Enveloped, bullet shaped. 180 nm long and 75 nm wide.


Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, about 11 kb in size. Encodes for 5 proteins, plus 4 by alternative initiation.


The viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase binds the encapsidated genome at the leader region, then sequentially transcribes each genes by recognizing start and stop signals flanking viral genes. mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated by the L protein during synthesis.



  1. Attachment of the viral G glycoproteins to host receptors mediates Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion of virus membrane with the vesicle membrane; ribonucleocapsid is released into the cytoplasm.
  3. Sequential transcription, viral mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated by polymerase stuttering in the cytoplasm.
  4. Replication presumably starts when enough nucleoprotein is present to encapsidate neo-synthetized antigenomes and genomes.
  5. The ribonucleocapsid binds to the matrix protein and buds via the host ESCRT complexes occurs at the plasma membrane, releasing new virions.

Host-virus interaction

Inhibition of host Interferon induction

Rabies nucleoprotein plays a role in inhibition of RIG-I antiviral signaling
Rabies phosphoprotein may inhibit IRF-3 phosphorylation

Inhibition of host type I interferon signaling

Rabies phosphoprotein may inhibit STAT-I antiviral pathway signaling by preventing nuclear localization of STAT dimers upon activation.

Inhibition of T-cell response

Rabies nucleoprotein may act as a superantigen by inhibiting Vbeta T-Cell repertoire


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Putative uncharacterized protein C

C_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)


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GLYCO_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
GLYCO_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain
GLYCO_EBLV2European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain
GLYCO_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
GLYCO_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
GLYCO_ARAVAravan virus (ARAV)
GLYCO_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
GLYCO_DUVVDuvenhage virus (DUVV)
GLYCO_IRKVIrkut virus (IRKV)
GLYCO_KHUVKhujand virus (KHUV)
GLYCO_LBVLagos bat virus (LBV)
GLYCO_RABVTRabies virus (isolate Human/Algeria/1991) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVCRabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
GLYCO_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)
GLYCO_RABVVRabies virus (strain Vnukovo-32) (RABV)
GLYCO_WCBVWest Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)

Large structural protein (Protein L) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)

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L_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
L_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain

RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)

L_EBLV2European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain

RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) (Replicase) (Transcriptase)

L_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
L_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
L_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
L_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
L_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
L_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
L_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
L_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
L_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
L_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
L_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
L_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)

Matrix protein (Phosphoprotein M2)

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MATRX_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
MATRX_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain

Matrix protein

MATRX_EBLV2European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain

Matrix protein

MATRX_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
MATRX_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
MATRX_ARAVAravan virus (ARAV)
MATRX_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
MATRX_IRKVIrkut virus (IRKV)
MATRX_KHUVKhujand virus (KHUV)
MATRX_LBVLagos bat virus (LBV)

Matrix protein

MATRX_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVCRabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
MATRX_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)
MATRX_WCBVWest Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)

Nucleoprotein (NP) (Nucleocapsid protein) (Protein N)

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NCAP_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
NCAP_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain
NCAP_EBLV2European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain
NCAP_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
NCAP_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
NCAP_ARAVAravan virus (ARAV)
NCAP_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
NCAP_DUVVDuvenhage virus (DUVV)
NCAP_IRKVIrkut virus (IRKV)
NCAP_KHUVKhujand virus (KHUV)
NCAP_LBVLagos bat virus (LBV)
NCAP_RABVFRabies virus (isolate Fox/Ontario/1991) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVURabies virus (isolate Skunk/Ontario/1991) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVCRabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
NCAP_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)
NCAP_WCBVWest Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)

Phosphoprotein (Protein P) (Protein M1)

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PHOSP_ABLVBAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996) (ABLV) reference strain
PHOSP_EBLV1European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968) (EBLV1) reference strain
PHOSP_EBLV2European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002) (EBLV2) reference strain
PHOSP_MOKVMokola virus (MOKV) reference strain
PHOSP_RABVPRabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV) reference strain
PHOSP_ARAVAravan virus (ARAV)
PHOSP_ABLVHAustralian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998) (ABLV)
PHOSP_DUVVDuvenhage virus (DUVV)
PHOSP_IRKVIrkut virus (IRKV)
PHOSP_KHUVKhujand virus (KHUV)
PHOSP_LBVLagos bat virus (LBV)
PHOSP_RABVDRabies virus (strain China/DRV) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVRRabies virus (strain China/MRV) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVCRabies virus (strain CVS-11) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVERabies virus (strain ERA) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVHRabies virus (strain HEP-Flury) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVIRabies virus (strain India) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVNRabies virus (strain Nishigahara RCEH) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVMRabies virus (strain PM) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVARabies virus (strain PM1503/AVO1) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVSRabies virus (strain SAD B19) (RABV)
PHOSP_RABVBRabies virus (strain silver-haired bat-associated) (RABV) (SHBRV)
PHOSP_WCBVWest Caucasian bat virus (WCBV)