No true capsid. The dsRNA genome is encapsulated along with the viral replicase enzyme within host-derived lipid pleomorphic vesicles (50-80nm in diameter).


Linear dsRNA genome of 9-13kb, encodes one or two ORFs (ORFB, and eventually ORFA). The 3’end is polyadenylated. The genome only encodes non-structural proteins.
May also contain additional satellite dsRNAs.


ORFB (and if present, ORFA) encodes a polyprotein that is proteolytically processed.



Poorly understood. The virus never budds out of its host and probably replicates in lipid pleomorphic vesicles. Transmission dependent on cell to cell cytoplasmic exchange, and hyphal anastomosis.

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Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 (strain EP713) (CHV-1/EP713) (Chestnut blight fungus hypovirulence-associated virus) reference strain

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POLA_CHPVEPolyprotein p69 (ORFA polyprotein)
POLB_CHPVEORFB polyprotein

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Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 (strain Euro7) (CHV-1/Euro7) (Chestnut blight fungus hypovirulence-associated virus)

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POLA_CHPVUPolyprotein p69 (ORFA polyprotein)
POLB_CHPVUORFB polyprotein