Non-enveloped, 28-30 nm in diameter, T=pseudo3 icosahedral capsid. Genome segments are encapsidated separately into two different types of particle similar in size.


Segmented, bipartite linear ssRNA(+) genome composed of RNA-1=6-8 kb and RNA-2=4-7 kb. Each genomic segment has a VPg linked to its 5’end and a 3’ poly(A) tract.


The virion RNA is infectious and serves as both the genome and mRNA.
RNA-1 and RNA-2 are translated into two polyproteins, which are then processed into functional proteins. RNA-1 encodes proteins necessary for replication, while RNA-2 encodes one or two capsid proteins and product(s) involved in cell-to-cell movement.



  1. Virus penetrates into the cell.
  2. Uncoating, and release of the viral genomic RNA into the cytoplasm.
  3. Synthesis and proteolytic cleavage of the replicase polyprotein RNA-1.
  4. Replication occurs in viral factories made of membrane vesicles derived from the ER. A dsRNA genome is synthesized from the genomic ssRNA(+).
  5. The dsRNA genome is transcribed/replicated thereby providing viral mRNAs/new ssRNA(+) genomes.
  6. Assembly of new virus particles.
  7. Movement protein allows cell-to-cell movement.

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Tomato ringspot virus (isolate raspberry) (ToRSV) reference strain

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POL1_TORVRRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_TORVRRNA2 polyprotein (P2)
YR21_TORVRUncharacterized protein in RNA2
YR22_TORVRUncharacterized protein in RNA2

2 entries

Broad bean wilt virus 1 (strain Spinach/United States/ATCC PV-132/1963) (BBWV-1) reference strain

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POL1_BBWVSRNA1 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein B)
POL2_BBWVSRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M)

2 entries

Cowpea mosaic virus (strain SB) (CPMV) reference strain

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POL1_CPMVSRNA1 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein B) (P1)
POL2_CPMVSRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M) (P2)

3 entries

Beet ringspot virus (BRSV) (Tomato black ring virus (strain S))

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POL1_BRSVRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_BRSVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)
VS48_BRSVSatellite RNA 48 kDa protein

3 entries

Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV)

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POL1_GFLVRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_GFLVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)
VP3_GFLVProtein P3

2 entries

Arabis mosaic virus (isolate NW) (ArMV)

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POL1_ARMVNRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_ARMVNRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

2 entries

Bean-pod mottle virus (strain Kentucky G7) (BPMV)

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POL1_BPMVRNA1 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein B) (P1)
POL2_BPMVRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M) (P2)

2 entries

Blackcurrant reversion association virus (BRAV)

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POL1_BRAVRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_BRAVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

2 entries

Cowpea severe mosaic virus (strain DG) (CPSMV)

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POL1_CPSMVRNA1 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein B) (P1)
POL2_CPSMVRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M) (P2)

2 entries

Cycas necrotic stunt virus (CNSV)

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POL1_CNSVRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_CNSVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

2 entries

Grapevine chrome mosaic virus (GCMV) (Hungarian grapevine chrome mosaic virus)

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POL1_GCMVRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_GCMVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

2 entries

Raspberry ringspot virus (strain cherry) (RpRSV)

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POL1_RRVCRNA1 polyprotein (P1)
POL2_RRVCRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

2 entries

Red clover mottle virus (RCMV)

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POL1_RCMVRNA1 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein B) (P1)
POL2_RCMVRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M) (P2)

2 entries

Tobacco ringspot virus (TobRV) (TRSV)

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CAPSD_TRSVCapsid protein (Coat protein)
POL2_TRSVRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

1 entry

Andean potato mottle virus (APMV)

POL2_APMVRNA2 polyprotein (Genome polyprotein M) (P2)

1 entry

Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV)

VP3_ARMVProtein P3

1 entry

Arabis mosaic virus (isolate Syrah) (ArMV)

POL2_ARMVSRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

1 entry

Grapevine fanleaf virus (isolate NW) (GFLV)

POL2_GFLVNRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

1 entry

Raspberry ringspot virus (strain S) (RpRSV)

POL2_RRVSRNA2 polyprotein (P2)

1 entry

Tobacco ringspot virus (strain Bud Blight) (TobRV) (TRSV)

POL1_TRSVBRNA1 polyprotein (P1)

1 entry

Tomato black ring virus (strain C) (TBRV)

VS48_TBRVCSatellite RNA 48 kDa protein

1 entry

Tomato black ring virus (strain E) (TBRV)

VS48_TBRVESatellite RNA 48 kDa protein

1 entry

Tomato black ring virus (strain L) (TBRV)

VS48_TBRVLSatellite RNA 48 kDa protein

1 entry

Tomato black ring virus (strain MJ) (TBRV)

POL1_TBRVMRNA1 polyprotein (P1)