Tristromaviridae (taxid:2022738)



Enveloped, rod-shaped virion about 410 nm long and 38 nm in diameter. Genomic DNA is packaged into a helical core.


Linear dsDNA genome of 15.9 kb. Extremities of the DNA are modified in an unknown manner.


The genome is organized in operons.



  1. Adsorption: the phage attaches to target cell
  2. Injection: viral DNA is injected in host cell cytoplasm
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes
  4. Replication of genomic DNA
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes
  6. Genomic DNA is packaged in new virions
  7. Mature virions are released from the cell

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Thermoproteus tenax virus 1 (strain KRA1) (TTV1) reference strain

COA4_TTV1K Coat protein TP4
COA1_TTV1K Coat protein TP1
COA2_TTV1K Coat protein TP2
COA3_TTV1K Coat protein TP3
VTPX_TTV1K Viral protein TPX
YOR1_TTV1K Uncharacterized 7.9 kDa protein
YOR2_TTV1K Uncharacterized 14.8 kDa protein
YOR3_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.9 kDa protein
YOR4_TTV1K Uncharacterized 7.5 kDa protein
YOR5_TTV1K Uncharacterized 9.5 kDa protein
YOR6_TTV1K Uncharacterized 8.9 kDa protein
YOR7_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.5 kDa protein
YOR8_TTV1K Uncharacterized 10.0 kDa protein
YOR9_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.8 kDa protein
YORA_TTV1K Uncharacterized 8.1 kDa protein
YORB_TTV1K Uncharacterized 11.5 kDa protein
YORC_TTV1K Uncharacterized 9.4 kDa protein
YORD_TTV1K Uncharacterized 15.4 kDa protein
YORE_TTV1K Uncharacterized 15.3 kDa protein
YORF_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.7 kDa protein
YORG_TTV1K Uncharacterized 7.1 kDa protein
YORH_TTV1K Uncharacterized 16.6 kDa protein
YORI_TTV1K Uncharacterized 16.5 kDa protein
YORJ_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.1 kDa protein
YORK_TTV1K Uncharacterized 10.5 kDa protein
YORL_TTV1K Uncharacterized 26.8 kDa protein
YORM_TTV1K Uncharacterized 38.6 kDa protein
YORN_TTV1K Uncharacterized 8.3 kDa protein
YORO_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.2 kDa protein
YORP_TTV1K Uncharacterized 20.2 kDa protein
YORQ_TTV1K Uncharacterized 7.3 kDa protein
YORR_TTV1K Uncharacterized 7.4 kDa protein
YORS_TTV1K Uncharacterized 8.8 kDa protein
YORT_TTV1K Uncharacterized 38.7 kDa protein
YORU_TTV1K Uncharacterized 6.0 kDa protein
YORV_TTV1K Uncharacterized 5.9 kDa protein
YORW_TTV1K Uncharacterized 12.1 kDa protein

2 entries

Pyrobaculum filamentous virus 2 (PFV2) reference strain

CAPS2_PFV2 Major capsid protein 2 (MCP2) (Major capsid protein VP2)
CAPS1_PFV2 Major capsid protein 1 (MCP1) (Major capsid protein VP1)

2 entries

Pyrobaculum filamentous virus 1 (PFV1)

CAPS1_PFV1 Major capsid protein 1 (MCP1) (Major capsid protein VP1)
CAPS2_PFV1 Major capsid protein 2 (MCP2) (Major capsid protein VP2)

1 entry

Thermoproteus tenax virus 1 (strain VT3) (TTV1)

VTP3_TTV1V Viral protein TPX