Enveloped, spindle-shaped, with short tail fibers attached to one pole. The virion is about 60 nm in diameter and 100 nm in length.


Circular, supercoiled dsDNA genome of 14.8 to 17.3kb, encodes for 31 to 37 genes.


Genomic DNA is specifically integrated into a tRNA gene of the host chromosome.



  1. Attachment to target cell adhesion receptors
  2. Penetration into host cytoplasm
  3. Viral genome is integrated into a tRNA gene of host chromosome
  4. Transcription and translation of early genes
  5. Replication of genomic DNA
  6. Transcription and translation of late genes
  7. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions
  8. Mature virions are released from the cell by budding

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Sulfolobus spindle-shape virus 1 (SSV1) reference strain

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A100_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-100
A132_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-132
A154_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-154
A291_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-291
A45_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-45
A79_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-79
A82_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-82
A92_SSV1Uncharacterized protein A-92
B115_SSV1Uncharacterized HTH-type transcriptional regulator B-115
B129_SSV1Uncharacterized protein B-129
B251_SSV1Uncharacterized protein B-251
B277_SSV1Uncharacterized protein B-277
B49_SSV1Uncharacterized protein B-49
B78_SSV1Uncharacterized protein B-78
C102A_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-102a
C102B_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-102b
C124_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-124
C166_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-166
C792_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-792
C80_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-80
C84_SSV1Uncharacterized protein C-84
D244_SSV1Uncharacterized protein D-244
D63_SSV1Protein D-63
E178_SSV1Uncharacterized protein E-178
E51_SSV1Uncharacterized protein E-51
E54_SSV1Uncharacterized protein E-54
E96_SSV1Uncharacterized protein E-96
F112_SSV1Protein F-112
F92_SSV1Uncharacterized protein F-92
F93_SSV1Protein F-93
VINT_SSV1Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VP1_SSV1Structural protein VP1
VP2_SSV1Capsid protein VP2
VP3_SSV1Structural protein VP3

1 entry

Sulfolobus virus-like particle SSV2 reference strain

VP3_SSV2Structural protein VP3