Lemon-shaped. May be enveloped, as virion is surrounded by a 6nm thick layer. The virion has the property to develop two tails after budding if incubated at 85 ºC, the temperature close to that of its natural habitat.


Circular dsDNA genome of 62 kb, encoding for 72 ORFs.


Genome is probably transcribed by host RNA polymerase.



  1. Virus attaches to host cell, and genomic DNA penetrates into the cytoplasm.
  2. Viral genome is integrated into host chromosome
  3. Transcription of viral genes, possibly by a host RNA polymerase.
  4. Genome replication.
  5. Assembly and release of virions.

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72 entries

Acidianus two-tailed virus (ATV) reference strain

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Y034_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF34
Y038_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF38
Y045_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF45
Y048_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF48
Y054_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF54
Y058_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF58
Y059A_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF59a
Y059B_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF59b
Y060_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF60
Y061_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF61
Y070_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF70
Y079_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF79
Y080_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF80
Y081_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF81
Y082_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF82
Y084_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF84
Y086_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF86
Y098A_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF98a
Y098B_ATVPutative zinc finger protein ORF98b
Y100_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF100
Y104A_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF104a
Y104B_ATVStructural protein ORF104b
Y111_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF111
Y115_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF115
Y117_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF117
Y119_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF119
Y127_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF127
Y131_ATVStructural protein ORF131
Y1334_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF1334
Y134_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF134
Y137_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF137
Y145_ATVStructural protein ORF145
Y147_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF147
Y155_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF155
Y161A_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF161a
Y161B_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF161b
Y167_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF167
Y170_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF170
Y175_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF175
Y187_ATVStructural protein ORF187
Y189_ATVPutative zinc finger protein ORF189
Y192_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF192
Y193_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF193
Y1940_ATVProtein ORF1940
Y209_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF209
Y211_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF211
Y213_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF213
Y220_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF220
Y227_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF227
Y240_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF240
Y241_ATVPutative integrase ORF241
Y273_ATVStructural protein ORF273
Y277_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF277
Y286_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF286
Y301_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF301
Y326A_ATVStructural protein ORF326a
Y326B_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF326b
Y330_ATVPutative acetyltransferase ORF330 (EC 2.3.-.-)
Y362_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF362
Y383A_ATVPutative transposase ORF383a
Y383B_ATVPutative transposase ORF383B
Y387_ATVStructural protein ORF387
Y409_ATVPutative transposase ORF409
Y457_ATVPutative transposase ORF457
Y529_ATVUncharacterized protein ORF529
Y545_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF545
Y567_ATVStructural protein ORF567
Y618_ATVStructural protein ORF618
Y653_ATVStructural protein ORF653
Y710_ATVPutative transmembrane protein ORF710
Y800_ATVStructural protein ORF800
Y892_ATVPutative VWFA domain-containing protein ORF892