Virus budding at plasma membrane


Viral genomes are replicated either in the nucleus or near the endoplasmic reticulum, where translation occurs. To reach the plasma membrane, viruses must be transported there before they leave the host cell by budding.
Family Virus Replication site Transport Polarized cell budding Evidence
Arenaviridae Junin virus cytoplasm Microtubules Apical
Baculoviridae Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Nucleus Actin comet Apical
Filoviridae Marburg virus cytoplasm Actin comet Basolateral
Orthomyxoviridae Influenzavirus Nucleus Microtubules Apical
Paramyxoviridae Sendai cytoplasm Microtubules Apical
Retroviridae HIV-1 Nucleus Microtubules Basolateral<notextile>*
Rhabdoviridae VSV cytoplasm Microtubules Basolateral
Togaviridae Sindbis virus cytoplasm unknown Apical and basolateral
(<notextile>*)-This virus does not usually infect polarized cells