Enveloped, bottle-shaped, with the pointed end likely involved in adsorption and channeling of viral DNA into the host cell.


Monopartite, linear dsDNA genome of 23,9 kb, encoding for 56 ORFs.


Genome is probably transcribed by host RNA polymerase.



  1. Virus attaches to host cell, and genomic DNA penetrates into the cytoplasm.
  2. Transcription of viral genes, possibly by a host RNA polymerase.
  3. Genome replication.
  4. Assembly and release of virions.

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53 entries

Acidianus bottle-shaped virus (isolate Italy/Pozzuoli) (ABV) reference strain

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DPOL_ABVPDNA polymerase (EC
GT315_ABVPPutative glycosyltransferase ORF315 (EC 2.4.-.-)
KTHY_ABVPPutative thymidylate kinase (EC (dTMP kinase)
Y037_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF37
Y048A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF48a
Y048B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF48b
Y053A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF53a
Y053B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF53b
Y054_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF54
Y056_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF56
Y057_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF57
Y059_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF59
Y061A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF61a
Y061B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF61b
Y061C_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF61c
Y062_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF62
Y063_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF63
Y072_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF72
Y076_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF76
Y081_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF81
Y083_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF83
Y085_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF85
Y086_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF86
Y088_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF88
Y091A_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF91a
Y091B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF91b
Y092_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF92
Y095_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF95
Y099A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF99a
Y099B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF99b
Y103_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF103
Y105_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF105
Y107A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF107a
Y107B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF107b
Y110_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF110
Y112_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF112
Y116_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF116
Y117_ABVPUncharacterized protein OR117
Y118_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF188
Y133_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF133
Y150A_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF150a
Y150B_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF150b
Y158_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF158
Y163_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF163
Y166_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF166
Y167_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF167
Y170_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF170
Y174_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF174
Y243_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF243
Y247_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF247
Y257_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF257
Y346_ABVPPutative transmembrane protein ORF346
Y470_ABVPUncharacterized protein ORF470