Non enveloped, icosahedral virion with a pseudo T=25 symmetry. Virion size is about 66 nm with apical spikes of 20 nm. The capsid encloses a inner membrane vesicle within which the genomic DNA is coiled.


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 15 kb flanked by inverted repeats. Encodes for 30 ORFs. Replication is protein-primed.


Genes are transcribed by operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attaches to target cell through its spike protein P2. As a result, a protein complex composed of P2, P5, P31 and a part of the capsid (p3) is released, which produces a hole in the capsid.
  2. Internal phage membrane transforms into a tubular structure that protrudes through the hole in the capsid and penetrates the host outer membrane and peptidoglycan layer, to fuse with host plasma membrane, releasing the viral DNA into cytoplasm.
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes.
  4. Replication of genomic DNA.
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes.
  6. Capsid proteins polymerize around a lipoprotein vesicle translocated in the cytoplasm by virion assembly factors.
  7. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions.
  8. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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Enterobacteria phage PRD1 (Bacteriophage PRD1) reference strain

HOLIN_BPPRD Holin (Protein P35)
EXLYS_BPPRD Transglycosylase (EC 4.2.2.n1) (Protein P7)
PKG20_BPPRD Packaging protein P20
PKG22_BPPRD Packaging protein P22 (GpK) (Protein K)
PKG6_BPPRD Packaging efficiency factor P6
PKG9_BPPRD DNA packaging ATPase P9 (Protein P9)
P5_BPPRD Spike protein P5 (Protein P5)
TERM_BPPRD DNA terminal protein (Protein P8)
VP10_BPPRD Protein P10
P2_BPPRD Adsorption protein P2 (Protein P2)
DPOL_BPPRD DNA-directed DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-) (Protein P1)
VP19_BPPRD Protein P19
VP34_BPPRD Protein P34 (Protein O) (GpO)
VP16_BPPRD Protein P16 (GpS) (Protein S)
VP30_BPPRD Minor capsid protein P30 (Protein P) (GpP)
VP31_BPPRD Penton protein P31 (GpC) (Protein C)
VP11_BPPRD Infectivity protein P11
VP12_BPPRD Single-stranded DNA-binding protein (Protein P12)
VP32_BPPRD Protein P32
VP17_BPPRD Protein P17
VP33_BPPRD Protein P33
VP18_BPPRD Protein P18 (GpM) (Protein M)
YPI_BPPRD Putative uncharacterized 4.5 kDa protein in genes IX-XX intergenic region (ORFi)
CAPSD_BPPRD Major capsid protein P3 (Protein P3)
ENLYS_BPPRD Endolysin (EC (Beta-1,4-N-acetylmuramidase) (Lysozyme) (Lytic enzyme) (Muramidase) ...

1 entry

Bacillus phage Bam35c (Bacillus thuringiensis bacteriophage Bam35c) reference strain

TERM_BP35C DNA terminal protein