major viral transcript. Translation of 35S RNA is initiated by ribosome shunt, in which scanning ribosomes bypass leader sequence and multiple short ORFs.



  1. Attachment of the viral proteins to host receptors mediates its entry into the host cell.
  2. The viral dsDNA is released into the nucleus where it is transcribed by host RNA polymerase II
  3. 35S RNA and 19S RNA translation produces viral proteins.
  4. 35S RNA is retrotranscribed in the cytoplasm into new dsDNA genomes
  5. Genomes are encapsidated with capsid protein, releasing new virions.

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Carnation etched ring virus (CERV) reference strain

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CAPSD_CERVProbable capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CERVTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CERVMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CERVEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CERVVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CERVAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Strasbourg) (CaMV) reference strain

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CAPSD_CAMVSCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVSTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVSMovement protein (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVSEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVSVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVSAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Figwort mosaic virus (strain DxS) (FMV) reference strain

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CAPSD_FMVDProbable capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_FMVDTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_FMVDMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_FMVDEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_FMVDVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_FMVDAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain BBC) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVECapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVETransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVEMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVEEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVEVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVEAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain CM-1841) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVCCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVCTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVCMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVCEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVCVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVCAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D/H) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVDCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVDTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVDMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVDEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVDVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVDAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain NY8153) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVNCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVNTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVNMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVNEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVNVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVNAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

2 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain PV147) (CaMV)

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IBMP_CAMVPTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
VAT_CAMVPAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

2 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain W260) (CaMV)

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IBMP_CAMVWTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVWMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Bari 1) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMVBTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D4) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMV4Transactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain S-Japan) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMVJTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)