Viral tail sheath protein (kw:KW-1229)

Myoviridae bacterial viruses have a tail whose inner rigid tube is covered by an outer sheath. The contraction of the outer sheath pushes the tail tube through the cellular envelope during ejection.


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Bacillus phage SP01 (Bacteriophage SP01) reference strain

TSP_BPSP1 Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Burkholderia phage BcepMu (isolate -/United States/Summer/2002) (Bacteriophage BcepMu) reference strain

TSP_BPBMU Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Clostridium phage phiCD119 (strain Clostridium difficile/United States/Govind/2006) (Bacteriophage phiCD119) reference strain

TSP_BPPCD Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Enterobacteria phage T4 (Bacteriophage T4) reference strain

TSP_BPT4 Tail sheath protein (TSP) (Gene product 18) (gp18)

1 entry

Escherichia phage Mu (Bacteriophage Mu) reference strain

TSP_BPMU Tail sheath protein (TSP) (Gene product 39) (gp39) (Gene product L) (gpL)

1 entry

Escherichia phage P2 (Bacteriophage P2) reference strain

TSP_BPP2 Tail sheath protein (TSP) (Major tail sheath protein) (Protein FI)

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage Bxz1 (Mycobacteriophage Bxz1) reference strain

TSP_BPMBZ Tail sheath protein (TSP) (Gene product 124) (gp124)

1 entry

Salmonella phage ViI reference strain

TSP_BPSAV Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Staphylococcus phage Twort (strain DSM 17442 / HER 48) (Bacteriophage Twort) reference strain

TSP_BPTWO Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Vibrio phage KVP40 (isolate Vibrio parahaemolyticus/Japan/Matsuzaki/1991) (KVP40) (Bacteriophage KVP40) reference strain

TSP_BPKVM Tail sheath protein (TSP)

1 entry

Serratia phage KSP20 (Serratia marcescens bacteriophage KSP20)

TSP_BPSK2 Major tail sheath protein (Virion protein A)