Ichnoviriform (taxid:2948762)

(formerly named Bracovirus)
Viriform: endogenous mobile genetic element that fulfill functions for the encoding host.



Enveloped, prolate ellipsoid form (ichnoviriform) and cylindrical (bracoviriform). Depending on the species, a virion contains one or several nucleocapsids.


Segmented, circular supercoiled dsDNAs ranging from 6.0-20kb. Each virion contains multiple copies of the genome.




a) replicative: occurs in the calyx cells of the ovary.

  1. Excision and circularization of viral DNA in the ovary cells.
  2. Viral DNA synthesis.
  3. Appearance of viral envelopes and nucleocapsids in the nucleus.
  4. Mature virions are released into the lumen of the oviduct probably by lysis (brachoviriform) or budding through the cell membrane (ichnoviriform).

b) vegetative: occurs in all non-reproductive cells.

The viral genome is transmitted in proviral linear form integrated in the wasp's chromosomes. The virus DNA is replicated, just like any other part of the wasp's genome.

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Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus (CsIV)