Alloherpesviridae (taxid:548682)



Enveloped, spherical to pleomorphic, 150-200 nm in diameter, T=16 icosahedral symmetry. Capsid consists of 162 capsomers. Glycoproteins complexes are embed in the lipid envelope.


Monopartite, linear, dsDNA genome of 134-248 kb. The genome contains terminal and internal reiterated sequences.


Each viral transcript usually encodes a single protein and has a promoter/regulatory sequence, a TATA box, a transcription initiation site, a 5' leader sequence of 30-300 bp (not translated), a 3' non-translated sequence of 10-30 bp, and a poly A signal. There are many gene overlaps. There are only few spliced genes. Some of the expressed ORFs are antisense to each other. Some ORFs can be accessed from more than one promoter. There are some non-coding genes.




Lytic replication:

  1. Attachment of the viral glycoproteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Entry into host cell is still unclear and may depend on the host cell type, i.e. endocytosis versus fusion at the plasma membrane.
  3. The capsid is transported to the nuclear pore where the viral DNA is released into the nucleus.
  4. Transcription of immediate early genes which promote transcription of early genes.
  5. Transcription of early viral mRNA by host polymerase II, transport into the cytoplasm and translation into early proteins.
  6. Early proteins are involved in replication of the viral DNA and are transported back into the nucleus.
  7. Synthesis of multiple copies of viral DNA by the viral DNA-dependent DNA polymerase.
  8. Transcription of late mRNAs by host polymerase II, transport into the cytoplasm and translation into late proteins.
  9. Late proteins are structural or core proteins and are transported back into the nucleus.
  10. Assembly of the virus in nuclear viral factories and budding through the inner lamella of the nuclear membrane which has been modified by the insertion of herpes glycoproteins, throughout the Golgi and final release at the plasma membrane.

Latent replication : replication of circular viral episome in tandem with the host cell DNA using the host cell replication machinery.

Matching UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries

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76 entries

Ictalurid herpesvirus 1 (strain Auburn) (IcHV-1) (Channel catfish herpesvirus) reference strain

KR14_ICHVA Protein kinase ORF14 (EC
DUT_ICHVA Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP pyrophosphatase)
KR73_ICHVA Protein kinase ORF73 (EC
KITH_ICHVA Thymidine kinase (EC
DPOL_ICHVA DNA polymerase (EC
HELI_ICHVA Probable ATP-dependent helicase 25 (EC 3.6.4.-)
KR74_ICHVA Protein kinase ORF74 (EC
KR15_ICHVA Protein kinase ORF15 (EC
KR16_ICHVA Protein kinase ORF16 (EC
VG46_ICHVA Probable major glycoprotein
VG47_ICHVA Subtilisin-like protease (EC 3.4.21.-)
VG56_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF56
VG32_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF32
VG42_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF42
VG06_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF6
VG72_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF72
VG22_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF22
VG65_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF65
VG67_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF67
VG04_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF4
VG35_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF35
VG70_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF70
VG45_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF45
VG48_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF48
VG27_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF27
VG21_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF21
VG03_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF3
VG17_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF17
VG41_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF41
VG33_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF33
VG53_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF53
VG18_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF18
VG52_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF52
VG61_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF61
VG24_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF24
VG44_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF44
VG60_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF60
VG02_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF2
VG23_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF23
VG68_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF68
VG75_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF75
VG50_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF50
VG28_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF28
VG01_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF1
VG07_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF7
VG10_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF10
VG51_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF51
VG19_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF19
VG08_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF8
VG59_ICHVA Putative membrane protein ORF59
VTER_ICHVA Probable DNA-packaging protein (Terminase)
VG20_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF20
VG39_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF39
VG38_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF38
VG40_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF40
VG36_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF36
VG26_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF26
VG79_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF79
VG77_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF77
VG76_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF76
VG29_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF29
VG30_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF30
VG55_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF55
VG66_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF66
VG34_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF34
VG64_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF64
VG54_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF54
VG63_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF63
VG37_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF37
VG43_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF43
VG31_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF31
VG09_ICHVA Putative zinc-binding protein ORF9
VG11_ICHVA Putative zinc-binding protein ORF11
VG12_ICHVA Putative zinc-binding protein ORF12
VG13_ICHVA Uncharacterized protein ORF13
VG78_ICHVA Putative zinc-binding protein ORF78
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Anguillid herpesvirus 1 taxid:150286

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid maturation protease ma-jd-viral-40781
Capsid scaffold protein ma-jd-viral-30908
Capsid triplex protein 2 (Capsid triplex subunit 2) ma-jd-viral-42073
Capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-45633
DNA helicase (Helicase-primase helicase subunit) ma-jd-viral-23160
DNA packaging terminase subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-06478
Deoxyguanosine kinase 1 (EC ma-jd-viral-25184
Deoxyguanosine kinase 2 (EC ma-jd-viral-25192
Guanosine triphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-35061
Helicase-primase primase subunit ma-jd-viral-63782
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-38538
Membrane protein ORF101 ma-jd-viral-55977
Membrane protein ORF102 ma-jd-viral-65959
Membrane protein ORF109 ma-jd-viral-38985
Membrane protein ORF11 ma-jd-viral-36913
Membrane protein ORF12 ma-jd-viral-62571
Membrane protein ORF124 ma-jd-viral-01259
Membrane protein ORF125 ma-jd-viral-32830
Membrane protein ORF49 ma-jd-viral-63983
Membrane protein ORF50 ma-jd-viral-39335
Membrane protein ORF51 ma-jd-viral-50880
Membrane protein ORF64 ma-jd-viral-41442
Membrane protein ORF65 ma-jd-viral-56196
Membrane protein ORF66 ma-jd-viral-55699
Membrane protein ORF67 ma-jd-viral-29872
Membrane protein ORF71 ma-jd-viral-52157
Membrane protein ORF78 ma-jd-viral-57870
Membrane protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-61553
Membrane protein ORF80 ma-jd-viral-55026
Membrane protein ORF92A ma-jd-viral-59563
Membrane protein ORF93 ma-jd-viral-47250
Membrane protein ORF94 ma-jd-viral-55891
Membrane protein ORF95 ma-jd-viral-50542
ORF12 ma-jd-viral-62571
Protein Allo37 ma-jd-viral-64310
Protein Allo54 ma-jd-viral-11894
Protein Allo60 ma-jd-viral-10931
Protein Allo64 ma-jd-viral-46567
Protein ORF1 ma-jd-viral-48502
Protein ORF1 ma-jd-viral-48503
Protein ORF103 ma-jd-viral-32422
Protein ORF105 ma-jd-viral-44510
Protein ORF106 ma-jd-viral-35520
Protein ORF107 ma-jd-viral-65006
Protein ORF110 ma-jd-viral-64681
Protein ORF111 ma-jd-viral-32369
Protein ORF112 ma-jd-viral-62172
Protein ORF113 ma-jd-viral-55924
Protein ORF114 ma-jd-viral-29149
Protein ORF115 ma-jd-viral-51344
Protein ORF117 ma-jd-viral-56664
Protein ORF118 ma-jd-viral-44028
Protein ORF120 ma-jd-viral-29433
Protein ORF121 ma-jd-viral-40357
Protein ORF122 ma-jd-viral-66033
Protein ORF126 ma-jd-viral-39323
Protein ORF127 ma-jd-viral-51634
Protein ORF13 ma-jd-viral-04249
Protein ORF130 ma-jd-viral-51431
Protein ORF134 ma-jd-viral-56498
Protein ORF14 ma-jd-viral-47797
Protein ORF16 ma-jd-viral-04248
Protein ORF17 ma-jd-viral-04247
Protein ORF19 ma-jd-viral-31843
Protein ORF20 ma-jd-viral-56292
Protein ORF23 ma-jd-viral-61859
Protein ORF24 ma-jd-viral-04246
Protein ORF26 ma-jd-viral-33523
Protein ORF27 ma-jd-viral-37193
Protein ORF28 ma-jd-viral-42245
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-47796
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-47798
Protein ORF30 ma-jd-viral-50060
Protein ORF31 ma-jd-viral-42446
Protein ORF32 ma-jd-viral-42221
Protein ORF33 ma-jd-viral-53119
Protein ORF35 ma-jd-viral-16763
Protein ORF38 ma-jd-viral-04253
Protein ORF39 ma-jd-viral-51638
Protein ORF4 ma-jd-viral-51425
Protein ORF4 ma-jd-viral-51426
Protein ORF40 ma-jd-viral-51305
Protein ORF41 ma-jd-viral-31622
Protein ORF43 ma-jd-viral-60075
Protein ORF44 ma-jd-viral-32598
Protein ORF45 ma-jd-viral-37404
Protein ORF46 ma-jd-viral-33211
Protein ORF47 ma-jd-viral-62809
Protein ORF48 ma-jd-viral-56162
Protein ORF53 ma-jd-viral-32835
Protein ORF54 ma-jd-viral-52381
Protein ORF56 ma-jd-viral-16097
Protein ORF58 ma-jd-viral-34654
Protein ORF59 ma-jd-viral-45017
Protein ORF60 ma-jd-viral-55595
Protein ORF61 ma-jd-viral-30746
Protein ORF62 ma-jd-viral-56206
Protein ORF63 ma-jd-viral-36451
Protein ORF68 ma-jd-viral-59978
Protein ORF69 ma-jd-viral-55929
Protein ORF6A ma-jd-viral-43588
Protein ORF6A ma-jd-viral-43589
Protein ORF70 ma-jd-viral-39577
Protein ORF73 ma-jd-viral-39576
Protein ORF74 ma-jd-viral-46193
Protein ORF76 ma-jd-viral-63123
Protein ORF81 ma-jd-viral-37117
Protein ORF84 ma-jd-viral-67104
Protein ORF85 ma-jd-viral-52989
Protein ORF86 ma-jd-viral-61681
Protein ORF87 ma-jd-viral-29688
Protein ORF88 ma-jd-viral-47546
Protein ORF89 ma-jd-viral-50027
Protein ORF91 ma-jd-viral-47381
Protein ORF92 ma-jd-viral-53072
Protein ORF92B ma-jd-viral-38418
Protein ORF97 ma-jd-viral-39387
Protein ORF99 ma-jd-viral-61350
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14270
Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07697
dTMP kinase (EC (dTMP kinase) ma-jd-viral-25239
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-04269
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-04320
dihydrofolate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-21020
nucleoside-diphosphate kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-40393
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05557
thymidylate synthase (EC ma-jd-viral-08294

Cyprinid herpesvirus 1 taxid:317858

Protein ModelArchive
Deoxyguanosine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-25166
Intercapsomeric triplex protein (Putative capsid triplex subunit 2) ma-jd-viral-42071
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-38537
Membrane protein Allo46 ma-jd-viral-41566
Membrane protein ORF114 ma-jd-viral-44709
Membrane protein ORF115 ma-jd-viral-33169
Membrane protein ORF124 ma-jd-viral-43046
Membrane protein ORF126 ma-jd-viral-30761
Membrane protein ORF131 ma-jd-viral-41979
Membrane protein ORF132 ma-jd-viral-51477
Membrane protein ORF136 ma-jd-viral-61757
Membrane protein ORF146 ma-jd-viral-44732
Membrane protein ORF147A ma-jd-viral-64648
Membrane protein ORF147B ma-jd-viral-59887
Membrane protein ORF150C ma-jd-viral-63307
Membrane protein ORF25 ma-jd-viral-55998
Membrane protein ORF25A ma-jd-viral-50178
Membrane protein ORF30 ma-jd-viral-41931
Membrane protein ORF65 ma-jd-viral-55999
Membrane protein ORF81 ma-jd-viral-31290
Membrane protein ORF82 ma-jd-viral-41815
Membrane protein ORF83 ma-jd-viral-63980
Protein Allo37 ma-jd-viral-64309
Protein Allo54 ma-jd-viral-11896
Protein Allo60 ma-jd-viral-10941
Protein Allo64 ma-jd-viral-46566
Protein ORF10 ma-jd-viral-65286
Protein ORF100 ma-jd-viral-46587
Protein ORF101 ma-jd-viral-48186
Protein ORF102 ma-jd-viral-46692
Protein ORF103 ma-jd-viral-35407
Protein ORF106 ma-jd-viral-62736
Protein ORF108 ma-jd-viral-56905
Protein ORF109 ma-jd-viral-61379
Protein ORF10B ma-jd-viral-51494
Protein ORF111 ma-jd-viral-44468
Protein ORF112 ma-jd-viral-36516
Protein ORF113 ma-jd-viral-12672
Protein ORF120 ma-jd-viral-46249
Protein ORF121 ma-jd-viral-13894
Protein ORF127 ma-jd-viral-56662
Protein ORF128 ma-jd-viral-50500
Protein ORF129 ma-jd-viral-62002
Protein ORF129A ma-jd-viral-34479
Protein ORF130 ma-jd-viral-31878
Protein ORF133 ma-jd-viral-42169
Protein ORF135 ma-jd-viral-66236
Protein ORF136A ma-jd-viral-04472
Protein ORF136B ma-jd-viral-47536
Protein ORF142 ma-jd-viral-60020
Protein ORF143 ma-jd-viral-41098
Protein ORF144 ma-jd-viral-17490
Protein ORF145 ma-jd-viral-33177
Protein ORF147 ma-jd-viral-66022
Protein ORF147D ma-jd-viral-40526
Protein ORF147E ma-jd-viral-43341
Protein ORF150 ma-jd-viral-42069
Protein ORF150A ma-jd-viral-12652
Protein ORF150B ma-jd-viral-12654
Protein ORF150D ma-jd-viral-04471
Protein ORF151 ma-jd-viral-59979
Protein ORF151B ma-jd-viral-61558
Protein ORF151C ma-jd-viral-33111
Protein ORF155 ma-jd-viral-32087
Protein ORF156 ma-jd-viral-43815
Protein ORF17 ma-jd-viral-30215
Protein ORF18 ma-jd-viral-52852
Protein ORF1A ma-jd-viral-39954
Protein ORF1A ma-jd-viral-39955
Protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-12656
Protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-12658
Protein ORF21 ma-jd-viral-32098
Protein ORF22 ma-jd-viral-04494
Protein ORF27A ma-jd-viral-50439
Protein ORF28 ma-jd-viral-10560
Protein ORF28A ma-jd-viral-56440
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-44236
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-44237
Protein ORF31 ma-jd-viral-49787
Protein ORF32 ma-jd-viral-57039
Protein ORF34 ma-jd-viral-30571
Protein ORF35 ma-jd-viral-53473
Protein ORF36 ma-jd-viral-59145
Protein ORF37 ma-jd-viral-58155
Protein ORF41 ma-jd-viral-48231
Protein ORF43 ma-jd-viral-58603
Protein ORF44 ma-jd-viral-50854
Protein ORF45 ma-jd-viral-54650
Protein ORF48 ma-jd-viral-50452
Protein ORF49 ma-jd-viral-35547
Protein ORF5 ma-jd-viral-43433
Protein ORF5 ma-jd-viral-43434
Protein ORF50 ma-jd-viral-33991
Protein ORF51 ma-jd-viral-48126
Protein ORF52 ma-jd-viral-38165
Protein ORF53 ma-jd-viral-35977
Protein ORF54 ma-jd-viral-55033
Protein ORF56 ma-jd-viral-51299
Protein ORF57 ma-jd-viral-55894
Protein ORF59 ma-jd-viral-35540
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54611
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54613
Protein ORF60 ma-jd-viral-45835
Protein ORF67 ma-jd-viral-40613
Protein ORF68 ma-jd-viral-39406
Protein ORF69 ma-jd-viral-48252
Protein ORF70 ma-jd-viral-04254
Protein ORF73 ma-jd-viral-05855
Protein ORF74 ma-jd-viral-31930
Protein ORF75 ma-jd-viral-43424
Protein ORF76 ma-jd-viral-38941
Protein ORF77 ma-jd-viral-65740
Protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-67001
Protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-67002
Protein ORF84 ma-jd-viral-51803
Protein ORF85 ma-jd-viral-64986
Protein ORF86 ma-jd-viral-53890
Protein ORF87 ma-jd-viral-37403
Protein ORF88 ma-jd-viral-32601
Protein ORF89 ma-jd-viral-48491
Protein ORF91 ma-jd-viral-32419
Protein ORF93 ma-jd-viral-44290
Protein ORF94 ma-jd-viral-14458
Protein ORF95 ma-jd-viral-39942
Protein ORF96 ma-jd-viral-42448
Protein ORF97 ma-jd-viral-60946
Putative capsid maturation protease ma-jd-viral-40782
Putative capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-29133
Putative helicase-primase helicase subunit ma-jd-viral-23165
Putative helicase-primase primase subunit ma-jd-viral-63785
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14245
Terminase ma-jd-viral-06483
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-10729
Transcription factor JunB (Transcription factor AP-1 subunit JunB) ma-jd-viral-60772
Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07694
dTMP kinase (EC (dTMP kinase) ma-jd-viral-25231
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-04331
non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24792
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05523

Cyprinid herpesvirus 2 taxid:317878

Protein ModelArchive
Allo60 ma-jd-viral-10939
Deoxyguanosine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-25173
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-38540
Membrane ORF114 (Membrane protein ORF114) ma-jd-viral-44708
Membrane ORF126 (Membrane protein ORF126) ma-jd-viral-46275
Membrane ORF132 (Membrane protein ORF132) ma-jd-viral-41058
Membrane ORF136 (Membrane protein ORF136) ma-jd-viral-64892
Membrane ORF147B (Membrane protein ORF147B) ma-jd-viral-39122
Membrane ORF152A (Membrane protein ORF152A) ma-jd-viral-36943
Membrane ORF153 (Membrane protein ORF153) ma-jd-viral-43655
Membrane ORF153A (Membrane protein ORF153A) ma-jd-viral-55191
Membrane ORF153B (Membrane protein ORF153B) ma-jd-viral-43656
Membrane ORF153C (Membrane protein ORF153C) ma-jd-viral-55750
Membrane ORF16 (Membrane protein ORF16) ma-jd-viral-18440
Membrane ORF25 (Membrane protein ORF25) ma-jd-viral-50177
Membrane ORF30 (Membrane protein ORF30) ma-jd-viral-34887
Membrane ORF81 (Membrane protein ORF81) ma-jd-viral-31289
Membrane ORF83 (Membrane protein ORF83) ma-jd-viral-63982
Membrane protein Allo46 ma-jd-viral-41570
Membrane protein ORF115 ma-jd-viral-39250
Membrane protein ORF124 ma-jd-viral-43048
Membrane protein ORF131 ma-jd-viral-41978
Membrane protein ORF138 ma-jd-viral-40207
Membrane protein ORF142A ma-jd-viral-60345
Membrane protein ORF146 ma-jd-viral-33273
Membrane protein ORF25C ma-jd-viral-50176
Membrane protein ORF25D ma-jd-viral-56001
Membrane protein ORF64 ma-jd-viral-66436
Membrane protein ORF82 ma-jd-viral-41814
ORF100 ma-jd-viral-46588
ORF102 ma-jd-viral-46694
ORF106 ma-jd-viral-49459
ORF109 ma-jd-viral-61380
ORF110 ma-jd-viral-44190
ORF111 ma-jd-viral-44466
ORF118 ma-jd-viral-57658
ORF119 ma-jd-viral-50319
ORF120 ma-jd-viral-46251
ORF122 ma-jd-viral-39158
ORF127 ma-jd-viral-56663
ORF129 ma-jd-viral-67203
ORF130 ma-jd-viral-31877
ORF135 ma-jd-viral-66237
ORF142 ma-jd-viral-42219
ORF144 ma-jd-viral-17491
ORF154 ma-jd-viral-43098
ORF18 ma-jd-viral-52851
ORF2 ma-jd-viral-12650
ORF20 ma-jd-viral-10548
ORF21 ma-jd-viral-32099
ORF22 ma-jd-viral-04498
ORF24 ma-jd-viral-04495
ORF28A ma-jd-viral-50557
ORF2A ma-jd-viral-12651
ORF31 ma-jd-viral-49786
ORF32 ma-jd-viral-57037
ORF34 ma-jd-viral-63960
ORF35 ma-jd-viral-53474
ORF36 ma-jd-viral-59144
ORF4 (TNFR family protein) ma-jd-viral-63946
ORF44 ma-jd-viral-47547
ORF49 ma-jd-viral-35549
ORF5 ma-jd-viral-52734
ORF5 ma-jd-viral-52735
ORF52 ma-jd-viral-42592
ORF53 ma-jd-viral-35976
ORF59 ma-jd-viral-35539
ORF60 ma-jd-viral-45834
ORF69 ma-jd-viral-48253
ORF70 ma-jd-viral-04251
ORF74 ma-jd-viral-31931
ORF75 ma-jd-viral-43426
ORF76 ma-jd-viral-38939
ORF77 ma-jd-viral-65741
ORF85 ma-jd-viral-64987
ORF86 ma-jd-viral-53889
ORF91 ma-jd-viral-32421
ORF93 ma-jd-viral-44289
ORF95 ma-jd-viral-39940
Protein Allo37 ma-jd-viral-64307
Protein Allo54 ma-jd-viral-11895
Protein Allo64 ma-jd-viral-46568
Protein ORF1 ma-jd-viral-49463
Protein ORF10 ma-jd-viral-65288
Protein ORF101 ma-jd-viral-51329
Protein ORF103 ma-jd-viral-35405
Protein ORF108 ma-jd-viral-29414
Protein ORF10A ma-jd-viral-45959
Protein ORF112 ma-jd-viral-61344
Protein ORF113 ma-jd-viral-12673
Protein ORF121 ma-jd-viral-13892
Protein ORF125 ma-jd-viral-44745
Protein ORF128 ma-jd-viral-50499
Protein ORF133 ma-jd-viral-35227
Protein ORF135A ma-jd-viral-29364
Protein ORF143 ma-jd-viral-31274
Protein ORF145 ma-jd-viral-33178
Protein ORF147 ma-jd-viral-66023
Protein ORF147C ma-jd-viral-56218
Protein ORF150 ma-jd-viral-42068
Protein ORF151 ma-jd-viral-58328
Protein ORF152 ma-jd-viral-61551
Protein ORF155 ma-jd-viral-58435
Protein ORF156 ma-jd-viral-43633
Protein ORF17 ma-jd-viral-49707
Protein ORF28 ma-jd-viral-10558
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-44235
Protein ORF37 ma-jd-viral-62615
Protein ORF41 ma-jd-viral-48229
Protein ORF43 ma-jd-viral-58604
Protein ORF45 ma-jd-viral-54649
Protein ORF48 ma-jd-viral-50451
Protein ORF50 ma-jd-viral-33989
Protein ORF54 ma-jd-viral-55032
Protein ORF56 ma-jd-viral-47592
Protein ORF57 ma-jd-viral-55893
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54610
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54614
Protein ORF63 ma-jd-viral-33751
Protein ORF67 ma-jd-viral-40611
Protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-56514
Protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-56515
Protein ORF73 ma-jd-viral-05853
Protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-55539
Protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-55542
Protein ORF84 ma-jd-viral-51804
Protein ORF88 ma-jd-viral-32600
Protein ORF89 ma-jd-viral-48490
Protein ORF94 ma-jd-viral-14459
Protein ORF96 ma-jd-viral-42447
Protein ORF97 ma-jd-viral-60948
Putative capsid maturation protease ma-jd-viral-40784
Putative capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-29132
Putative capsid triplex subunit 2 ma-jd-viral-42070
Putative helicase-primase helicase subunit ma-jd-viral-23157
Putative helicase-primase primase subunit ma-jd-viral-63784
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14350
Terminase ma-jd-viral-06481
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-10727
Truncated membrane ORF25B (Truncated membrane protein ORF25B) ma-jd-viral-62502
Truncated protein ORF151A ma-jd-viral-33035
Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07696
dTMP kinase (EC (dTMP kinase) ma-jd-viral-25227
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-04289
non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24794
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05517

Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 taxid:180230

Protein ModelArchive
Capsid maturation protease (ORF78R) ma-jd-viral-40783
Capsid triplex subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-29131
Capsid triplex subunit 2 (Intercapsomeric triplex protein) (ORF72) ma-jd-viral-42072
DNA packaging terminase subunit 1 ma-jd-viral-06477
Deoxyguanosine kinase (EC (ORF19R) ma-jd-viral-25197
Helicase-primase helicase subunit (ORF71R) ma-jd-viral-23159
Helicase-primase primase subunit (ORF46R) ma-jd-viral-63783
Isolate HZ419 ORF108 protein (ORF108R) (Protein ORF108) ma-jd-viral-29413
Isolate HZ419 ORF132 protein (Membrane protein ORF132) (ORF132L) ma-jd-viral-41059
Isolate HZ419 ORF32 protein (ORF32R) (Protein ORF32) ma-jd-viral-57038
Major capsid protein ma-jd-viral-38535
Major envelope protein (Membrane protein ORF81) (ORF81R) (Putative envelope... ma-jd-viral-31291
Membrane protein ma-jd-viral-41813
Membrane protein (ORF83L) ma-jd-viral-63981
Membrane protein ORF114 (ORF114L) ma-jd-viral-44710
Membrane protein ORF115 (ORF115R) ma-jd-viral-39251
Membrane protein ORF116 ma-jd-viral-43404
Membrane protein ORF124 (ORF124R) ma-jd-viral-43047
Membrane protein ORF126 ma-jd-viral-39588
Membrane protein ORF131 (ORF131L) ma-jd-viral-59340
Membrane protein ORF136 (ORF136R) ma-jd-viral-64893
Membrane protein ORF138 (ORF138L) ma-jd-viral-52276
Membrane protein ORF146 (ORF146L) ma-jd-viral-33274
Membrane protein ORF153 (ORF153R) ma-jd-viral-31032
Membrane protein ORF16 ma-jd-viral-18439
Membrane protein ORF29 (ORF29R) ma-jd-viral-67569
Membrane protein ORF39 ma-jd-viral-60349
Membrane protein ORF64 (ORF64R) ma-jd-viral-66437
Membrane protein ORF65 ma-jd-viral-50179
ORF102L (Protein ORF102) ma-jd-viral-46693
ORF103R (Protein ORF103) ma-jd-viral-35406
ORF105R (Protein ORF105) ma-jd-viral-45765
ORF106R (Protein ORF106) ma-jd-viral-49460
ORF109L (Protein ORF109) ma-jd-viral-51750
ORF110R (Protein ORF110) ma-jd-viral-44191
ORF111R (Protein ORF111) ma-jd-viral-44467
ORF117L (Protein ORF117) ma-jd-viral-50196
ORF118R (Protein ORF118) ma-jd-viral-57657
ORF119R (Protein ORF119) ma-jd-viral-56460
ORF11L (Protein ORF11) ma-jd-viral-58436
ORF120R (Protein ORF120) ma-jd-viral-46250
ORF122R (Protein ORF122) ma-jd-viral-39157
ORF125R (Protein ORF125) ma-jd-viral-32059
ORF127R (Protein ORF127) ma-jd-viral-56665
ORF128L (Protein ORF128) ma-jd-viral-50501
ORF12L (Protein ORF12) (VTNFR12) ma-jd-viral-04470
ORF130L (Protein ORF130) ma-jd-viral-37306
ORF135R (Protein ORF135) ma-jd-viral-66238
ORF137L (Protein ORF137) ma-jd-viral-04496
ORF13L (Protein ORF13) ma-jd-viral-35691
ORF142L (Protein ORF142) ma-jd-viral-46016
ORF143L (Protein ORF143) ma-jd-viral-29938
ORF144L (Protein ORF144) ma-jd-viral-17492
ORF145L (Protein ORF145) ma-jd-viral-33179
ORF147L (Protein ORF147) ma-jd-viral-66024
ORF148 ma-jd-viral-50174
ORF149 (ORF149L) ma-jd-viral-56000
ORF14L (Protein ORF14) ma-jd-viral-62676
ORF150R (Protein ORF150) ma-jd-viral-42067
ORF151R (Protein ORF151) ma-jd-viral-53602
ORF152R (Protein ORF152) ma-jd-viral-61550
ORF15L (Protein ORF15) ma-jd-viral-47539
ORF17L (Protein ORF17) ma-jd-viral-63447
ORF18L (Protein ORF18) ma-jd-viral-52850
ORF1R (Protein ORF1) ma-jd-viral-45085
ORF1R (Protein ORF1) ma-jd-viral-45086
ORF20L (Protein ORF20) ma-jd-viral-10549
ORF21R (Protein ORF21) ma-jd-viral-32097
ORF22R (Protein ORF22) ma-jd-viral-04499
ORF24R (Protein ORF24) ma-jd-viral-04497
ORF25 ma-jd-viral-50175
ORF26R (Truncated membrane protein ORF26) ma-jd-viral-59858
ORF28L (Protein ORF28) ma-jd-viral-10559
ORF31L (Protein ORF31) ma-jd-viral-49788
ORF34R (Protein ORF34) ma-jd-viral-50032
ORF35R (Protein ORF35) ma-jd-viral-30159
ORF36R (Protein ORF36) ma-jd-viral-59143
ORF37L (Protein ORF37) ma-jd-viral-65154
ORF38L (Protein ORF38) ma-jd-viral-57091
ORF40L (Truncated membrane protein ORF40) ma-jd-viral-29323
ORF41L (Protein ORF41) ma-jd-viral-48230
ORF44R (Protein ORF44) ma-jd-viral-45549
ORF49R (Protein ORF49) ma-jd-viral-35548
ORF4R (Protein ORF4) (VTNFR4) ma-jd-viral-63944
ORF4R (Protein ORF4) (VTNFR4) ma-jd-viral-63945
ORF54L (Protein ORF54) ma-jd-viral-55031
ORF56L (Protein ORF56) ma-jd-viral-47593
ORF59L (Protein ORF59) ma-jd-viral-35541
ORF5R (Protein ORF5) ma-jd-viral-56755
ORF5R (Protein ORF5) ma-jd-viral-56756
ORF60L (Protein ORF60) ma-jd-viral-45836
ORF63R (Protein ORF63) ma-jd-viral-33752
ORF73L (Protein ORF73) ma-jd-viral-05854
ORF74L (Protein ORF74) ma-jd-viral-31932
ORF75R (Protein ORF75) ma-jd-viral-43425
ORF76L (Protein ORF76) ma-jd-viral-38940
ORF77R (Protein ORF77) ma-jd-viral-65742
ORF85L (Protein ORF85) ma-jd-viral-64988
ORF86L (Protein ORF86) ma-jd-viral-44534
ORF87L (Protein ORF87) ma-jd-viral-37405
ORF88R (Protein ORF88) ma-jd-viral-32599
ORF8L (Protein ORF8) ma-jd-viral-55540
ORF8L (Protein ORF8) ma-jd-viral-55541
ORF91R (Protein ORF91) ma-jd-viral-32420
ORF93R (Protein ORF93) ma-jd-viral-44288
ORF95L (Protein ORF95) ma-jd-viral-39941
ORF96L (Protein ORF96) ma-jd-viral-42449
ORF98R (Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC ma-jd-viral-07695
ORF9L (Protein ORF9) ma-jd-viral-12657
Protein Allo37 ma-jd-viral-64308
Protein Allo54 ma-jd-viral-11893
Protein Allo60 ma-jd-viral-10940
Protein Allo64 ma-jd-viral-46565
Protein ORF10 ma-jd-viral-65287
Protein ORF100 ma-jd-viral-46586
Protein ORF101 ma-jd-viral-51328
Protein ORF112 ma-jd-viral-55107
Protein ORF113 ma-jd-viral-12674
Protein ORF121 ma-jd-viral-13893
Protein ORF129 ma-jd-viral-67202
Protein ORF133 ma-jd-viral-35226
Protein ORF154 ma-jd-viral-64321
Protein ORF156 ma-jd-viral-43816
Protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-12653
Protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-12655
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-53746
Protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-53747
Protein ORF43 ma-jd-viral-58605
Protein ORF45 ma-jd-viral-54648
Protein ORF48 ma-jd-viral-50453
Protein ORF50 ma-jd-viral-33990
Protein ORF52 ma-jd-viral-49955
Protein ORF53 ma-jd-viral-35978
Protein ORF57 ma-jd-viral-55895
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54609
Protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-54612
Protein ORF67 ma-jd-viral-40612
Protein ORF69 ma-jd-viral-48251
Protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-32211
Protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-32212
Protein ORF70 ma-jd-viral-04252
Protein ORF84 ma-jd-viral-51802
Protein ORF89 ma-jd-viral-48489
Protein ORF97 ma-jd-viral-60947
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-14314
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-10742
Truncated membrane protein ORF27 ma-jd-viral-29864
Truncated membrane protein ORF30 ma-jd-viral-30551
Truncated protein ORF94 ma-jd-viral-14457
Viral interleukin-10 homolog ma-jd-viral-33419
dTMP kinase (EC (dTMP kinase) ma-jd-viral-25224
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-14363
non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24793
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (EC ma-jd-viral-05516

Ictalurid herpesvirus 1 (strain Auburn) taxid:766178

Protein ModelArchive
Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP... ma-jd-viral-04319
Probable ATP-dependent helicase 25 (EC 3.6.4.-) ma-jd-viral-23166
Probable DNA-packaging protein (Terminase) ma-jd-viral-06482
Probable major glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-32238
Protein kinase ORF14 (EC ma-jd-viral-24686
Protein kinase ORF14 (EC ma-jd-viral-24687
Protein kinase ORF15 (EC ma-jd-viral-24683
Protein kinase ORF16 (EC ma-jd-viral-24684
Protein kinase ORF73 (EC ma-jd-viral-61274
Protein kinase ORF74 (EC ma-jd-viral-53336
Putative membrane protein ORF10 ma-jd-viral-32819
Putative membrane protein ORF10 ma-jd-viral-32821
Putative membrane protein ORF19 ma-jd-viral-29089
Putative membrane protein ORF51 ma-jd-viral-39071
Putative membrane protein ORF59 ma-jd-viral-55898
Putative membrane protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-53169
Putative membrane protein ORF6 ma-jd-viral-53170
Putative membrane protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-44577
Putative membrane protein ORF7 ma-jd-viral-44578
Putative membrane protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-67535
Putative membrane protein ORF8 ma-jd-viral-67536
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF11 ma-jd-viral-50063
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF11 ma-jd-viral-50066
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF12 ma-jd-viral-43769
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF12 ma-jd-viral-43770
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF78 ma-jd-viral-58713
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF9 ma-jd-viral-62265
Putative zinc-binding protein ORF9 ma-jd-viral-62266
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-25167
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-25188
Uncharacterized protein ORF1 ma-jd-viral-42037
Uncharacterized protein ORF1 ma-jd-viral-42039
Uncharacterized protein ORF13 ma-jd-viral-64757
Uncharacterized protein ORF13 ma-jd-viral-64758
Uncharacterized protein ORF17 ma-jd-viral-56900
Uncharacterized protein ORF18 ma-jd-viral-65427
Uncharacterized protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-61329
Uncharacterized protein ORF2 ma-jd-viral-61331
Uncharacterized protein ORF20 ma-jd-viral-36496
Uncharacterized protein ORF21 ma-jd-viral-31894
Uncharacterized protein ORF22 ma-jd-viral-33467
Uncharacterized protein ORF23 ma-jd-viral-47538
Uncharacterized protein ORF24 ma-jd-viral-35833
Uncharacterized protein ORF26 ma-jd-viral-34085
Uncharacterized protein ORF27 ma-jd-viral-42430
Uncharacterized protein ORF28 ma-jd-viral-47241
Uncharacterized protein ORF29 ma-jd-viral-12268
Uncharacterized protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-58808
Uncharacterized protein ORF3 ma-jd-viral-58809
Uncharacterized protein ORF30 ma-jd-viral-62930
Uncharacterized protein ORF31 ma-jd-viral-46786
Uncharacterized protein ORF32 ma-jd-viral-44435
Uncharacterized protein ORF33 ma-jd-viral-51889
Uncharacterized protein ORF34 ma-jd-viral-04241
Uncharacterized protein ORF35 ma-jd-viral-61021
Uncharacterized protein ORF36 ma-jd-viral-05851
Uncharacterized protein ORF37 ma-jd-viral-54346
Uncharacterized protein ORF38 ma-jd-viral-59757
Uncharacterized protein ORF39 ma-jd-viral-38534
Uncharacterized protein ORF4 ma-jd-viral-32524
Uncharacterized protein ORF4 ma-jd-viral-32525
Uncharacterized protein ORF40 ma-jd-viral-36258
Uncharacterized protein ORF41 ma-jd-viral-45909
Uncharacterized protein ORF42 ma-jd-viral-30603
Uncharacterized protein ORF43 ma-jd-viral-53803
Uncharacterized protein ORF44 ma-jd-viral-49813
Uncharacterized protein ORF45 ma-jd-viral-62111
Uncharacterized protein ORF48 ma-jd-viral-37364
Uncharacterized protein ORF50 ma-jd-viral-50301
Uncharacterized protein ORF52 ma-jd-viral-51144
Uncharacterized protein ORF53 ma-jd-viral-38678
Uncharacterized protein ORF54 ma-jd-viral-11897
Uncharacterized protein ORF55 ma-jd-viral-48906
Uncharacterized protein ORF56 ma-jd-viral-35507
Uncharacterized protein ORF60 ma-jd-viral-10938
Uncharacterized protein ORF61 ma-jd-viral-64958
Uncharacterized protein ORF63 ma-jd-viral-50831
Uncharacterized protein ORF64 ma-jd-viral-42322
Uncharacterized protein ORF65 ma-jd-viral-63963
Uncharacterized protein ORF66 ma-jd-viral-37047
Uncharacterized protein ORF68 ma-jd-viral-62952
Uncharacterized protein ORF70 ma-jd-viral-06903
Uncharacterized protein ORF72 ma-jd-viral-54941
Uncharacterized protein ORF75 ma-jd-viral-38531
Uncharacterized protein ORF76 ma-jd-viral-25155
Uncharacterized protein ORF77 ma-jd-viral-25157
Uncharacterized protein ORF79 ma-jd-viral-34379

Ranid herpesvirus 2 taxid:389214

Protein ModelArchive
Cytosine-specific methyltransferase (EC ma-jd-viral-43119
DNA polymerase (EC ma-jd-viral-17255
ORF1 ma-jd-viral-30651
ORF10 ma-jd-viral-48068
ORF100 ma-jd-viral-24441
ORF101 ma-jd-viral-57878
ORF102 ma-jd-viral-46423
ORF103 ma-jd-viral-34549
ORF104 ma-jd-viral-30229
ORF105 ma-jd-viral-32815
ORF107 ma-jd-viral-41660
ORF108 ma-jd-viral-64673
ORF109 ma-jd-viral-40091
ORF11 ma-jd-viral-31336
ORF111 ma-jd-viral-51809
ORF112 ma-jd-viral-33612
ORF113 ma-jd-viral-11900
ORF114 ma-jd-viral-39786
ORF115 ma-jd-viral-30160
ORF116 ma-jd-viral-49670
ORF117 ma-jd-viral-03070
ORF118 ma-jd-viral-10933
ORF119 ma-jd-viral-41631
ORF12 ma-jd-viral-36612
ORF121 ma-jd-viral-40368
ORF122 ma-jd-viral-42324
ORF125 ma-jd-viral-34766
ORF127 ma-jd-viral-46687
ORF128 ma-jd-viral-04250
ORF129 ma-jd-viral-23162
ORF13 ma-jd-viral-08563
ORF130 ma-jd-viral-61996
ORF131 ma-jd-viral-42428
ORF132 ma-jd-viral-30976
ORF133 ma-jd-viral-49472
ORF134 ma-jd-viral-40524
ORF135 ma-jd-viral-30790
ORF136 ma-jd-viral-64671
ORF137 ma-jd-viral-57183
ORF138 ma-jd-viral-66618
ORF139 ma-jd-viral-60172
ORF14 ma-jd-viral-08562
ORF140 ma-jd-viral-17712
ORF141 ma-jd-viral-17713
ORF143 ma-jd-viral-44542
ORF144 ma-jd-viral-38608
ORF145 ma-jd-viral-46199
ORF146 ma-jd-viral-62123
ORF147 ma-jd-viral-47268
ORF15 ma-jd-viral-08569
ORF16 ma-jd-viral-08565
ORF17 ma-jd-viral-08564
ORF18 ma-jd-viral-08561
ORF19 ma-jd-viral-08560
ORF2 ma-jd-viral-32302
ORF20 ma-jd-viral-08559
ORF21 ma-jd-viral-08558
ORF22 ma-jd-viral-08568
ORF23 ma-jd-viral-08570
ORF24 ma-jd-viral-08567
ORF25 ma-jd-viral-08566
ORF26 ma-jd-viral-60191
ORF27 ma-jd-viral-35450
ORF28 ma-jd-viral-37043
ORF29 ma-jd-viral-51107
ORF3 ma-jd-viral-45079
ORF30 ma-jd-viral-16429
ORF31 ma-jd-viral-16427
ORF32 ma-jd-viral-55158
ORF33 ma-jd-viral-47830
ORF34 ma-jd-viral-17707
ORF35 ma-jd-viral-17709
ORF36 ma-jd-viral-17711
ORF37 ma-jd-viral-17710
ORF38 ma-jd-viral-50263
ORF39 ma-jd-viral-49691
ORF4 ma-jd-viral-51660
ORF40 ma-jd-viral-53048
ORF41 ma-jd-viral-37647
ORF42 ma-jd-viral-60698
ORF43 ma-jd-viral-67150
ORF44 ma-jd-viral-35935
ORF45 ma-jd-viral-45034
ORF46 ma-jd-viral-45033
ORF47 ma-jd-viral-66948
ORF48 ma-jd-viral-51640
ORF49 ma-jd-viral-32802
ORF5 ma-jd-viral-35857
ORF50 ma-jd-viral-42299
ORF51 ma-jd-viral-11026
ORF52 ma-jd-viral-11024
ORF53 ma-jd-viral-11023
ORF54 ma-jd-viral-38322
ORF55 ma-jd-viral-11022
ORF56 ma-jd-viral-11028
ORF57 ma-jd-viral-11025
ORF58 ma-jd-viral-11027
ORF59 ma-jd-viral-41358
ORF6 ma-jd-viral-62735
ORF60 ma-jd-viral-11029
ORF61 ma-jd-viral-35455
ORF62 ma-jd-viral-60077
ORF63 ma-jd-viral-50431
ORF64 ma-jd-viral-65155
ORF65 ma-jd-viral-46375
ORF66 ma-jd-viral-51161
ORF67 ma-jd-viral-25059
ORF68 ma-jd-viral-06476
ORF69 ma-jd-viral-06904
ORF7 ma-jd-viral-51865
ORF70 ma-jd-viral-50016
ORF71 ma-jd-viral-42210
ORF72 ma-jd-viral-41567
ORF73 ma-jd-viral-33735
ORF74 ma-jd-viral-49494
ORF75 ma-jd-viral-04245
ORF76 ma-jd-viral-33889
ORF77 ma-jd-viral-61683
ORF78 ma-jd-viral-55629
ORF79 ma-jd-viral-29954
ORF8 ma-jd-viral-57847
ORF80 ma-jd-viral-38536
ORF81 ma-jd-viral-48167
ORF82 ma-jd-viral-39671
ORF83 ma-jd-viral-30744
ORF84 ma-jd-viral-37162
ORF85 ma-jd-viral-49815
ORF86 ma-jd-viral-63725
ORF87 ma-jd-viral-45814
ORF88 ma-jd-viral-51739
ORF89 ma-jd-viral-49690
ORF9 ma-jd-viral-36585
ORF90 ma-jd-viral-29559
ORF91 ma-jd-viral-33899
ORF92 ma-jd-viral-52889
ORF93 ma-jd-viral-57255
ORF94 ma-jd-viral-54461
ORF95 ma-jd-viral-63071
ORF96 ma-jd-viral-58709
ORF97 ma-jd-viral-36587
ORF98 ma-jd-viral-48892
ORF99 ma-jd-viral-24442
dUTP diphosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-04316
mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-35789