Gammapapillomavirus (taxid:325455)



Non-enveloped. Small, icosahedral, about 60 nm in size. A single molecule of circular dsDNA is contained within the T=7 icosahedral capsid, which is composed of 72 pentamers.



Circular dsDNA, about 8 kb in size, associated with cellular histones.
On rare non-specific recombination, the viral genome can be integrated in host chromosome. This inactivates the integrated virus but can gives the host cell a replicative advantage sometimes leading to malignant tumours.


Only one strand of the genome is transcribed and yield two classes of proteins expressed by alternative splicing :
a) Early Proteins: non-structural regulatory proteins (E1-E7).
b) Late Proteins: the structural proteins L1 and L2.



Replication is divided in two distinct steps that are linked to the differentiation state of the host epithelial cell:

a) The plasmid replication takes place in the basal squamous epithelial cells. It corresponds to viral DNA replication in synchrony with the host cell chromosome in order to ensures an average of one viral genome per basal cell.

  1. Attachment of the viral proteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis into vesicles in the basal squamous epithelial cell.
  2. Transport to the nucleus and uncoating of the viral DNA.
  3. Early-region transcription and translation of the early proteins.
  4. Steady-state viral DNA nuclear replication. Requires the origin of DNA replication in cis and the viral E1 and E2 proteins in trans.

b) The vegetative replication, which occurs in differentiated keratinocytes. In these cells, which no longer undergo cellular DNA synthesis, there is a burst of viral DNA synthesis with active production of virions.

  1. Vegetative viral DNA synthesis.
  2. Transcription of the late region.
  3. Capsid proteins L1 and L2 synthesis.
  4. Nuclear capsid assembly and release of viruses.

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8 entries

Human papillomavirus 4 reference strain

VE1_HPV04 Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1)
VE2_HPV04 Regulatory protein E2
VE6_HPV04 Protein E6
VE7_HPV04 Protein E7
VL2_HPV04 Minor capsid protein L2
VE8E2_HPV04 Protein E8^E2C
VE4_HPV04 Protein E4
VL1_HPV04 Major capsid protein L1

6 entries

Human papillomavirus type 48 reference strain

VE6_HPV48 Protein E6
VE7_HPV48 Protein E7
VE1_HPV48 Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1)
VE2_HPV48 Regulatory protein E2
VL2_HPV48 Minor capsid protein L2
VL1_HPV48 Major capsid protein L1

6 entries

Human papillomavirus type 60 reference strain

VE6_HPV60 Protein E6
VE7_HPV60 Protein E7
VE1_HPV60 Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1)
VE2_HPV60 Regulatory protein E2
VL2_HPV60 Minor capsid protein L2
VL1_HPV60 Major capsid protein L1

4 entries

Human papillomavirus type 50 reference strain

VE7_HPV50 Protein E7
VE2_HPV50 Regulatory protein E2
VL2_HPV50 Minor capsid protein L2
VL1_HPV50 Major capsid protein L1

8 entries

Human papillomavirus 65

VE1_HPV65 Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1)
VE2_HPV65 Regulatory protein E2
VE6_HPV65 Protein E6
VE7_HPV65 Protein E7
VL2_HPV65 Minor capsid protein L2
VE8E2_HPV65 Protein E8^E2C
VE4_HPV65 Protein E4
VL1_HPV65 Major capsid protein L1
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Human papillomavirus 116 taxid:915428

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67318
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44987
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00900
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13758
Putative E4 protein ma-jd-viral-35621
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61173
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21282

Human papillomavirus 121 taxid:915429

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67340
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-45009
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00929
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13651
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61130
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21276
Uncharacterized protein E4 ma-jd-viral-58530

Human papillomavirus 126 taxid:1055684

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67284
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44885
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00927
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13767
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61140
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21293
Uncharacterized protein HpV126gp5 ma-jd-viral-35616

Human papillomavirus 127 taxid:746832

Protein ModelArchive
E1^E4 ma-jd-viral-58529
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67339
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44887
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00925
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13671
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61094
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21365

Human papillomavirus 132 taxid:909331

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-58537
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67276
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44875
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00922
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13648
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61185
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21313

Human papillomavirus 134 taxid:909333

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-29955
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67360
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44939
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00936
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13751
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61167
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21231

Human papillomavirus 135 taxid:1070408

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-58532
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67243
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44990
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00947
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13742
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61097
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21359

Human papillomavirus 136 taxid:1070409

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-35624
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67233
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44877
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00930
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13747
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61043
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21344

Human papillomavirus 140 taxid:1070413

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-35618
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67320
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44999
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00976
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13756
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61116
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21355

Human papillomavirus 144 taxid:1070417

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-35617
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67278
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44909
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00915
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13664
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61099
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21259

Human papillomavirus 154 taxid:1195796

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-35623
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67355
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44918
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00950
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13763
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61127
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21332

Human papillomavirus 167 taxid:1420545

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67241
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44906
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00979
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13672
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61072
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21233

Human papillomavirus 178 taxid:1478160

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-58539
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67350
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44936
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00909
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13673
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61068
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21284

Human papillomavirus 179 taxid:1472342

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67356
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44886
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00926
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13706
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61052
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21250

Human papillomavirus 201 taxid:1682340

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-58533
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67328
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44878
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00948
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13734
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61082
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21303

Human papillomavirus KC5 taxid:1647924

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-58538
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67272
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44956
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00941
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13765
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61182
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21338

human papillomavirus 128 taxid:931209

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-35625
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67263
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44913
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00978
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13667
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61170
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21304

human papillomavirus 129 taxid:931210

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-35619
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67232
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44914
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00958
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13749
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61184
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21372

human papillomavirus 131 taxid:909330

Protein ModelArchive
E4 ma-jd-viral-58535
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67266
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44961
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00952
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13669
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61037
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21298

human papillomavirus 137 taxid:1070410

Protein ModelArchive
E4 protein ma-jd-viral-58531
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67358
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-45011
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00932
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13666
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61136
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21294

human papillomavirus 163 taxid:1315262

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67364
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44954
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00956
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13759
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61066
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21247

human papillomavirus 166 taxid:1315259

Protein ModelArchive
Major capsid protein L1 ma-jd-viral-67322
Minor capsid protein L2 ma-jd-viral-44966
Protein E6 ma-jd-viral-00949
Protein E7 ma-jd-viral-13646
Regulatory protein E2 ma-jd-viral-61102
Replication protein E1 (EC (ATP-dependent helicase E1) ma-jd-viral-21302