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Sputnik virophage

Satellite virus: infection requires host cell to be co-infected with Mimivirus

Molecular biology


Non-enveloped, capsid of 50 nm in diameter with a icosahedral T=27 symmetry . Virion can be incorporated into helper Mimivirus capsid particle.


Circular, dsDNA genome of of 18.3 kb. Encodes for 21 ORF.





Matching UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries

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21 entries

Sputnik virophage reference strain

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CAPSD_SPTNKPutative capsid protein V20
V10_SPTNKPutative integrase V10
V11_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V11
V13_SPTNKPutative helicase V13 (EC 3.6.4.-)
V14_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V14
V15_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V15
V16_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V16
V17_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V17
V18_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V18
V19_SPTNKStructural protein V19
V1_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V1
V21_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V21
V2_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V2
V3_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V3
V4_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V4
V5_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V5
V6_SPTNKCollagen-like protein V6
V7_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V7
V8_SPTNKStructural protein V8
V9_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V9
VF546_SPTNKUncharacterized protein V12