Non enveloped, icosahedral, non-turreted virion with a double capsid structure, about 70 nm in diameter. The outer capsid has a T=13 icosahedral symmetry, the inner capsid a T=2 icosahedral symmetry. Each double-layered capsid consists of 260 trimers of the major outer capsid P8 protein and 60 dimers of the inner capsid P3 protein.


Segmented linear dsRNA genome. Contains 12 segments coding for 15 proteins. Segment 11 has two in-frame codons resulting in two ORFs. Segment 12 has two additional overlapping ORFs. Segments size range from 1066 to 4423 bp. Genome total size is about 26 kb (WTV).


The dsRNA genome is never completely uncoated, to prevent activation of antiviral state by the cell in response to dsRNA. The viral polymerase synthesizes a capped mRNA from each dsRNA segment. This capped mRNA is translocated to the cell cytoplasm where it is translated. RDV expresses an additional protein by leaky scanning in the nsp12 gene.



  1. Virus penetrates into the host cell.
  2. Early transcription of the dsRNA genome by viral polymerase occurs inside this sub-viral particle (naked core), so that dsRNA is never exposed to the cytoplasm.
  3. Full-length plus-strand transcripts from each of the dsRNA segments are synthesized. These plus-strand transcripts are used as templates for translation.
  4. Viral proteins and genomic RNAs aggregates in cytoplasmic viral factories.
  5. (+)RNAs are encapsidated in a sub-viral particle, in which they are transcribed to give RNA (-) molecules with which they become base-paired to produce dsRNA genomes.
  6. The capsid is assembled on the sub-viral particle.
  7. Mature virions are released presumably following cell death and associated breakdown of host plasma membrane.

Host-virus interaction

Suppression of host silencing-mediated antiviral defense

Rice gall dwarf virus Pns11 and Pns12 proteins as well as rice dwarf virus Pns10 suppress host cell RNA silencing


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Rice dwarf virus (isolate Fujian) (RDV) reference strain

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MCE_RDVFPutative mRNA-capping enzyme P5 (Structural protein 5) (mRNA ...
MVP_RDVFMovement protein (Non-structural protein 6) (Pns6)
NSP11_RDVFRNA-binding protein (Non-structural protein 11) (Pns11)
NSP12_RDVFNon-structural protein 12A (Pns12A)
NSP4_RDVFNon-structural protein 4 (Pns4)
P2_RDVFMinor outer capsid protein P2
P3_RDVFOuter capsid protein P3 (Core protein P3)
P7_RDVFProtein P7 (55 kDa core protein)
P8_RDVFOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)
P9_RDVFMinor outer capsid protein P9
RDRP_RDVFRNA-directed RNA polymerase P1 (EC (Replicase)
VSR_RDVFSuppressor of RNA-mediated gene silencing (Non-structural protein 10) (Pns10)

12 entries

Rice gall dwarf virus (RGDV) reference strain

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MCE_RGDVPutative mRNA-capping enzyme P5 (Structural protein 5) (mRNA ...
MVP_RGDVMovement protein (Non-structural protein 7) (Pns7)
NSP11_RGDVRNA-binding protein (Non-structural protein 12) (Pns12)
NSP12_RGDVNon-structural protein 9 (Pns9)
NSP4_RGDVNon-structural protein 4 (Pns4)
P2_RGDVMinor outer capsid protein P2
P3_RGDVOuter capsid protein P3 (Core protein P3)
P7_RGDVProtein P7
P8_RGDVOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)
P9_RGDVMinor outer capsid protein P9 (Protein Pns10)
RDRP_RGDVRNA-directed RNA polymerase P1 (EC (Replicase)
VSR_RGDVSuppressor of RNA-mediated gene silencing (Non-structural protein 11) (Pns11)

11 entries

Rice dwarf virus (isolate Akita) (RDV)

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MCE_RDVAPutative mRNA-capping enzyme P5 (Structural protein 5) (mRNA ...
MVP_RDVAMovement protein (Non-structural protein 6) (Pns6)
NSP11_RDVARNA-binding protein (Non-structural protein 11) (Pns11)
NSP12_RDVANon-structural protein 12A (Pns12A)
NSP4_RDVANon-structural protein 4 (Pns4)
P3_RDVAOuter capsid protein P3 (Core protein P3)
P7_RDVAProtein P7 (55 kDa core protein)
P8_RDVAOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)
P9_RDVAMinor outer capsid protein P9
RDRP_RDVARNA-directed RNA polymerase P1 (EC (Replicase)
VSR_RDVASuppressor of RNA-mediated gene silencing (Non-structural protein 10) (Pns10)

9 entries

Wound tumor virus (WTV)

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MCE_WTVPutative mRNA-capping enzyme P5 (Structural protein 5) (mRNA ...
NSP11_WTVRNA-binding protein (Non-structural protein 12) (Pns12)
NSP4_WTVNon-structural protein 4 (Pns4)
P7_WTVProtein P7 (60 kDa core protein)
P8_WTVOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)
P9_WTVMinor outer capsid protein P9 (Non-structural protein 11) (Pns11)
VP10_WTVNon-structural protein Pns10
VP7_WTVNon-structural protein PNS7
VSR_WTVSuppressor of RNA-mediated gene silencing (Non-structural protein 10) (Pns10)

6 entries

Rice dwarf virus (isolate O) (RDV)

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NSP12_RDVONon-structural protein 12A (Pns12A)
P2_RDVOMinor outer capsid protein P2
P7_RDVOProtein P7 (55 kDa core protein)
P8_RDVOOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)
P9_RDVOMinor outer capsid protein P9
VSR_RDVOSuppressor of RNA-mediated gene silencing (Non-structural protein 10) (Pns10)

3 entries

Wound tumor virus (strain NJ) (WTV)

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NSP11_WTVNJRNA-binding protein (Non-structural protein 12) (Pns12)
P7_WTVNJProtein P7 (60 kDa core protein)
P9_WTVNJMinor outer capsid protein P9 (Non-structural protein 11) (Pns11)

1 entry

Rice dwarf virus (RDV)

P9_RDVMinor outer capsid protein P9

1 entry

Rice dwarf virus (isolate S) (RDV)

P8_RDVSOuter capsid protein P8 (Structural protein P8)