Polydnaviriformidae (taxid:2946196)

(formerly named Polydnaviridae)
Viriform: endogenous mobile genetic element that fulfill functions for the encoding host.



Enveloped, prolate ellipsoid form (ichnoviriform) and cylindrical (bracoviriform). Depending on the species, a virion contains one or several nucleocapsids.


Segmented, circular supercoiled dsDNAs ranging from 2.0-31kb. Each virion contains multiple copies of the genome.




a) replicative: occurs in the calyx cells of the ovary.

  1. Excision and circularization of viral DNA in the ovary cells.
  2. Viral DNA synthesis.
  3. Appearance of viral envelopes and nucleocapsids in the nucleus.
  4. Mature virions are released into the lumen of the oviduct probably by lysis (brachoviriform) or budding through the cell membrane (ichnoviriform).

b) vegetative: occurs in all non-reproductive cells.

The viral genome is transmitted in proviral linear form integrated in the wasp's chromosomes. The virus DNA is replicated, just like any other part of the wasp's genome.

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

PTP-H2 triggers mitochondrial membrane depolarization and caspase-dependent apoptosis suggesting that apoptosis is induced through a mitochondria-dependent death pathway.

NF-kappa-B modulation

Polydnavirus Ank proteins bind NF-kappa-B homodimers and inhibit processing of relish/NF-kappa-B p110 subunit .

Innate immune response inhibition

Microplitis demolitor cracovirus PTP-H2 and PTP-H3 are functional tyrosine phosphatases whose expression inhibit phagocytosis . Another protein, Glc1.8 is also involved in suppression of the insect cellular immune response .

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Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (isolate Webb) (MdBV) reference strain

EG10_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.0
GL18A_MDBVW Mucin-like protein Glc1.8a
PTPH2_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase H2 (PTP-H2) (EC
GL18B_MDBVW Mucin-like protein Glc1.8b (Glc1.8b)
EG15B_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.5b
EG15A_MDBVW Protease inhibitor Egf1.5a
IKBI1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein I1
PTPN3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N3 (PTP-N3)
IKBN3_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein N3
IKBN2_MDBVW I-kappa-B like protein N2
PTPN2_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N2 (PTP-N2)
PTPN1_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein N1 (PTP-N1) (EC
IKBN1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein N1
PTPJ4_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J4 (PTP-J4) (EC
PTPJ3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J3 (PTP-J3)
PTPJ2_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J2 (PTP-J2) (EC
IKBJ1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein J1
PTPJ1_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J1 (PTP-J1)
PTPH5_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H5 (PTP-H5)
PTPH4_MDBVW Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein H4 (PTP-H4) (EC
IKBH1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein H1
PTPH3_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase H3 (PTP-H3) (EC
PTPH1_MDBVW Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H1 (PTP-H1)
IKBG2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein G2
IKBG1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein G1
PTPD1_MDBVW Truncated tyrosine phosphatase D1 (PTP-D1)
IKBF2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein F2
IKBC2_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein C2
IKBC1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein C1
YB1_MDBVW Putative BEN domain-containing protein B1
EG04B_MDBVW Probable protease inhibitor Egf0.4b
EG04A_MDBVW Probable protease inhibitor Egf0.4a
YI2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein I2
YL1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein L1
YN1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein N1
YM5_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M5
YM4_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M4
YM3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M3
YM2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M2
YM1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein M1
YK1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein K1
YG2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein G2
YG1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein G1
YD3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein D3
YD2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein D2
IKBF1_MDBVW I-Kappa-B like protein F1
YF1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein F1
YC3_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein C3
YE2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein E2
YE1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein E1
YA2_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein A2
YA1_MDBVW Uncharacterized protein A1

1 entry

Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus (CsIV)

REEP_CSIV Repeat element protein
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus taxid:10484

Protein ModelArchive
Innexin Vnx-q1 ma-jd-viral-42433
Innexin Vnx-q2 ma-jd-viral-42436
VHv1.4 cysteine-rich protein ma-jd-viral-61761

Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus (strain Texas A&M) taxid:654920

Protein ModelArchive
Innexin-like protein 1 ma-jd-viral-42433
Innexin-like protein 2 ma-jd-viral-42436
VHv1.4 protein ma-jd-viral-61761

Ichnoviriform fugitivi taxid:265522

Protein ModelArchive
A2.1 ma-jd-viral-64191
A3.1 ma-jd-viral-48755
A3.2 ma-jd-viral-50318
B1.1 ma-jd-viral-67110
B1.2 ma-jd-viral-36574
B1.3 ma-jd-viral-62714
B12.1 ma-jd-viral-44502
B12.2 ma-jd-viral-51334
B13.1 ma-jd-viral-43502
B13.3 ma-jd-viral-62812
B16.1 ma-jd-viral-46491
B16.2 ma-jd-viral-66282
B18.1 ma-jd-viral-32213
B2.1 ma-jd-viral-34004
B2.2 ma-jd-viral-62715
B3.2 ma-jd-viral-41546
B5.1 ma-jd-viral-54302
B5.3 ma-jd-viral-48904
B6.1 ma-jd-viral-32910
B7.1 ma-jd-viral-53500
B8.1 ma-jd-viral-45020
B8.2 ma-jd-viral-47526
C1.1 ma-jd-viral-41459
C10.1 ma-jd-viral-48969
C12.1 ma-jd-viral-58290
C13.1 ma-jd-viral-53226
C14.1 ma-jd-viral-44253
C15.1 ma-jd-viral-41012
C17.1 ma-jd-viral-36108
C17.2 ma-jd-viral-30569
C18.1 ma-jd-viral-66123
C18.2 ma-jd-viral-50970
C18.3 ma-jd-viral-66796
C20.1 ma-jd-viral-44829
C3.1 ma-jd-viral-56181
C3.2 ma-jd-viral-29928
C4.1 ma-jd-viral-39551
C5.1 ma-jd-viral-33765
C6.1 ma-jd-viral-39693
C6.2 ma-jd-viral-54897
C6.3 ma-jd-viral-42536
C8.1 ma-jd-viral-44591
C9.1 ma-jd-viral-41647
C9.2 ma-jd-viral-55472
Cysteine motif gene-c19.1 ma-jd-viral-08318
Cysteine motif gene-c4.1 ma-jd-viral-08319
Cysteine motif gene-d9.1 ma-jd-viral-57087
Cysteine motif gene-d9.2 ma-jd-viral-08317
Cysteine motif gene-d9.3 ma-jd-viral-08320
D1.1 ma-jd-viral-29177
D1.2 ma-jd-viral-51893
D2.1 ma-jd-viral-44442
D2.2 ma-jd-viral-53240
D2.3 ma-jd-viral-33191
D2.4 ma-jd-viral-60342
D3.1 ma-jd-viral-42586
D3.2 ma-jd-viral-43784
D4.1 ma-jd-viral-66589
D4.2 ma-jd-viral-32826
D6.1 ma-jd-viral-36912
D7.1 ma-jd-viral-42163
D9.1 ma-jd-viral-36025
E1.1 ma-jd-viral-65791
E1.2 ma-jd-viral-55801
E1.3 ma-jd-viral-39441
E1.4 ma-jd-viral-62891
E2.1 ma-jd-viral-66829
G1.1 ma-jd-viral-49057
G1.2 ma-jd-viral-49056
G1.3 ma-jd-viral-30211
G1.4 ma-jd-viral-47292
G1.5 ma-jd-viral-59703
Innexin Vnx-b17 ma-jd-viral-42434
Innexin Vnx-b7 ma-jd-viral-42443
Innexin Vnx-c16 ma-jd-viral-42431
Innexin Vnx-d5.1 ma-jd-viral-42432
Innexin Vnx-d5.2 ma-jd-viral-42438
N gene-c9.1 ma-jd-viral-32429
Polar residue rich protein-b13.1 ma-jd-viral-44461
Polar residue rich protein-b13.2 ma-jd-viral-39232
Polar residue rich protein-b16.1 ma-jd-viral-39233
Polar residue rich protein-c5.1 ma-jd-viral-58757
Polar residue rich protein-d12.1 ma-jd-viral-38593
Polar residue rich protein-d12.2 ma-jd-viral-56224
Polar residue rich protein-d12.3 ma-jd-viral-33832
Polar residue rich protein-d12.4 ma-jd-viral-38594
Polar residue rich protein-d2.1 ma-jd-viral-58756
Polar residue-rich protein-a1 ma-jd-viral-58758
Polar residue-rich protein-b8 ma-jd-viral-33831
Repeat element protein-a2.1 ma-jd-viral-03416
Repeat element protein-b11 ma-jd-viral-03415
Repeat element protein-b12.1 ma-jd-viral-03402
Repeat element protein-b14.1 ma-jd-viral-03408
Repeat element protein-b15.1 ma-jd-viral-03391
Repeat element protein-b18.1 ma-jd-viral-03400
Repeat element protein-b4.1 ma-jd-viral-03407
Repeat element protein-c11.1 ma-jd-viral-03413
Repeat element protein-c18.1 ma-jd-viral-03395
Repeat element protein-c18.2 ma-jd-viral-03382
Repeat element protein-c18.3 ma-jd-viral-03404
Repeat element protein-c3.1 ma-jd-viral-03414
Repeat element protein-c5.1 ma-jd-viral-03387
Repeat element protein-c7.1 ma-jd-viral-03411
Repeat element protein-d1.1 ma-jd-viral-03385
Repeat element protein-d10.1 ma-jd-viral-03396
Repeat element protein-d10.2 ma-jd-viral-03392
Repeat element protein-d10.3 ma-jd-viral-03410
Repeat element protein-d11.1 ma-jd-viral-03383
Repeat element protein-d11.2 ma-jd-viral-03388
Repeat element protein-d11.3 ma-jd-viral-03394
Repeat element protein-d11.4 ma-jd-viral-03403
Repeat element protein-d2.1 ma-jd-viral-03386
Repeat element protein-d2.2 ma-jd-viral-03384
Repeat element protein-d3.1 ma-jd-viral-03390
Repeat element protein-d3.2 ma-jd-viral-03409
Repeat element protein-d3.3 ma-jd-viral-03406
Repeat element protein-d4.1 ma-jd-viral-03412
Repeat element protein-d4.2 ma-jd-viral-03397
Repeat element protein-d6.1 ma-jd-viral-03398
Repeat element protein-d6.2 ma-jd-viral-03399
Repeat element protein-d6.3 ma-jd-viral-03401
Repeat element protein-d7.1 ma-jd-viral-03393
Repeat element protein-d7.2 ma-jd-viral-03405
Repeat element protein-d7.3 ma-jd-viral-03389
Repeat element protein-e2.1 ma-jd-viral-03419
Repeat element protein-e2.2 ma-jd-viral-03418
Repeat element protein-e2.3 ma-jd-viral-03417
Vankyrin-b1 ma-jd-viral-26020
Vankyrin-b15.1 ma-jd-viral-26009
Vankyrin-b17 ma-jd-viral-26015
Vankyrin-b2.1 ma-jd-viral-26006
Vankyrin-b3.1 ma-jd-viral-26016
Vankyrin-d8.1 ma-jd-viral-26014
Vankyrin-d8.2 ma-jd-viral-25405
Vankyrin-d8.3 ma-jd-viral-26008
Vankyrin-d8.4 ma-jd-viral-26022
Viral innexin-b10.1 ma-jd-viral-42435
Viral innexin-b5.1 ma-jd-viral-42439
Viral innexin-c3.1 ma-jd-viral-42442
Viral innexin-g1.1 ma-jd-viral-42437
Viral innexin-g1.2 ma-jd-viral-42440
Viral innexin-g1.3 ma-jd-viral-42441
p12-like protein-c2 ma-jd-viral-48522

Ichnoviriform fumiferanae taxid:419435

Protein ModelArchive
GfV-A10-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00507
GfV-A4-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-13337
GfV-A6-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00513
GfV-A7-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-30817
GfV-A9-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-33634
GfV-B12-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00038
GfV-B13-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00503
GfV-B14-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00044
GfV-B15-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00505
GfV-B15-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-54338
GfV-B16-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-22730
GfV-B18-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-42415
GfV-B19-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-58341
GfV-B2-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00493
GfV-B20-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-61788
GfV-B22-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00514
GfV-B22-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-36843
GfV-B23-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-46083
GfV-B23-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-62570
GfV-B25-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-39882
GfV-B25-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-60902
GfV-B26-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-42416
GfV-B27-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-53696
GfV-B27-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-33769
GfV-B28-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00506
GfV-B28-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-35280
GfV-B29-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-26013
GfV-B3-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-29618
GfV-B33-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00501
GfV-B35-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00516
GfV-B36-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00515
GfV-B38-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-51786
GfV-B39-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-52205
GfV-B41-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-41829
GfV-B42-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00509
GfV-B43-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00492
GfV-B45-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-58340
GfV-B45-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-58357
GfV-B46-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00497
GfV-B47-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00040
GfV-B48-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-52206
GfV-B49-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00043
GfV-B50-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-65769
GfV-B52-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00036
GfV-B53-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-52965
GfV-B53-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-64069
GfV-B54-ORF1 (GfV-C19-ORF1) ma-jd-viral-37085
GfV-B54-ORF1 (GfV-C19-ORF1) ma-jd-viral-37086
GfV-B55-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-26004
GfV-B56-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-61787
GfV-B58-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-22729
GfV-B6-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00495
GfV-B6-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-43363
GfV-B60-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-60074
GfV-B60-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-45139
GfV-B61-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00496
GfV-B62-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00498
GfV-B64-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00039
GfV-B65-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00037
GfV-B7-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00511
GfV-B8-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-49993
GfV-B9-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-53497
GfV-C1-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00502
GfV-C11-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-53431
GfV-C11-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-44118
GfV-C11-ORF3 ma-jd-viral-39248
GfV-C14-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-38686
GfV-C14-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-66929
GfV-C16-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00500
GfV-C16-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-48597
GfV-C17-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-50522
GfV-C18-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00508
GfV-C2-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-44403
GfV-C2-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-48163
GfV-C2-ORF3 ma-jd-viral-33883
GfV-C20-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-17572
GfV-C20-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-58009
GfV-C21-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-42735
GfV-C21-ORf1 ma-jd-viral-17642
GfV-C4-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00042
GfV-C4-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-37087
GfV-C6-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-33882
GfV-C6-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-00041
GfV-C6-ORF3 ma-jd-viral-67702
GfV-C7-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-26019
GfV-C7-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-57358
GfV-C7-ORF3 ma-jd-viral-34834
GfV-C8-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-00494
GfV-C8-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-43364
GfV-C9-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-48095
GfV-D1-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-17570
GfV-D1-ORF2 (GfV-D4-ORF2) ma-jd-viral-46924
GfV-D1-ORF2 (GfV-D4-ORF2) ma-jd-viral-46925
GfV-D2-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-17573
GfV-D2-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-60339
GfV-D3-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-66416
GfV-D3-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-00662
GfV-D4-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-17571
GfV-D6-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-51785
GfV-E1-ORF1 ma-jd-viral-33633
GfV=B36-ORF2 ma-jd-viral-53657
Syntaxin-binding protein 2 ma-jd-viral-45564
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43365

Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (isolate Webb) taxid:654919

Protein ModelArchive
I-Kappa-B like protein C1 ma-jd-viral-26021
I-Kappa-B like protein C2 ma-jd-viral-26018
I-Kappa-B like protein F1 ma-jd-viral-26012
I-Kappa-B like protein F2 ma-jd-viral-26017
I-Kappa-B like protein G1 ma-jd-viral-26005
I-Kappa-B like protein G2 ma-jd-viral-26010
I-Kappa-B like protein H1 ma-jd-viral-26007
I-Kappa-B like protein I1 ma-jd-viral-26011
I-Kappa-B like protein J1 ma-jd-viral-26563
I-Kappa-B like protein N1 ma-jd-viral-25878
I-Kappa-B like protein N3 ma-jd-viral-25509
I-kappa-B like protein N2 ma-jd-viral-25510
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-47692
Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein H4 (PTP-H4) (EC ma-jd-viral-13338
Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J2 (PTP-J2) (EC ma-jd-viral-00489
Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein J4 (PTP-J4) (EC ma-jd-viral-00491
Probable tyrosine phosphatase protein N1 (PTP-N1) (EC ma-jd-viral-00512
Putative BEN domain-containing protein B1 ma-jd-viral-64547
Truncated tyrosine phosphatase D1 (PTP-D1) ma-jd-viral-58485
Tyrosine phosphatase H2 (PTP-H2) (EC ma-jd-viral-00499
Tyrosine phosphatase H3 (PTP-H3) (EC ma-jd-viral-00488
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H1 (PTP-H1) ma-jd-viral-00486
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein H5 (PTP-H5) ma-jd-viral-00487
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J1 (PTP-J1) ma-jd-viral-00504
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein J3 (PTP-J3) ma-jd-viral-00490
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N2 (PTP-N2) ma-jd-viral-60318
Tyrosine phosphatase-like protein N3 (PTP-N3) ma-jd-viral-00510
Uncharacterized protein C3 ma-jd-viral-00382
Uncharacterized protein D2 ma-jd-viral-55978
Uncharacterized protein D3 ma-jd-viral-62145
Uncharacterized protein E1 ma-jd-viral-57525
Uncharacterized protein E2 ma-jd-viral-00384
Uncharacterized protein F1 ma-jd-viral-00383
Uncharacterized protein G1 ma-jd-viral-57951
Uncharacterized protein G2 ma-jd-viral-60090
Uncharacterized protein I2 ma-jd-viral-00385
Uncharacterized protein K1 ma-jd-viral-00379
Uncharacterized protein L1 ma-jd-viral-41639
Uncharacterized protein M1 ma-jd-viral-40837
Uncharacterized protein M2 ma-jd-viral-00380
Uncharacterized protein M3 ma-jd-viral-00381
Uncharacterized protein M4 ma-jd-viral-35479
Uncharacterized protein M5 ma-jd-viral-35997
Uncharacterized protein N1 ma-jd-viral-46056