Virions not enveloped, bacilliform (30×60-900 nm) or isometric (45-50 nm in diameter).


Monopartite, open circular, double stranded DNA of 7000-8200 base pairs with discontinuities in both strands: one in the transcribed strand and one to three in the non-transcribed strand. Encode for 1 to 8 proteins.




  1. Attachement of the viral proteins to host receptors mediates its entry into the host cell.
  2. The viral dsDNA is released into the nucleus where it is transcribed by host RNA polymerase II
  3. 35S RNA and 19S RNA translation produces viral proteins.
  4. 35S RNA is retrotranscribed in the cytoplasm into new dsDNA genomes
  5. Genomes are encapsidated with capsid protein, releasing new virions.

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Soybean chlorotic mottle virus reference strain

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CAPSD_SOCMVCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_SOCMVTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_SOCMVMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein) (ORF IA)
POL_SOCMVEnzymatic polyprotein
Y1B_SOCMVUncharacterized protein 1b
Y2_SOCMVUncharacterized protein 2
Y3_SOCMVUncharacterized protein 3
Y7_SOCMVUncharacterized protein 7
Y8_SOCMVUncharacterized protein 8

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Strasbourg) (CaMV) reference strain

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CAPSD_CAMVSCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVSTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVSMovement protein (MP) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVSEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVSVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVSAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

5 entries

Cassava vein mosaic virus (CsVMV) reference strain

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CP_CSVMVPutative Polyprotein CP
IBMP_CSVMVPutative transactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix ...
POL_CSVMVPutative enzymatic polyprotein
YP06_CSVMVUncharacterized 6 kDa protein
YP09_CSVMVUncharacterized 9 kDa protein

4 entries

Rice tungro bacilliform virus (isolate Philippines) (RTBV) reference strain

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P1_RTBVPProtein P1 (ORF 1) (P24)
P2_RTBVPProtein P2 (ORF 2) (P12)
P4_RTBVPProtein P4 (ORF 4) (P46)
POL_RTBVPPolyprotein P3 (P194 protein)

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Commelina yellow mottle virus (CoYMV) reference strain

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POL_COYMVPolyprotein P3
YOR1_COYMVUncharacterized 23 kDa protein (ORF1)
YOR2_COYMVUncharacterized 15 kDa protein (ORF2)

1 entry

Petunia vein clearing virus (isolate Shepherd) (PVCV) reference strain

POLG_PVCV1Genome polyprotein

7 entries

Cestrum yellow leaf curling virus (CmYLCV)

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CAPSD_CYLCVCapsid protein (CP) (coat protein)
IBMP_CYLCVTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CYLCVPutative movement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CYLCVEnzymatic polyprotein
Y1A_CYLCVUncharacterized protein 1a
Y2_CYLCVUncharacterized protein 2
Y3_CYLCVUncharacterized protein 3

6 entries

Carnation etched ring virus (CERV)

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CAPSD_CERVProbable capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CERVTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CERVMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CERVEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CERVVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CERVAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain BBC) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVECapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVETransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVEMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVEEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVEVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVEAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain CM-1841) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVCCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVCTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVCMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVCEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVCVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVCAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D/H) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVDCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVDTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVDMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVDEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVDVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVDAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain NY8153) (CaMV)

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CAPSD_CAMVNCapsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_CAMVNTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVNMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_CAMVNEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_CAMVNVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_CAMVNAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

6 entries

Figwort mosaic virus (strain DxS) (FMV)

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CAPSD_FMVDProbable capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
IBMP_FMVDTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_FMVDMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)
POL_FMVDEnzymatic polyprotein
VAP_FMVDVirion-associated protein (Vap) (Protein 3) (P3)
VAT_FMVDAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

2 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain PV147) (CaMV)

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IBMP_CAMVPTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
VAT_CAMVPAphid transmission protein (Atf) (Protein 2)

2 entries

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain W260) (CaMV)

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IBMP_CAMVWTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)
MVP_CAMVWMovement protein (Mov) (Cell-to-cell transport protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Bari 1) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMVBTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D4) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMV4Transactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)

1 entry

Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain S-Japan) (CaMV)

IBMP_CAMVJTransactivator/viroplasmin protein (Tav) (Inclusion body matrix protein)

1 entry

Petunia vein clearing virus (isolate Hohn) (PVCV)

POLG_PVCV2Genome polyprotein