Closteroviridae (taxid:69973)



Non-enveloped, flexuous and exceptionally long, filamentous particles about 950-2200 nm in length and 10-13 nm in diameter. The virion body is assembled by the major capsid protein (CP) and the tail by the minor capsid protein (CPm).



Mono-(Ampelovirus, Closterovirus) or bi-partite (Crinivirus), linear ssRNA(+) genome of 15 to 20 kb. 3' terminus has no poly(A) tract and the 5' terminus probably has a methylated nucleotide cap.


The virion RNA is infectious and serves as both the genome and viral messenger RNA. ORF1a and ORF1ab protein (containing RdRp) are produced by ribosomal frameshifting. Other ORFs are translated from a set of nested 3' co-terminal subgenomic RNAs.




  1. Virus penetrates into the host cell.
  2. Uncoating, and release of the viral genomic RNA into the cytoplasm.
  3. The viral RNA is translated into a processed ORF1 polyprotein to yield the replication proteins.
  4. Replication occurs in viral factories. A dsRNA genome is synthesized from the genomic ssRNA(+).
  5. The dsRNA genome is transcribed/replicated thereby providing viral mRNAs/new ssRNA(+) genomes.
  6. Subgenomic RNA translation gives rise to the other viral proteins.
  7. Assembly of new virus particles.
  8. Viral movement proteins mediate virion cell-to-cell transfer.

Host-virus interaction

Suppression of RNA silencing

Citrus tristeza virus p25, p20 and p23 and Beet yellows virus p21 and function as suppressors of RNA silencing

Sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus and Tomato chlorosis virus p22 proteins also function as suppressors of RNA silencing

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Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 (isolate United States/NY1) (GLRaV-3) (Grapevine leafroll-associated closterovirus (isolate 109)) reference strain

R1AB_GLRV3 Replicase polyprotein 1ab [Cleaved into: Leader protease (L-Pro) (EC 3.4.22.-) (Papain-like cysteine ...
R1A_GLRV3 Replicase protein 1a [Cleaved into: Leader protease (L-Pro) (EC 3.4.22.-) (Papain-like cysteine ...
MVP2_GLRV3 Movement protein p5 (5 kDa protein) (Protein P5)
MVP1_GLRV3 Movement protein Hsp70h (Heat shock protein 70 homolog) (Hsp70h)
P55_GLRV3 Protein P55
CAPSD_GLRV3 Capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
CPM_GLRV3 Minor capsid protein (CPm)
P6_GLRV3 Uncharacterized 6 kDa protein (p6)
P21_GLRV3 Protein P21 (21 kDa protein)
P20A_GLRV3 Protein P20A (19.6 kDa protein)
P20B_GLRV3 Protein P20B (19.7 kDa protein)
P4_GLRV3 Protein P4 (4 kDa protein)
P7_GLRV3 Protein P7 (7 kDa protein)

9 entries

Lettuce infectious yellows virus (isolate United States/92) (LIYV) reference strain

R1AB_LIYV9 Replicase polyprotein 1ab [Cleaved into: Leader protease (L-PRO) (EC 3.4.22.-); ...
R1A_LIYV9 Replicase polyprotein 1a [Cleaved into: Leader protease (L-PRO) (EC 3.4.22.-); ...
P34_LIYV9 RNA-binding P34 protein (P34)
MVP_LIYV9 Movement protein Hsp70h (Heat shock protein 70 homolog) (Hsp70h)
CAPSD_LIYV9 Capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
CPM_LIYV9 Minor capsid protein (CPm)
P26_LIYV9 Protein p26
P9_LIYV9 Protein P9
P59_LIYV9 Protein p59

8 entries

Beet yellows virus (isolate Ukraine) (BYV) (Sugar beet yellows virus) reference strain

R1AB_BYVU Replicase polyprotein 1ab [Cleaved into: Leader protease (L-Pro) (EC 3.4.22.-) (Papain-like cysteine ...
MVP2_BYVU Movement protein p6 (6 kDa protein) (p6)
MVP1_BYVU Movement protein Hsp70h (Heat shock protein 70 homolog) (Hsp70h)
P21_BYVU RNA silencing suppressor (21 kDa protein) (p21)
CAPSD_BYVU Capsid protein (CP) (p22)
CPM_BYVU Minor capsid protein (CPm) (p24)
P64_BYVU 64 kDa protein (p64)
P20_BYVU 20 kDa protein (p20)

1 entry

Citrus tristeza virus (isolate T36) (CTV)

CAPSD_CTV36 Capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein)
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Areca palm velarivirus 1 taxid:1654603

Protein ModelArchive
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15837
Heat shock protein 70 ma-jd-viral-09833
Minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-34189
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19507
p18 protein ma-jd-viral-49898
p19 protein ma-jd-viral-39802
p21 protein ma-jd-viral-34182
p26 protein ma-jd-viral-35292
p60 protein ma-jd-viral-60827

Bean yellow disorder virus taxid:267970

Protein ModelArchive
CP ma-jd-viral-15942
CPm ma-jd-viral-44110
ORF1b ma-jd-viral-19500
p26 ma-jd-viral-39769
p27 ma-jd-viral-03372
p6 ma-jd-viral-30245
p6 ma-jd-viral-55769
p6.3 ma-jd-viral-50217
p60 ma-jd-viral-60824
p62 ma-jd-viral-09809
p9 ma-jd-viral-13887

Beet pseudoyellows virus taxid:72750

Protein ModelArchive
CP ma-jd-viral-15944
CPm ma-jd-viral-44106
HSP70h ma-jd-viral-09801
ORF 2 ma-jd-viral-45134
p10 ma-jd-viral-13885
p26 ma-jd-viral-03376
p59 ma-jd-viral-60820
p6 ma-jd-viral-55324
p9 ma-jd-viral-60862

Blackberry vein banding-associated virus taxid:1381464

Protein ModelArchive
Heat shock protein 70-like protein ma-jd-viral-09822
Heat shock protein 90-like protein ma-jd-viral-17148
Major coat protein ma-jd-viral-15954
Minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-36357
Putative silencing suppressor ma-jd-viral-67384
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 1b ma-jd-viral-19504
p19 ma-jd-viral-64181
p20 ma-jd-viral-45500
p6 ma-jd-viral-36411

Blueberry virus A taxid:1206566

Protein ModelArchive
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15838
Coat protein homolog ma-jd-viral-44307
Heat shock protein 70 homolog ma-jd-viral-09820
p11 protein ma-jd-viral-43924
p23 protein ma-jd-viral-46512
p28 protein ma-jd-viral-66049
p6 protein ma-jd-viral-34997
p7 protein ma-jd-viral-40993

Carnation yellow fleck virus taxid:940280

Protein ModelArchive
CP ma-jd-viral-15957
CPm ma-jd-viral-15931
HSP70 ma-jd-viral-09824
RdRp ma-jd-viral-19486
p17 ma-jd-viral-45491
p18 ma-jd-viral-11525
p6 ma-jd-viral-47490
p64 ma-jd-viral-46727

Carrot yellow leaf virus taxid:656190

Protein ModelArchive
1b ma-jd-viral-19490
p22 ma-jd-viral-37267
p24 ma-jd-viral-15926
p25 ma-jd-viral-11522
p26 ma-jd-viral-15959
p29 ma-jd-viral-45772
p54 ma-jd-viral-46731
p67 ma-jd-viral-09807
p7 ma-jd-viral-60334

Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus taxid:558690

Protein ModelArchive
59-kDa protein (60 kDa protein) (p59) ma-jd-viral-60823
6 kDa protein (Hypothetical 6-kDa protein) (p6) ma-jd-viral-50216
6 kDa protein (Hypothetical p6 protein) ma-jd-viral-40223
9-kDa protein (p9) ma-jd-viral-13890
CP (Capsid protein) (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-15947
Heat shock 70 kDa-like protein (Heat shock 70-kDa protein) (Heat shock 70-kDa protein-like protein) (Heat shock protein 70-like... ma-jd-viral-09795
Hypothetical 26-kDa protein ma-jd-viral-03375
Minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-44114
p22 protein ma-jd-viral-52042

Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus taxid:51330

Protein ModelArchive
CP (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-15949
CPm ma-jd-viral-44113
Hsp70h ma-jd-viral-09815
p22 ma-jd-viral-42337
p25 ma-jd-viral-33839
p26 ma-jd-viral-03377
p59 ma-jd-viral-60831
p6 ma-jd-viral-50218
p9 ma-jd-viral-13888

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 10 taxid:367121

Protein ModelArchive
60kDa protein ma-jd-viral-61006
Heat shock protein 70 ma-jd-viral-09821
Putative coat protein ma-jd-viral-15835
RNA dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19495
Uncharacterized protein p23 ma-jd-viral-29352

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 13 taxid:1815581

Protein ModelArchive
22 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-39813
23 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-31130
53 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-46814
6 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-63204
Heat shock protein 70 homolog ma-jd-viral-09799
Putative coat protein ma-jd-viral-16049
Putative minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-58348
Putative transmembrane protein ma-jd-viral-40234
Putative transmembrane protein ma-jd-viral-60479
Putative transmembrane protein ma-jd-viral-54342
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19508

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 5 taxid:71032

Protein ModelArchive
CPd (Duplicate coat protein) ma-jd-viral-29351
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15836
Heat shock protein 70 homolog ma-jd-viral-09813
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19491
p60 protein ma-jd-viral-61004

Lettuce chlorosis virus taxid:642478

Protein ModelArchive
CP (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-15941
Coat protein minor ma-jd-viral-44109
Heat shock 70k-Da protein (p62) ma-jd-viral-09797
p23 ma-jd-viral-39768
p27 ma-jd-viral-03379
p5 (p5.6) ma-jd-viral-29502
p6 (p4) ma-jd-viral-30400
p6.4 (p6.5) ma-jd-viral-50215
p60 ma-jd-viral-60822
p8 ma-jd-viral-43578
p9 ma-jd-viral-13886

Lettuce infectious yellows virus (isolate United States/92) taxid:651355

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid protein (CP) (Coat protein) ma-jd-viral-15962
Minor capsid protein (CPm) ma-jd-viral-42480
Movement protein Hsp70h (Heat shock protein 70 homolog) (Hsp70h) ma-jd-viral-09829
Protein p26 ma-jd-viral-32630
Protein p59 ma-jd-viral-60828

Persimmon virus B taxid:1493829

Protein ModelArchive
16 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-63157
18 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-64200
19 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-49943
29 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-66579
59 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-51643
8 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-36553
9 kDa protein ma-jd-viral-51578
Heat shock protein 70 homolog ma-jd-viral-09819
Putative coat protein ma-jd-viral-16048
Putative transmembrane protein ma-jd-viral-64042
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19485

Plum bark necrosis stem pitting-associated virus taxid:675077

Protein ModelArchive
Heat shock protein 70-like protein ma-jd-viral-09804
Hydrophobic protein (P6) ma-jd-viral-62834
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-15833
Minor capsid protein ma-jd-viral-37658
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19498
p61 ma-jd-viral-61003

Potato yellow vein virus taxid:103881

Protein ModelArchive
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15946
Coat protein minor ma-jd-viral-44115
Heat shock protein homologue ma-jd-viral-09798
P60 ma-jd-viral-60821
Putative hydrophobic membrane protein ma-jd-viral-41515
p10 ma-jd-viral-13883
p26 ma-jd-viral-03370
p7 ma-jd-viral-64765

Rose leaf rosette-associated virus taxid:1543207

Protein ModelArchive
CP ma-jd-viral-15935
CPm ma-jd-viral-15934
HSP 70h ma-jd-viral-09811
P6 ma-jd-viral-42251
P61 ma-jd-viral-46729
RdRp ma-jd-viral-19488
Secreted protein ma-jd-viral-29511
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-11527
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-44094
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-42582
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-35885
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-57267

Strawberry chlorotic fleck-associated virus taxid:399314

Protein ModelArchive
CP ma-jd-viral-15933
CPh ma-jd-viral-46732
CPm ma-jd-viral-15925
HSP 70h ma-jd-viral-09810
Putative silencing supressor ma-jd-viral-11526
RdRp ma-jd-viral-19497
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-35351
p28 ma-jd-viral-41518
p7 ma-jd-viral-54681

Strawberry pallidosis-associated virus taxid:227507

Protein ModelArchive
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15948
Heat shock protein 70-like protein ma-jd-viral-09817
Minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-44108
Movement protein (p8) ma-jd-viral-35998
ORF 2 (p9) ma-jd-viral-30755
p10 (p9) ma-jd-viral-13884
p28 ma-jd-viral-03373
p6 ma-jd-viral-55327
p60 ma-jd-viral-60829

Tobacco virus 1 taxid:1692045

Protein ModelArchive
1b ma-jd-viral-19512
CP ma-jd-viral-15958
CPh ma-jd-viral-46726
CPm ma-jd-viral-15930
Hsp70h ma-jd-viral-09830
p19 ma-jd-viral-44438
p21 ma-jd-viral-11523
p7 ma-jd-viral-56193

Tomato chlorosis virus taxid:67754

Protein ModelArchive
Coat protein ma-jd-viral-15945
Heat shock protein 70 ma-jd-viral-09805
Minor coat protein ma-jd-viral-44107
ORF1b ma-jd-viral-19509
ORF5 (P9) ma-jd-viral-13891
ORF9 (P7) ma-jd-viral-33016
P5 (p6) ma-jd-viral-56748
P8 ma-jd-viral-55326
RNA dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ma-jd-viral-19509
p22 ma-jd-viral-66168
p27 ma-jd-viral-03374
p59 ma-jd-viral-60826