Enveloped, lemon-shaped, flexible with short tail-like fibers attached to one pole that extend through the envelope.


Linear dsDNA genome of 14,5 kb, encoding for 35 ORF and with inverted repeat sequences (ITRs) at its termini. The genome also probably possess terminal-bound proteins, which may be used as replication primers.


Genome is probably transcribed by host RNA polymerase.



  1. Virus attaches to host cell, and genomic DNA penetrates into the cytoplasm.
  2. Transcription of viral genes, possibly by a host RNA polymerase.
  3. Genome replication, presumably by the viral DNA polymerase, which would use the terminal proteins as primer for DNA replication.
  4. Assembly and release of virions.

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His1 virus (isolate Australia/Victoria) (His1V) (Haloarcula hispanica virus 1) reference strain

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DPOL_HIS1IDNA polymerase (EC
GT031_HIS1IPutative glycosyltransferase ORF31 (EC 2.4.-.-)
Y001_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF1
Y002_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF2
Y003_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF3
Y005_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF5
Y006_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF6
Y008_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF8
Y009_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF9
Y010_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF10
Y011_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF11
Y013_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF13
Y014_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF14
Y015_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF15
Y016_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF16
Y017_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF17
Y018_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF18
Y019_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF19
Y020_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF20
Y021_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF21
Y022_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF22
Y023_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF23
Y024_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF24
Y025_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF25
Y026_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF26
Y027_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF27
Y028_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF28
Y029_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF29
Y030_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF30
Y032_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF32
Y033_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF33
Y034_HIS1IPutative transmembrane protein ORF34
Y035_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF35
Y04_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF4
Y07_HIS1IUncharacterized protein ORF7