Non-enveloped, head-tail structure. The icosahedral head is about 85 nm in diameter and virions also produce head size variants (about 47-65 nm). The tail is long, 228×18 nm, contractile, has six 90 nm-long kinked fibers and a base plate.


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 100 kb, encoding for approximately 100 proteins. The genome is terminally redundant and circularly permuted.


Genes are transcribed by operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attaches to the target cell through its tail fibers. Two types of fibers are encoded by the phage to allow receptor tropism switching.
  2. Ejection of the viral DNA into host cell cytoplasm by contraction of the tail sheath.
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes.
  4. Synthesis of linear concatemers copies of viral DNA. Transcription and translation of late genes.
  5. Assembly of an empty procapsid and packaging of the genome.
  6. Viral tail fibers assembly and viral tail assembly.
  7. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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Enterobacteria phage P1 (Bacteriophage P1) reference strain

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BOF_BPP1Modulator protein
CIN_BPP1DNA-invertase (Site-specific recombinase)
DARA_BPP1Defense against restriction protein A (DarA)
DARB_BPP1Defense against restriction protein B (EC 3.6.4.-) (DarB)
DMT_BPP1Methyltransferase Dmt (EC 2.1.1.-)
DOC_BPP1Protein kinase doc (EC (Death on curing protein) (Toxin doc)
KILA_BPP1Protein kilA
LPA_BPP1Late promoter-activating protein (Gp10)
LYS_BPP1Lysozyme (EC (Endolysin) (Lysis protein) (Muramidase) (Protein gp17)
PHD_BPP1Antitoxin phd (Addiction protein pdh) (Prevent host death protein)
RECR_BPP1Recombinase cre
REF_BPP1Recombination enhancement function protein
REPL_BPP1Replication protein repL
SSB_BPP1Single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB-P1)
T3RE_BPP1Type III restriction-modification system EcoPI enzyme res (EC
TERL_BPP1Probable terminase, large subunit (EC 3.1.-.-) (DNA-packaging protein B) ...
U1_BPP1Tail fiber assembly protein U (Gene product U) (gpU)
U2_BPP1Tail fiber assembly protein U' (Gene product U') (gpU')
VGR_BPP1Tail fiber protein R (GpR)
ANT_BPP1Antirepressor protein 1 (ant1) (Repressor bypass protein B) (rebB)
PACA_BPP1Terminase A protein (DNA-packaging protein A) (PACase A protein)
RPC1_BPP1Repressor protein C1
RPC4_BPP1Repressor protein C4
T3MO_BPP1Type III restriction-modification system EcoPI enzyme mod (M.EcoPI) (EC ...
TEC_BPP1Protein tec
YORA_BPP1Uncharacterized 36.0 kDa protein in doc-Gp10 intergenic region (ORFA)

4 entries

Enterobacteria phage P7 (Bacteriophage P7)

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CIN_BPP7DNA-invertase (Site-specific recombinase)
PACA_BPP7Terminase A protein (DNA-packaging protein A) (PACase A protein)
RPC1_BPP7Repressor protein C1 (P7c1)
TERL_BPP7Probable terminase, large subunit (EC 3.1.-.-) (DNA-packaging protein B) ...