Viral baseplate protein (kw:KW-1226)

The baseplate is the most distal part of the tail of Myoviridae and Siphoviridae bacterial viruses. It acts as a multiprotein molecular machine that binds to the host cell entry receptor, controls tail sheath contraction (in Myoviridae) and initiate genome ejection. Genome ejection is usually triggered by a change in the baseplate conformation .


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Enterobacteria phage T4 (Bacteriophage T4) reference strain

NEEDL_BPT4 Pre-baseplate central spike protein Gp5 (Pre-Gp5) (Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp5) (EC ...
BP27_BPT4 Baseplate central spike complex protein gp27 (Gene product 27) (gp27) (Hub protein 27)
BP25_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp25 (Outer wedge of baseplate protein) (Protein Gp25)
BP09_BPT4 Baseplate protein gp9 (Gene product 9) (gp9)
BP10_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp10 (Gene product 10) (gp10)
BP11_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp11 (Gene product 11) (gp11)
BP48_BPT4 Baseplate tail-tube junction protein gp48 (Baseplate-tube cap) (Gene product 48) (gp48)
BP54_BPT4 Baseplate tail-tube junction protein gp54 (Gene product 54) (gp54)
BP53_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp53 (Gene product 53) (gp53)
BP06_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp6 (Gene product 6) (gp6)
BP07_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp7 (Gene product 7) (gp7)
BP08_BPT4 Baseplate wedge protein gp8 (Gene product 8) (gp8)

6 entries

Escherichia phage P2 (Bacteriophage P2) reference strain

SPIKE_BPP2 Spike protein (Baseplate assembly protein gpV) (Gene V protein) (GpV)
BPD_BPP2 Probable baseplate hub protein (Gene D protein) (GpD)
BPI_BPP2 Baseplate protein I (Gene I protein) (GpI)
BPJ_BPP2 Baseplate protein J (Gene J protein) (GpJ)
BPW_BPP2 Baseplate protein W (Gene W protein) (GpW)
BPX_BPP2 Baseplate protein X (Gene X protein) (GpX)

5 entries

Escherichia phage Mu (Bacteriophage Mu) reference strain

BP45_BPMU Baseplate puncturing device gp45 (Baseplate spike protein) (Gene product 45) (gp45) (Gene product Q) ...
BP44_BPMU Baseplate hub protein gp44 (43 kDa tail protein) (Gene product 44) (gp44) (Gene product P) (gpP)
BP48_BPMU Baseplate protein gp48 (Gene product 48) (gp48) (Gene product R) (gpR)
BP47_BPMU Baseplate protein gp47 (Gene product 47) (gp47) (Gene product W) (gpW)
BP46_BPMU Baseplate protein gp46 (Gene product 46) (gp46) (Gene product V) (gpV)

2 entries

Lactococcus phage SK1 (Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage SK1) reference strain

GP16_BPLSK Baseplate protein gp16 (Exolysin) (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Tail lysozyme-like) (Tail-associated ...
RBP_BPLSK Receptor binding protein (RBP) (Gene product 18) (Gp18)

2 entries

Lactococcus phage p2 (Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage p2) reference strain

RBP_BPLP2 Receptor binding protein (RBP) (Gene product 18) (Gp18)
GP16_BPLP2 Baseplate protein gp16 (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Tail-associated lysine-like protein)

2 entries

Vibrio phage KVP40 (isolate Vibrio parahaemolyticus/Japan/Matsuzaki/1991) (KVP40) (Bacteriophage KVP40) reference strain

BP27_BPKVM Probable baseplate hub protein gp334

1 entry

Enterococcus phage phiEF24C (Enterococcus bacteriophage phi-EF24C) reference strain

BP40_BPPHE Virion protein 3 (Gene product 40) (gp40)

1 entry

Escherichia phage 186 (Bacteriophage 186) reference strain

BPD_BP186 Probable baseplate hub protein (Gene D protein) (GpD) (Late control gene D protein)

1 entry

Escherichia phage T5 (Enterobacteria phage T5) reference strain

BPPB3_BPT5 Baseplate hub protein pb3 (BHP-pb3) (Tail protein pb3)

1 entry

Haemophilus phage HP1 (strain HP1c1) (Bacteriophage HP1) reference strain

BP29_BPHC1 Putative baseplate protein gp29 (Gene 29 protein) (Gp29)