Enveloped, rod-shaped virion about 900 nm long and 24 nm in diameter. Genomic DNA is packaged into a helical core.


Linear dsDNA genome of about 20 kb, encoding for 40 proteins. Extremities of the DNA are modified in an unknown manner.


The genome is organized in operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attaches to target cell
  2. Injection: viral DNA is injected in host cell cytoplasm
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes
  4. Replication of genomic DNA
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes
  6. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions
  7. Mature virions are released from the cell

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40 entries

Acidianus filamentous virus 1 (isolate United States/Yellowstone) (AFV-1) reference strain

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GT300_AFV1YPutative glycosyltransferase ORF300 (EC 2.4.-.-)
GT313_AFV1YPutative glycosyltransferase ORF313 (EC 2.4.-.-)
Y048_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF48
Y052_AFV1YTransmembrane protein ORF52
Y055_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF55
Y059A_AFV1YPutative zinc finger protein ORF59a
Y059B_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF59b
Y063_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF63
Y065_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF65
Y072_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF72
Y074_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF74
Y075_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF75
Y077_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF77
Y080_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF80
Y094_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF94
Y095_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF95
Y099_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF99
Y102_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF102
Y108_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF108
Y110_AFV1YPutative zinc finger protein ORF110
Y115_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF115
Y116_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF116
Y132_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF132
Y135_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF135
Y137_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF137
Y140_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF140
Y144_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF144
Y146_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF146
Y150_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF150
Y157_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF157
Y166_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF166
Y190_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF190
Y195_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF195
Y221_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF221
Y223_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF223
Y224_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF224
Y274_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF274
Y307_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF307
Y426_AFV1YUncharacterized protein ORF426
Y807_AFV1YPutative transmembrane protein ORF807