Enveloped. extracellular baculovirus virions can be found in two forms: OV (occluded virus) and BV (budded virus). The nucleocapsid is about 21 nm x 260 nm.


Circular dsDNA, 80-180 kb in length, encoding for 100 to 180 proteins.




  1. Attachement of the viral glycoproteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion with the plasma membrane.
  3. The DNA genome is released into the host nucleus.
  4. Immediate early phase: host RNA polymerase transcribes viral genes involved in the regulation of the replication cascade, prevention of host responses and viral DNA synthesis.
  5. Late phase: The virally encoded RNA polymerase expresses late genes.
  6. Replication of the genome by rolling circle in nuclear viral factories.
  7. Nucleocapsids are formed which can either bud out through the cellular membrane and disseminate the infection or be occluded for horizontal transmission.
  8. Occlusion phase: the virus becomes occluded in the protein polyhedrin and the polyhedral envelope (calyx) is produced. Lysis of the cell releases the occluded virus.

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Cydia pomonella granulosis virus (isolate Mexico/1963) (CpGV) (Cydia pomonella granulovirus) reference strain

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CATV_GVCPMViral cathepsin (V-cath) (EC (Cysteine proteinase) (CP)
GRAN_GVCPMGranulin (Matrix protein)
IAP_GVCPMApoptosis inhibitor IAP
OE56_GVCPMOcclusion-derived virus envelope protein E56 (ODV-E56) (ODVP-6E)

6 entries

Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulosis virus (ClGV) (Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus)

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BVCP_GVCLDNA-binding protein (Arginine-rich protein 7.3 kDa) (Basic viral core protein) ...
GRAN_GVCLGranulin (Matrix protein)
LEF5_GVCLLate expression factor 5 homolog
Y096_GVCLUncharacterized 18.6 kDa protein in P143-LEF5 intergenic region
Y098_GVCLUncharacterized 41.0 kDa protein in P143-LEF5 intergenic region
YP73_GVCLUncharacterized protein in P7.3 3'region

2 entries

Trichoplusia ni granulosis virus (TnGV) (Trichoplusia ni granulovirus)

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GRAN_GVTNGranulin (Matrix protein)
VEF_GVTNViral-enhancing factor (Enhancin) (VEF) (104 kDa glycoprotein) (Synergistic ...

2 entries

Xestia c-nigrum granulosis virus (XnGV) (Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus)

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CATV_GVXNViral cathepsin (V-cath) (EC (Cysteine proteinase) (CP)
GRAN_GVXNGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Adoxophyes orana granulovirus (AoGV)

GRAN_GVAOGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Agrotis segetum granulosis virus (AsGV) (Agrotis segetum granulovirus)

GRAN_GVASGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Choristoneura fumiferana granulovirus (CfGV)

GRAN_GVCFGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Harrisina brillians granulovirus (HbGV)

GRAN_GVHBGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Heliothis armigera granulosis virus (HaGV) (Heliothis armigera granulovirus)

VEF_GVHAViral-enhancing factor (Enhancin) (VEF) (104 kDa glycoprotein) (Synergistic ...

1 entry

Lacanobia oleracea granulosis virus (LoGV) (Lacanobia oleracea granulovirus)

UDPE_GVLOEcdysteroid UDP-glucosyltransferase (EC 2.4.1.-)

1 entry

Pieris brassicae granulosis virus (PbGV) (Pieris brassicae granulovirus)

GRAN_GVPBGranulin (Matrix protein)

1 entry

Pseudalatia unipuncta granulosis virus (PuGV) (Pseudalatia unipuncta granulovirus)

VEF_GVPUViral-enhancing factor (Enhancin) (VEF) (104 kDa glycoprotein) (Synergistic ...