Alphaentomopoxvirus (taxid:62098)



Enveloped, ovoid virion, about 450x250nm in size. Two distinct infectious virus particles exists: the intracellular mature virus (IMV) and the extracellular enveloped virus (EEV).


Linear, dsDNA genome of 260-370kb. The linear genome is flanked by inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences which are covalently-closed at their extremities.





  1. Attachment of the viral proteins to host glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion with the plasma membrane to release the core into the host cytoplasm.
  3. Early phase: early genes are transcribed in the cytoplasm by viral RNA polymerase. Early expression begins at 30 minutes post-infection.
  4. Core is completely uncoated as early expression ends, viral genome is now free in the cytoplasm.
  5. Intermediate phase: Intermediate genes are expressed, triggering genomic DNA replication at approximately 100 minutes post-infection.
  6. Late phase: Late genes are expressed from 140 min to 48 hours post-infection, producing all structural proteins.
  7. Assembly of progeny virions starts in cytoplasmic viral factories, producing an spherical immature particle. This virus particle matures into brick-shaped intracellular mature virion (IMV).
  8. IMV virion can be released upon cell lysis, or can acquire a second double membrane from trans-Golgi and bud as external enveloped virion (EEV).
  9. Mature virion can be occluded in spheroids comprised of spheroidin protein.
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Alphaentomopoxvirus acuprea taxid:62099

Protein ModelArchive
4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase ma-jd-viral-37674
62 kDa protein (Rifampicin resistance protein) ma-jd-viral-18018
ALI motif gene family protein ma-jd-viral-30870
ATP-dependent DNA ligase ma-jd-viral-56278
BTB/POZ domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-60794
C2H2-type domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-51314
C2H2-type domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-37705
Capcid protein VP1-like ma-jd-viral-67497
Cation transport ATPase ma-jd-viral-54832
Cell wall surface anchor family protein ma-jd-viral-40914
Core protein ma-jd-viral-40458
DNA packaging protein OPG160 ma-jd-viral-10778
DNA polymerase (EC ma-jd-viral-17203
DNA topoisomerase (EC ma-jd-viral-17658
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase RPO35 ma-jd-viral-13939
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase subunit rpo19 ma-jd-viral-47296
DNA-directed RNA polymerase (EC ma-jd-viral-35638
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 147 kDa polypeptide (EC ma-jd-viral-39191
DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain ma-jd-viral-00005
Early gene transcription related protein ma-jd-viral-04868
Early transcription factor 82 kDa subunit (ETF large subunit) ma-jd-viral-40185
Endonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-49088
Entry-fusion complex protein OPG086 ma-jd-viral-39704
F-box and FNIP repeat-containing protein ma-jd-viral-60529
F-box domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-24089
FEN1-like nuclease ma-jd-viral-22516
Formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase ma-jd-viral-43303
Fusolin ma-jd-viral-65099
Fusolin like protein ma-jd-viral-35983
G-protein coupled receptor Mth2-like ma-jd-viral-30896
Gamma-glutamyl cyclotransferase like ma-jd-viral-45571
Holliday junction resolvase ma-jd-viral-29004
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-51881
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-60028
IMV membrane protein involved in fusion and entry ma-jd-viral-00078
In vivo virulence related protein ma-jd-viral-06100
Inhibitor of apoptosis protein ma-jd-viral-06850
KilA-N domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-23679
KilA-N domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-21672
KilA-N domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-56764
KilA-N domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-56797
KilA-N domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-61867
Late transcription factor VLTF-3 ma-jd-viral-52655
Leucine rich repeat containing protein ma-jd-viral-34177
Leucine rich repeat gene family protein ma-jd-viral-04416
Leucine-rich repeat gene family protein ma-jd-viral-24059
Leucine-rich repeat gene family protein ma-jd-viral-24060
Leucine-rich repeat protein ma-jd-viral-04415
MTG motif gene family protein ma-jd-viral-54976
MTG motif gene family protein ma-jd-viral-54988
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-19982
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-19984
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-53830
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-53832
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-56286
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-56287
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-54980
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-54983
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-54989
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-55005
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-55009
MTG-like gene family protein ma-jd-viral-55010
Matrix metalloproteinase ma-jd-viral-54263
Matrix metalloproteinase ma-jd-viral-54264
Membrane protein ma-jd-viral-31678
Membrane protein ma-jd-viral-35558
Metallophosphoesterase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-05313
Nicotinamide riboside kinase 1 ma-jd-viral-25118
Nucleopolyhedrovirus p26 protein ma-jd-viral-10345
Nucleoside triphosphatase I (EC (Nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase... ma-jd-viral-23027
PDGF-and VEGF-related factor 2 ma-jd-viral-41910
PPM-type phosphatase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-00253
Peptidase M10 metallopeptidase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-07412
Peptidase M10 metallopeptidase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-07414
Peptidoglycan binding domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-43615
Peritrophin-A domain containing protein ma-jd-viral-64393
Phosphatidic acid phosphatase type 2 ma-jd-viral-62340
Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-56672
Poxvirus myristoylprotein ma-jd-viral-23566
Precursor p4a of core protein 4a ma-jd-viral-54960
Probable AP endonuclease ma-jd-viral-46855
Prominin ma-jd-viral-40832
Protein kinase ma-jd-viral-24868
Protein kinase domain containing protein ma-jd-viral-24939
Putative NAD+ dependent DNA ligase ma-jd-viral-13959
Putative NTP pyrophosphohydrolase mutT motif ma-jd-viral-07906
Putative NTPase ma-jd-viral-34246
Putative NTPase/helicase ma-jd-viral-47053
Putative RNA polymerase subunit ma-jd-viral-07203
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-18299
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-18300
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-42214
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-43900
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-43901
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-61365
Putative antirepressor ma-jd-viral-61373
Putative calcium binding protein ma-jd-viral-59016
Putative core protein ma-jd-viral-06333
Putative early transcription factor small subunit ma-jd-viral-23086
Putative exonuclease RNase T and DNA polymerase III ma-jd-viral-24506
Putative glycoprotein B ma-jd-viral-42489
Putative glycosyl transferase ma-jd-viral-18587
Putative late transcription factor VLTF-2 ma-jd-viral-48406
Putative mRNA capping enzyme small subunit ma-jd-viral-09964
Putative membrane protein ma-jd-viral-22147
Putative myristylated membrane protein ma-jd-viral-04089
Putative myristylated membrane protein ma-jd-viral-22772
Putative poly(A) polymerase small subunit ma-jd-viral-29545
Putative thioredoxin ma-jd-viral-37380
Putative vaccinia G1L metaloprotease ma-jd-viral-04427
Putative viral membrane protein ma-jd-viral-38035
RING zinc finger-containing protein ma-jd-viral-53562
RNA helicase NPH-II (EC (Nucleoside triphosphatase II) (Nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase... ma-jd-viral-58242
RNA polymerase-associated transcription-specificity factor RAP94 (Protein H4) (RPO-associated protein of 94... ma-jd-viral-63412
Reverse transcriptase ma-jd-viral-03819
Right handed beta helix region containing protein ma-jd-viral-09428
S-S bond formation pathway protein ma-jd-viral-04088
Serin/threonine kinase like ma-jd-viral-52047
Serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 (EC ma-jd-viral-24797
Serpin ma-jd-viral-41254
Spheroidin ma-jd-viral-42520
SsDNA/dsDNA binding protein ma-jd-viral-39034
Superoxide dismutase ma-jd-viral-65573
Tenascin ma-jd-viral-32210
Thioredoxin ma-jd-viral-24137
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-10700
Transcript termination protein A18 ma-jd-viral-22812
Translation elongation factor eEF-3 like ma-jd-viral-54332
Translation initiation factor elF-4e ma-jd-viral-59585
Triacylglycerol lipase ma-jd-viral-13304
Tryptophan-rich sensory protein ma-jd-viral-66594
UBR-type domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-12882
Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) (UBCv1) (Ubiquitin carrier protein) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase)... ma-jd-viral-12334
Ubiquitin/ribosomal protein ma-jd-viral-03841
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01519
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01021
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01035
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01155
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01182
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01947
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-01948
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-04019
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-15622
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-15617
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-31049
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-31397
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-32451
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-32560
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34831
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34925
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34928
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34929
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-35532
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-32208
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-33431
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-30362
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-30464
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-33845
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-30963
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-30969
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-23705
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-23706
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-22721
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-46373
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-52865
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47614
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-46401
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-52973
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-50909
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-53159
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47865
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47903
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47904
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-51018
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47973
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-48048
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-48357
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-48595
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-48712
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-50820
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-51998
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-51999
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-46585
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49078
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-52130
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49103
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49104
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49105
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49106
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-49197
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-52392
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-52585
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47198
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-47454
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-41510
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-41511
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-41539
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-39334
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-39336
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-44194
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-39391
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-44485
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-37484
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-44787
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-37729
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-40110
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-40111
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-38181
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-40356
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-38324
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43027
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-38384
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43192
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-36298
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43603
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-43636
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-64314
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-65674
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-65885
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-65886
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-65948
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-66853
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-63775
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-67201
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-65219
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-64230
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-59838
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-62488
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-55621
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-62830
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-62847
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-55939
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58175
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-60526
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58285
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-60697
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-56201
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58390
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-56511
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-61190
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58866
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-58927
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-61569
Uracil-DNA glycosylase ma-jd-viral-07747
Virion core protein 4b ma-jd-viral-34211
Virion membrane formation ma-jd-viral-51521
Virion membrane protein ma-jd-viral-58524
Zinc-dependent metalloprotease ma-jd-viral-07413
Zinc-dependent metalloprotease ma-jd-viral-07415
Zinc-dependent metalloprotease ma-jd-viral-54262
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-52886
glycylpeptide N-tetradecanoyltransferase (EC ma-jd-viral-24534
mRNA-capping enzyme catalytic subunit (EC (Virus termination factor large subunit) (mRNA-capping enzyme 97 kDa subunit) (mRNA-capping enzyme large... ma-jd-viral-41036
non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24678
thiol oxidase (EC ma-jd-viral-37180