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Molecular biology


Enveloped, spherical. Diameter from 80 to 120nm.


Segmented Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, L segment is about 8.8kb, M segment about 4.8kb and S segment about 3kb.
Encodes for six proteins.


Transcription starts by viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase (L) binding to a promoter on each encapsidated segment, and is terminated by a strong hairpin sequence at the end of each gene. mRNAs are capped by L protein during synthesis, but are not polyadenylated.
S and M segments uses ambisense strategy to encode forsevral proteins: both genomic ans antigenomic RNA are transcribed. The hairpin sequence is a stop polymerase signal which prevents ambisense transcription from producing dsRNA. MRNA1 encodes for a polyprotein which is cleaved by host protease into Gn and Gc proteins.



  1. Virus attaches to host receptors though Gn-Gc glycoprotein dimer, and is endocytosed into vesicles in the host cell.
  2. Fusion of virus membrane with the vesicle membrane; ribonucleocapsid segments are released in the cytoplasm.
  3. Transcription, viral mRNAs are capped in the cytoplasm.
  4. Replication presumably starts when enough nucleoprotein is present to encapsidate neo-synthetized antigenomes and genomes.
  5. The ribonucleocapsids migrate under the plasma membrane and buds, releasing the virion.

Host-virus interaction

Inhibition of host innate immunity

TSWV NSs inhibits Dicer-mediated dsRNA processing thereby inhibiting RNAi-mediated immunity to control innate immune signaling.

Matching UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries

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5 entries

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Brazilian Br-01) (TSWV) reference strain

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GP_TSWV1Envelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
L_TSWV1RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (EC (Large structural ...
MVP_TSWV1Movement protein (MVP) (Non-structural movement protein) (NSm)
NCAP_TSWV1Nucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NSS_TSWV1Non-structural protein NS-S

3 entries

Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV)

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GP_INSVEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)
MVP_INSVMovement protein (MVP) (Non-structural movement protein) (NSm)
NCAP_INSVNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

2 entries

Impatiens necrotic spot virus (strain NL-07) (INSV)

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NCAP_INSVNNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NSS_INSVNNon-structural protein NS-S

2 entries

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Bulgarian L3) (TSWV)

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NCAP_TSWVLNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)
NSS_TSWVLNon-structural protein NS-S

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)

GP_TSWVEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (isolate D) (TSWV)

GP_TSWVDEnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Brazilian Br-03) (TSWV) (Tomato chlorotic spot virus)

NCAP_TSWV3Nucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Hawaiian) (TSWV)

NCAP_TSWVHNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain Regular2A) (TSWV)

GP_TSWVREnvelope glycoprotein (GP) (M polyprotein)

1 entry

Tomato spotted wilt virus (strain SA-05) (TSWV) (Groundnut ringspot virus)

NCAP_TSWVSNucleoprotein (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)