Enveloped, bullet shaped. 180 nm long and 75 nm wide. Certain plant rhabdoviruses are bacilliform in shape and almost twice the length.


Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, about 11-15 kb in size. Encodes for 5 to six proteins.


The viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase binds the encapsidated genome at the leader region, then sequentially transcribes each genes by recognizing start and stop signals flanking viral genes. mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated by the L protein during synthesis.



  1. Attachement of the viral G glycoproteins to host receptors mediates Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion of virus membrane with the vesicle membrane; ribonucleocapsid is released into the cytoplasm.
  3. Sequential transcription , viral mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated by polymerase stuttering in the cytoplasm.
  4. Replication presumably starts when enough nucleoprotein is present to encapsidate neo-synthetized antigenomes and genomes.
  5. The ribonucleocapsid binds to the matrix protein and buds via the host ESCRT complexes occurs at the plasma membrane, releasing new virions.

Host-virus interaction

Host gene expression shutoff

Vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein blocks nuclear pores, resulting in host mRNA nuclear export inhibiton This shutoff of host gene expression prevents effective antiviral response by the infected cell.

Inhibition of host Interferon induction

Rabies nucleoprotein plays a role in inhibition of RIG-I antiviral signaling
Rabies phosphoprotein may inhibit IRF-3 phosphorylation

Inhibition of host type I interferon signaling

Rabies phosphoprotein may inhibit STAT-I antiviral pathway signaling by preventing nuclear localization of STAT dimers upon activation.

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12 entries

Bovine ephemeral fever virus (strain BB7721) (BEFV) reference strain

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L_BEFVBRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_BEFVBMatrix protein
NCAP_BEFVBNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_BEFVBPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)
VGLN_BEFVBNon-structural glycoprotein GNS
VPA1_BEFVBProtein alpha-1
VPA2_BEFVBProtein alpha-2
VPA3_BEFVBProtein alpha-3
VPB_BEFVBProtein beta
VPG_BEFVBProtein gamma
VPP_BEFVBPutative protein P'

9 entries

Tibrogargan virus (strain CS132) (TIBV) reference strain

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L_TIBVCRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_TIBVCMatrix protein
NCAP_TIBVCNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_TIBVCPhosphoprotein (P protein)
U1_TIBVCProtein U1
U2_TIBVCProtein U2
U3_TIBVCProtein U3
U4_TIBVCUncharacterized protein U4

7 entries

Tupaia virus (isolate Tupaia/Thailand/-/1986) (TUPV) reference strain

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C_TUPVTProtein C
L_TUPVTRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_TUPVTMatrix protein
NCAP_TUPVTNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_TUPVTPhosphoprotein (P protein)
SH_TUPVTSmall hydrophobic protein (Protein SH)

6 entries

Drosophila melanogaster sigma virus (isolate Drosophila/USA/AP30/2005) (DMelSV) reference strain

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L_DMSVARNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_DMSVAMatrix protein
NCAP_DMSVANucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_DMSVAPhosphoprotein (P protein)
PP3_DMSVAProtein PP3

6 entries

Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (strain WRAC) (IHNV) reference strain

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GLYCO_IHNVWGlycoprotein (Spike glycoprotein)
L_IHNVWRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_IHNVWMatrix protein (Protein M2)
NCAP_IHNVWNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NV_IHNVWNon-virion protein
PHOSP_IHNVWPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Lettuce necrotic yellows virus (isolate 318) (LNYV) reference strain

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L_LNYV3RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_LNYV3Matrix protein
MVP_LNYV3Probable movement protein 4b (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (Protein 4b)
NCAP_LNYV3Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
VP4A_LNYV3Phosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein 4a)

6 entries

Maize mosaic virus (isolate Maize/United States/Reed/2005) (MMV) reference strain

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L_MMVRRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_MMVRMatrix protein
MVP_MMVRPutative movement protein 3 (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (Protein 3)
NCAP_MMVRNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_MMVRPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain San Juan) (VSIV) reference strain

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C_VSIVAProtein C'
L_VSIVARNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_VSIVAMatrix protein
NCAP_VSIVANucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSIVAPhosphoprotein (P protein) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Australian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain

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L_ABLVBLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_ABLVBMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_ABLVBNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_ABLVBPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain

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L_EBLV1RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_EBLV1Matrix protein
NCAP_EBLV1Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_EBLV1Phosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain

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L_EBLV2RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_EBLV2Matrix protein
NCAP_EBLV2Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_EBLV2Phosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Mokola virus (MOKV) reference strain

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L_MOKVLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_MOKVMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_MOKVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_MOKVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain

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L_RABVPLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVPMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVPNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVPPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

8 entries

Northern cereal mosaic virus (NCMV)

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MATRX_NCMVMatrix protein
NCAP_NCMVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_NCMVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)
VP3_NCMVProtein 3
VP4_NCMVProtein 4
VP5_NCMVProtein 5
VP6_NCMVProtein 6

7 entries

Rice yellow stunt virus (RYSV) (Rice transitory yellowing virus)

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L_RYSVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_RYSVMatrix protein
MVP_RYSVMovement protein (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (Protein 3)
NCAP_RYSVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RYSVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)
VP6_RYSVProtein 6

6 entries

Adelaide River virus (ARV)

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NCAP_ARVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
VGLN_ARVNon-structural glycoprotein
VPA1_ARVProtein alpha-1
VPA2_ARVProtein alpha-2
VPB_ARVProtein beta

6 entries

Hirame rhabdovirus (strain Korea/CA 9703/1997) (HIRRV)

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L_HIRRVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_HIRRVMatrix protein
NCAP_HIRRVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NV_HIRRVNon-virion protein
PHOSP_HIRRVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (strain Oregon69) (IHNV)

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GLYCO_IHNVOGlycoprotein (Spike glycoprotein)
L_IHNVORNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_IHNVOMatrix protein (Protein M2)
NCAP_IHNVONucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NV_IHNVONon-virion protein
PHOSP_IHNVOPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Rabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)

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C_RABVAPutative uncharacterized protein C
L_RABVALarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVAMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVANucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVAPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Snakehead rhabdovirus (SHRV)

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L_SHRVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_SHRVMatrix protein
NCAP_SHRVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NV_SHRVNon-virion protein
PHOSP_SHRVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Sonchus yellow net virus (SYNV)

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GLYCO_SYNVSpike glycoprotein
L_SYNVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_SYNVMatrix protein (M2 protein)
MVP_SYNVMovement protein (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (Protein Sc4)
NCAP_SYNVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_SYNVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Taro vein chlorosis virus (TAVCV)

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L_TAVCVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_TAVCVMatrix protein
MVP_TAVCVMovement protein (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (Protein 3)
NCAP_TAVCVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_TAVCVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 85CLB South America) (VSIV)

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C_VSIVSProtein C'
L_VSIVSRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_VSIVSMatrix protein
NCAP_VSIVSNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSIVSPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (NS) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 94GUB Central America) (VSIV)

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C_VSIVCProtein C'
L_VSIVCRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_VSIVCMatrix protein
NCAP_VSIVCNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSIVCPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (NS) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain 98COE North America) (VSIV)

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C_VSIVNProtein C'
L_VSIVNRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_VSIVNMatrix protein
NCAP_VSIVNNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSIVNPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (NS) (Protein M1)

6 entries

Vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (strain Ogden subtype Concan) (VSNJV)

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C_VSNJOProtein C'
L_VSNJORNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_VSNJOMatrix protein
NCAP_VSNJONucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSNJOPhosphoprotein (P protein) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Australian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)

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L_ABLVHLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_ABLVHMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_ABLVHNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_ABLVHPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Chandipura virus (strain I653514) (CHPV)

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L_CHAVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_CHAVMatrix protein
NCAP_CHAVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_CHAVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Isfahan virus (ISFV)

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L_ISFVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_ISFVMatrix protein
NCAP_ISFVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_ISFVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)

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L_RABVDLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVDMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVDNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVDPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)

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L_RABVRLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVRMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVRNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVRPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)

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L_RABVELarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVEMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVENucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVEPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)

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L_RABVHLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVHMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVHNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVHPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain India) (RABV)

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L_RABVILarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVIMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVINucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVIPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)

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L_RABVNLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVNMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVNNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVNPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)

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L_RABVSLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVSMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVSNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVSPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Rabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)

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L_RABVBLarge structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)
MATRX_RABVBMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVBNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVBPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Spring viremia of carp virus (Rhabdovirus carpia)

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L_SVCVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
MATRX_SVCVMatrix protein
NCAP_SVCVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_SVCVPhosphoprotein (P protein) (Protein P) (Protein M1)

5 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Glasgow) (VSIV)

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C_VSIVGProtein C'
MATRX_VSIVGMatrix protein
NCAP_VSIVGNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_VSIVGPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Aravan virus (ARAV)

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MATRX_ARAVMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_ARAVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_ARAVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Irkut virus (IRKV)

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MATRX_IRKVMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_IRKVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_IRKVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Khujand virus (KHUV)

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MATRX_KHUVMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_KHUVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_KHUVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Lagos bat virus (LBV)

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MATRX_LBVMatrix protein
NCAP_LBVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_LBVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Piry virus (PIRYV)

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MATRX_PIRYVMatrix protein
NCAP_PIRYVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_PIRYVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

Rabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)

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MATRX_RABVCMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_RABVCNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_RABVCPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

4 entries

West Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)

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MATRX_WCBVMatrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)
NCAP_WCBVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_WCBVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

3 entries

Duvenhage virus (DUVV)

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NCAP_DUVVNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
PHOSP_DUVVPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

3 entries

Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (strain Round Butte) (IHNV)

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GLYCO_IHNVRGlycoprotein (Spike glycoprotein)
NCAP_IHNVRNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NV_IHNVRNon-virion protein

3 entries

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Mudd-Summers) (VSIV)

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C_VSIVMProtein C'
L_VSIVMRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...
PHOSP_VSIVMPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

2 entries

Vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (strain Missouri subtype Hazelhurst) (VSNJV)

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C_VSNJMProtein C'
PHOSP_VSNJMPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

2 entries

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (strain 07-71) (VHSV)

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GLYCO_VHSV0Spike glycoprotein
NCAP_VHSV0Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Cocal virus (COCV)


1 entry

Rabies virus (isolate Fox/Ontario/1991) (RABV)

NCAP_RABVFNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Rabies virus (isolate Human/Algeria/1991) (RABV)


1 entry

Rabies virus (isolate Skunk/Ontario/1991) (RABV)

NCAP_RABVUNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Rabies virus (strain PM) (RABV)

PHOSP_RABVMPhosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

1 entry

Rabies virus (strain Vnukovo-32) (RABV)


1 entry

Sigma virus

GLYCO_SIGMASpike glycoprotein

1 entry

Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (strain Orsay) (VSIV)


1 entry

Vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus (strain Hazelhurst subtype Hazelhurst) (VSNJV)

L_VSNJHRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) ...

1 entry

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (strain Makah) (VHSV)

NCAP_VHSVMNucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)