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Enveloped, rod-shaped. The capsid is about 24-38 nm in diameter and 410-1950 nm in length.


Linear dsDNA genome of 15.9 to 56 kb. Extremities of the DNA are modified in an unknown manner.


The genome is organized in operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attaches to target cell
  2. Injection: viral DNA is injected in host cell cytoplasm
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes
  4. Replication of genomic DNA
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes
  6. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions
  7. Mature virions are released from the cell

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Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus (isolate Iceland/Hveragerdi) (SIFV) reference strain

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GT041_SIFVHPutative glycosyltransferase 41 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT045_SIFVHPutative glycosyltransferase 45 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT048_SIFVHPutative glycosyltransferase 48 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT063_SIFVHPutative glycosyltransferase 63 (EC 2.4.-.-)
Y001_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 1
Y002_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 2
Y003_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 3
Y004_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 4
Y005_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 5
Y006_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 6
Y007_SIFVHPutative helicase 7 (EC 3.6.4.-)
Y008_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 8
Y009_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 9
Y010_SIFVHPutative transmembrane protein 10
Y011_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 11
Y012_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 12
Y013_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 13
Y014_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 14
Y015_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 15
Y016_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 16
Y017_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 17
Y018_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 18
Y019_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 19
Y020_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 20
Y021_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 21
Y022_SIFVHPutative helicase 22 (EC 3.6.4.-)
Y023_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 23
Y024_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 24
Y025_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 25
Y026_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 26
Y027_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 27
Y028_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 28
Y029_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 29
Y030_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 30
Y031_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 31
Y032_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 32
Y033_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 33
Y034_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 34
Y035_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 35
Y036_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 36
Y037_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 37
Y038_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 38
Y040_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 40
Y043_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 43
Y044_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 44
Y046_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 46
Y047_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 47
Y049_SIFVHPutative transmembrane protein 49
Y050_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 50
Y051_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 51
Y052_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 52
Y053_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 53
Y054_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 54
Y055_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 55
Y056_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 56
Y057_SIFVHPutative transmembrane protein 57
Y058_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 58
Y059_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 59
Y060_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 60
Y061_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 61
Y062_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 62
Y064_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 64
Y065_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 65
Y066_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 66
Y067_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 67
Y068_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 68
Y069_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 69
Y070_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 70
Y071_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 71
Y072_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 72
Y073_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 73
Y074_SIFVHPutative transmembrane protein 74
Y075_SIFVHUncharacterized protein 75

52 entries

Acidianus filamentous virus 2 (isolate Italy/Pozzuoli) (AFV-2) reference strain

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GT330_AFV2PPutative glycosyltransferase ORF330 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT378_AFV2PPutative glycosyltransferase ORF378 (EC 2.4.-.-)
Y046_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF46
Y048_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF48
Y061_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF61
Y062_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF62
Y065_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF65
Y066_AFV2PPutative transmembrane protein ORF66
Y067A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF67a
Y067B_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF67b
Y072_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF72
Y083_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF83
Y085_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF85
Y090_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF90
Y093_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF93
Y100A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF100a
Y100B_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF100b
Y104A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF104a
Y104B_AFV2PPutative zinc finger protein ORF104b
Y107A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF107a
Y107_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF107
Y108_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF108
Y113_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF113
Y115_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF115
Y116_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF116
Y119_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF119
Y121_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF121
Y122_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF122
Y142_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF142
Y146_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF146
Y147_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF147
Y159_AFV2PPutative transmembrane protein ORF159
Y162_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF162
Y178_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF178
Y180_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF180
Y181_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF181
Y202_AFV2PPutative transmembrane protein ORF202
Y208_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF208
Y217A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF217a
Y217B_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF217b
Y238_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF238
Y246_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF246
Y254_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF254
Y258_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF258
Y286A_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF286a
Y286B_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF286b
Y289_AFV2PPutative transmembrane protein ORF289
Y338_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF338
Y345_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF345
Y413_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF413
Y425_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF425
Y554_AFV2PUncharacterized protein ORF554

40 entries

Acidianus filamentous virus 1 (isolate United States/Yellowstone) (AFV-1) reference strain

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GT300_AFV1YPutative glycosyltransferase ORF300 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT313_AFV1YPutative glycosyltransferase ORF313 (EC 2.4.-.-)
Y048_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF48
Y052_AFV1YTransmembrane protein ORF52
Y055_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF55
Y059A_AFV1YPutative zinc finger protein ORF59a
Y059B_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF59b
Y063_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF63
Y065_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF65
Y072_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF72
Y074_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF74
Y075_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF75
Y077_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF77
Y080_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF80
Y094_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF94
Y095_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF95
Y099_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF99
Y102_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF102
Y108_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF108
Y110_AFV1YPutative zinc finger protein ORF110
Y115_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF115
Y116_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF116
Y132_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF132
Y135_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF135
Y137_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF137
Y140_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF140
Y144_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF144
Y146_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF146
Y150_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF150
Y157_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF157
Y166_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF166
Y190_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF190
Y195_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF195
Y221_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF221
Y223_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF223
Y224_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF224
Y274_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF274
Y307_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF307
Y426_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF426
Y807_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF807

37 entries

Thermoproteus tenax virus 1 (strain KRA1) (TTV1) reference strain

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COA1_TTV1KCoat protein TP1
COA2_TTV1KCoat protein TP2
COA3_TTV1KCoat protein TP3
COA4_TTV1KCoat protein TP4
VTPX_TTV1KViral protein TPX
YOR1_TTV1KUncharacterized 7.9 kDa protein
YOR2_TTV1KUncharacterized 14.8 kDa protein
YOR3_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.9 kDa protein
YOR4_TTV1KUncharacterized 7.5 kDa protein
YOR5_TTV1KUncharacterized 9.5 kDa protein
YOR6_TTV1KUncharacterized 8.9 kDa protein
YOR7_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.5 kDa protein
YOR8_TTV1KUncharacterized 10.0 kDa protein
YOR9_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.8 kDa protein
YORA_TTV1KUncharacterized 8.1 kDa protein
YORB_TTV1KUncharacterized 11.5 kDa protein
YORC_TTV1KUncharacterized 9.4 kDa protein
YORD_TTV1KUncharacterized 15.4 kDa protein
YORE_TTV1KUncharacterized 15.3 kDa protein
YORF_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.7 kDa protein
YORG_TTV1KUncharacterized 7.1 kDa protein
YORH_TTV1KUncharacterized 16.6 kDa protein
YORI_TTV1KUncharacterized 16.5 kDa protein
YORJ_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.1 kDa protein
YORK_TTV1KUncharacterized 10.5 kDa protein
YORL_TTV1KUncharacterized 26.8 kDa protein
YORM_TTV1KUncharacterized 38.6 kDa protein
YORN_TTV1KUncharacterized 8.3 kDa protein
YORO_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.2 kDa protein
YORP_TTV1KUncharacterized 20.2 kDa protein
YORQ_TTV1KUncharacterized 7.3 kDa protein
YORR_TTV1KUncharacterized 7.4 kDa protein
YORS_TTV1KUncharacterized 8.8 kDa protein
YORT_TTV1KUncharacterized 38.7 kDa protein
YORU_TTV1KUncharacterized 6.0 kDa protein
YORV_TTV1KUncharacterized 5.9 kDa protein
YORW_TTV1KUncharacterized 12.1 kDa protein

1 entry

Thermoproteus tenax virus 1 (strain VT3) (TTV1)

VTP3_TTV1VViral protein TPX