Mivirus (taxid:2507291)


Unknown, discovered using viral metagenomics. Presumably enveloped.



Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, about 10 kb in size. Encodes for two to four proteins.


Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (L) binds to a promoter on each segment and transcribes a messenger RNA. Genomic RNA is possibly encapsidated by N protein.




  1. Virus invades host cells by unknown mechanism: genomic genome is released in cytoplasm.
  2. Transcription
  3. Replication
  4. Unknown mechanism of propagation.
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Beihai hermit crab virus 3 taxid:1922390

Protein ModelArchive
Nucleocapsid protein ma-jd-viral-58052
Putative glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-65753
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-54602

Bole Tick Virus 3 taxid:1608042

Protein ModelArchive
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-07253
Nucleoprotein ma-jd-viral-08063

Changping Tick Virus 2 taxid:1608044

Protein ModelArchive
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-07267
Putative nucleoprotein ma-jd-viral-08065

Changping Tick Virus 3 taxid:1608045

Protein ModelArchive
Putative nucleoprotein ma-jd-viral-08064

Lonestar tick chuvirus 1 taxid:1844927

Protein ModelArchive
G ma-jd-viral-07250
ORF3 ma-jd-viral-08054
ORF4 ma-jd-viral-66906

Suffolk virus taxid:1577137

Protein ModelArchive
ORF3 ma-jd-viral-08062
ORF4 ma-jd-viral-42777
Putative glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-07265

Wenling crustacean virus 13 taxid:1923482

Protein ModelArchive
Nucleoprotein ma-jd-viral-08068
Putative glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-07254

Wuhan tick virus 2 taxid:1608138

Protein ModelArchive
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-07257
Putative nucleoprotein ma-jd-viral-08055

Xinzhou nematode virus 5 taxid:1923773

Protein ModelArchive
Nucleocapsid protein ma-jd-viral-30454