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Molecular biology


Enveloped, spherical. Diameter from 80 to 120nm.


Segmented Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, L segment is between 6.8 and 12 kb, M segment between 3.2 and 4.9 kb and S segment between 1 and 3 kb.
Encodes for four to six proteins. Some hantaviruses also encode a NSs protein on their S segment.


The viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase (L) binds to a promoter on each encapsidated segment, and transcribes the mRNA. Transcription is terminated by a strong hairpin sequence at the end of each gene. mRNAs are capped by L protein during synthesis. Puumala virus expressed an additional NSs by leaky scanning in the NS gene.



  1. Virus attaches to host receptors though Gn-Gc glycoprotein dimer, and is endocytosed into vesicles in the host cell.
  2. Fusion of virus membrane with the vesicle membrane; ribonucleocapsid segments are released in the cytoplasm.
  3. Transcription, viral mRNAs are capped in the cytoplasm.
  4. Replication presumably starts when enough nucleoprotein is present to encapsidate neo-synthetized antigenomes and genomes.
  5. The ribonucleocapsids migrate under the plasma membrane and buds, releasing the virion.

Matching UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries

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Hantaan virus (strain 76-118) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus) reference strain

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GP_HANTVEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
L_HANTVRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (EC (Large structural ...
NCAP_HANTVNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

4 entries

Puumala virus (strain Bank vole/Russia/CG1820/1984)

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GP_PUUMGEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
L_PUUMGRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (EC (Large structural ...
NCAP_PUUMGNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NSS_PUUMGNon-structural protein NS-S (NSs)

4 entries

Puumala virus (strain Sotkamo/V-2969/81)

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GP_PUUMSEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
L_PUUMSRNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (EC (Large structural ...
NCAP_PUUMSNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NSS_PUUMSNon-structural protein NS-S (NSs)

2 entries

Prospect Hill virus (PHV)

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GP_PHVEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
NCAP_PHVNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

2 entries

Puumala virus (strain K27)

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GP_PUUMKEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
NCAP_PUUMKNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

2 entries

Puumala virus (strain P360)

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GP_PUUMPEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
NCAP_PUUMPNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

2 entries

Seoul virus (strain 80-39)

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GP_SEOU8Envelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
L_SEOU8RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (EC (Large structural ...

2 entries

Seoul virus (strain SR-11) (Sapporo rat virus)

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GP_SEOUSEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
NCAP_SEOUSNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Hantaan virus (strain B-1) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)

GP_HANTBEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Hantaan virus (strain Hojo) (Hojo virus) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)

GP_HANTHEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Hantaan virus (strain Lee) (Lee virus) (Korean hemorrhagic fever virus)

GP_HANTLEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

New York virus (NYV)

GP_NYVEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Puumala virus (strain Evo/12CG/93)

NCAP_PUUMENucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Puumala virus (strain Udmurtia/894CG/91)

NCAP_PUUMUNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Seoul virus (strain R22)

GP_SEOUREnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)