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Non-enveloped, capsid of about 27-40 nm in diameter, with T=3 icosahedral symmetry. The capsid is composed of 180 capsid proteins.


Monopartite, linear ssRNA(+) genome of 7.3 to 8.3 kb. The 5’-terminus is linked to a VPg protein and the 3’-terminus has a poly(A) tract.


The virion RNA is infectious and serves as both the genome and viral messenger RNA. The genome encodes a polyprotein (ORF1). One or two smaller ORFs are expressed from a subgenomic RNA. Cleavage of ORF1 polyprotein by the virus-encoded 3C-like cysteine proteinase yields the mature nonstructural proteins. The 3’-end terminal ORF encodes a basic protein (and the capsid protein) and is expressed through RNA termination-reinitiation.
Some Norovirus expressan alternative ORF by leaky scanning Vesiviruses are apparently unique among the Caliciviridae in that the ORF2 encodes a capsid precursor protein that is proteolytically processed by the viral proteinase to yield the mature capsid protein.



  1. Attachement to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Uncoating, and release of the viral genomic RNA into the cytoplasm.
  3. VPg is removed from the viral RNA, which is then translated into a processed ORF1 polyprotein to yield the replication proteins.
  4. Replication occurs in viral factories. A dsRNA genome is synthesized from the genomic ssRNA(+).
  5. The dsRNA genome is transcribed/replicated thereby providing viral mRNAs/new ssRNA(+) genomes.
  6. Subgenomic RNA translation gives rise to the capsid protein and VP2.
  7. Assembly of new virus particles and release by cell lysis.

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

Murine norovirus and rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus induce host cell apoptosis .

Host gene expression shutoff by virus

Noroviruses and Vesiviruses mediate host translation shutoff by cleaving PABP1 .

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Feline calicivirus (strain Cat/United States/Urbana/1960) (FCV) reference strain

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CAPSD_FCVURCapsid protein (Coat protein) (CP)
POLG_FCVURGenome polyprotein
VP2_FCVURProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Norwalk virus (strain GI/Human/United States/Norwalk/1968) (Hu/NV/NV/1968/US) reference strain

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CAPSD_NVN68Capsid protein VP1 (CP) (p59)
POLG_NVN68Genome polyprotein
VP2_NVN68Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Sapporo virus (isolate GI/Human/Germany/pJG-Sap01) (Hu/Dresden/pJG-Sap01/DE) reference strain

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POLG_SVSAPGenome polyprotein
VP2_SVSAPProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)
VP3_SVSAPUncharacterized protein VP3

3 entries

Vesicular exanthema of swine virus serotype A48 (isolate Swine/United States/A48/1948) (VESV) reference strain

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CAPSD_VESVACapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein) (VP1)
POLG_VESVAGenome polyprotein
VP2_VESVAProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Bovine enteric calicivirus Newbury agent-1 (isolate Bovine/UK/Newbury1/1976) (BEC) reference strain

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POLG_BECN1Genome polyprotein
VP2_BECN1Protein VP2 (Minor capsid VP2)

2 entries

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (strain Rabbit/Germany/FRG/1989) (Ra/LV/RHDV/GH/1989/GE) (RHDV-FRG) reference strain

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POLG_RHDVFGenome polyprotein (p254)
VP2_RHDVFProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Canine calicivirus (strain 48) (CaCV)

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CAPSD_CACV4Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
POLG_CACV4Genome polyprotein
VP2_CACV4Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Feline calicivirus (strain CFI/68 FIV) (FCV)

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CAPSD_FCVC6Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
POLG_FCVC6Genome polyprotein
VP2_FCVC6Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Feline calicivirus (strain F9) (FCV)

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CAPSD_FCVF9Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
POLG_FCVF9Genome polyprotein
VP2_FCVF9Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Feline calicivirus (strain Japanese F4) (FCV)

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CAPSD_FCVF4Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
POLG_FCVF4Genome polyprotein
VP2_FCVF4Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Lordsdale virus (strain GII/Human/United Kingdom/Lordsdale/1993) (Human enteric calicivirus) (Hu/NV/LD/1993/UK)

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CAPSD_LORDVCapsid protein (CP) (VP1)
POLG_LORDVGenome polyprotein
VP2_LORDVProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

San Miguel sea lion virus serotype 1 (SMSV-1) (SMSV serotype 1)

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CAPSD_SMSV1Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
POLG_SMSV1Genome polyprotein
VP2_SMSV1Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

3 entries

Southampton virus (strain GI/Human/United Kingdom/Southampton/1991) (SHV) (Hu/NV/SHV/1991/UK)

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CAPSD_SOUV3Capsid protein VP1 (CP)
POLG_SOUV3Genome polyprotein
VP2_SOUV3Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Bovine enteric calicivirus NB (isolate Bovine/United States/Nebraska/1980) (BEC-NB)

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POLG_BECNBGenome polyprotein
VP2_BECNBProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Porcine enteric sapovirus (isolate Swine/United States/Cowden/1980) (Sw/SV/Cowden/1980/US)

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POLG_PESVGenome polyprotein
VP2_PESVProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (strain AST89) (Ra/LV/RHDV/AST89/1989/SP) (RHDV-AST89)

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POLG_RHDVAGenome polyprotein (p254)
VP2_RHDVAProtein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (strain V-351) (Ra/LV/RHDV/V351/1991/CK) (RHDV-V351)

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POLG_RHDV3Genome polyprotein (p254)
VP2_RHDV3Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

San Miguel sea lion virus serotype 4 (SMSV-4) (SMSV serotype 4)

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CAPSD_SMSV4Capsid protein (Coat protein) (CP) (VP1)
VP2_SMSV4Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Sapporo virus (isolate GII/Human/Thailand/Mc10/2000) (Hu/SaV/Mc10/2000/Thailand)

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POLG_SVM10Genome polyprotein
VP2_SVM10Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)

2 entries

Sapporo virus (strain Human/United Kingdom/Manchester/1993) (Hu/SV/Man/1993/UK)

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VP2_SVM93Protein VP2 (Minor capsid protein)
VP3_SVM93Uncharacterized protein VP3

1 entry

European brown hare syndrome virus (strain GD) (Ha/LV/EBHSV/GD/1989/FR) (EBHSV-GD)

POLG_EBHSGGenome polyprotein (p254)

1 entry

Rabbit calicivirus (Ra/LV/RHDV/RCV/1995/IT) (RHDV)

CAPSD_RHDVRSubgenomic capsid protein VP60

1 entry

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (strain BS89) (Ra/LV/RHDV/BS89/1989/IT) (RHDV-BS89)

POLG_RHDVBGenome polyprotein (p254)

1 entry

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (strain SD) (Ra/LV/RHDV/SD/1989/FR) (RHDV-SD)

POLG_RHDVSGenome polyprotein (p254)