Enveloped, spherical to pleomorphic, 175-215 nm in diameter. Capsid is round, exhibits icosahedral symmetry (T=189-217) corresponding to 1892-2172 capsomers.


Linear, dsDNA genome of 170-190 kb. End sequences are complementary. Encodes for at least 150 ORF.




  1. Attachment of the viral proteins to host receptors mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion with the endocytic vesicle membrane occurs; DNA genome is released into the cytoplasm.
  3. Transcription of early viral genes; replication of the DNA genome in the cytoplasm begins about 6 hours post-infection.
  4. Following DNA replication, late viral genes are transcribed including structural proteins.
  5. Assembly of new virions occurs in cytoplasmic viral factories. Endoplasmic reticulum cisternae are recruited and transformed to give rise to precursor viral membranes, which represent the first identifiable viral structures. Viral membranes become icosahedral particles by the gradual assembly of the outer capsid layer formed by protein p72. At the same time, the matrix shell is formed underneath the viral envelope and the viral DNA and nucleoproteins are packaged and condensed.
  6. Virions migrate to plasma membrane on microtubules and bud.

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

Several viral proteins from ASFV are dedicated to the modulation of apoptosis. For example, A224L prevent apoptosis of host cell by inhibiting caspase-3/CASP3 activation. Another viral protein, A179L, is a bcl-2 homolog and suppresses apoptosis.

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African swine fever virus (strain Badajoz 1971 Vero-adapted) (Ba71V) (ASFV) reference strain

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1002L_ASFB7Protein MGF 100-2L
1003L_ASFB7Protein MGF 100-3L
1101L_ASFB7Protein MGF 110-1L
1102L_ASFB7Protein MGF 110-2L
1104L_ASFB7Protein MGF 110-4L
1105L_ASFB7Protein MGF 110-5L
1106L_ASFB7Protein MGF 110-6L
3001L_ASFB7Protein MGF 300-1L
3002R_ASFB7Protein MGF 300-2R
36015_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-15R
36016_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-16R
36018_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-18R
36019_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-19R
3601L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-1L
36020_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-20R
3602L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-2L
3603L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-3L
3605L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-5L
3608L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-8L
3609L_ASFB7Protein MGF 360-9L
50510_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-10R
50511_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-11L
5052R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-2R
5053R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-3R
5054R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-4R
5055R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-5R
5057R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-7R
5059R_ASFB7Protein MGF 505-9R
APE_ASFB7Probable AP endonuclease (APE) (EC 3.1.21.-)
ARBH_ASFB7Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog
CD2H_ASFB7CD2 homolog (CD2H) (T-lymphocyte CD2 receptor-like protein)
DIPP_ASFB7mRNA-decapping protein g5R (EC 3.1.3.-) (Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate ...
DNLI_ASFB7DNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DP60R_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein DP60R
DPOLX_ASFB7Repair DNA polymerase X (Pol X) (EC
DPOL_ASFB7DNA polymerase beta (EC
DUTP_ASFB7Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP ...
ENV22_ASFB7Envelope protein p22
FLSO_ASFB7FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase (EC (p14)
H962L_ASFB7Putative RNA helicase B962L (EC
H962R_ASFB7Putative helicase C962R (EC 3.6.4.-)
IAP_ASFB7Inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP)
KITH_ASFB7Thymidine kinase (TDK) (EC
KP86R_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein KP86R/DP86L
KTHY_ASFB7Thymidylate kinase (EC (dTMP kinase)
MCE_ASFB7Probable mRNA-capping enzyme
MCP_ASFB7Major capsid protein (MCP) (p72)
NIFSL_ASFB7NifS-like protein
P10_ASFB7Structural DNA-binding protein p10 (p10)
P12_ASFB7Virus attachment protein p12 (Protein p12)
P14_ASFB7Structural protein p14.5
P17_ASFB7Major structural protein p17
P30_ASFB7Phosphoprotein p30 (p30) (Phosphoprotein p32) (p32)
P49_ASFB7Structural protein p49 (p49)
P54_ASFB7Envelope protein p54
PAP1_ASFB7Putative poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC
PK1_ASFB7Serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC
PP220_ASFB7Polyprotein pp220 (220 kDa polyprotein)
PP62_ASFB7Polyprotein pp62 (60 kDa polyprotein) (p60) (62 kDa polyprotein) (p62)
PRIM_ASFB7Putative helicase/primase complex protein (pF1055L)
RIR1_ASFB7Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit (EC ...
RIR2_ASFB7Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide ...
RPB10_ASFB7Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 10 homolog
RPB1_ASFB7Probable DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 1 homolog (EC
RPB2_ASFB7DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 2 (EC
RPB3_ASFB7Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 3 homolog
RPB5_ASFB7Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 5 homolog
RPB6_ASFB7DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog
TFS2_ASFB7Transcription factor S-II-related protein
TOP2_ASFB7DNA topoisomerase 2 (EC (DNA topoisomerase II)
TPRT_ASFB7Trans-prenyltransferase (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) ...
UBC_ASFB7Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) ...
VF108_ASFB7Protein H108R (pH108R)
VF111_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E111R (pE111R)
VF113_ASFB7Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase D1133L (EC
VF117_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B117L (pB117L)
VF118_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein A118R
VF122_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C122R (pC122R)
VF123_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein CP123L (pCP123L)
VF124_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein H124R (pH124R)
VF125_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B125R (pB125R)
VF129_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C129R (pC129R)
VF134_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein G1340L (pG1340L)
VF137_ASFB7Structural protein A137R (Structural protein p11.5)
VF145_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein K145R (pK145R)
VF146_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E146L (pE146L)
VF151_ASFB7Protein A151R (pA151R)
VF152_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein EP152R (pEP152R)
VF153_ASFB7Lectin-like protein EP153R (pEP153R)
VF165_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein F165R (pF165R)
VF169_ASFB7Transmembrane protein B169L (pB169L)
VF171_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein H171R (pH171R)
VF175_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B175L (pB175L)
VF177_ASFB7Membrane protein I177L
VF183_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein S183L (pS183L)
VF184_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E184L (pE184L)
VF196_ASFB7Late protein I196L
VF199_ASFB7Cysteine-rich protein E199L (pE199L)
VF205_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein K205R (pK205R)
VF226_ASFB7Late protein I226R (pI226R)
VF233_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein H233R (pH233R)
VF240_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein H240R (pH240R)
VF248_ASFB7Protein E248R (pE248R)
VF249_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein M1249L (pM1249L)
VF257_ASFB7Transmembrane protein C257L (pC257L)
VF263_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B263R (pB263R)
VF267_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein I267L (pI267L)
VF301_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E301R
VF312_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein CP312R (pCP312R)
VF315_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C315R (pC315R)
VF317_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein F317L (pF317L)
VF329_ASFB7Transmembrane protein I329L
VF339_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein D339L (pD339L)
VF345_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein D345L (pD345L)
VF354_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B354L (pB354L)
VF364_ASFB7ERCC4 domain-containing protein EP364R (pEP364R)
VF385_ASFB7Zinc finger protein B385R (pB385R)
VF407_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B407L (pB407L)
VF421_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein K421R (pK421R)
VF423_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E423R (pE423R)
VF424_ASFB7Probable methyltransferase EP424R (pEP424R) (EC 2.1.1.-)
VF448_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein M448R (pM448R)
VF475_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein B475L (pB475L)
VF509_ASFB7Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase QP509L (EC
VF602_ASFB7Protein B602L (pB602L)
VF62_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C62L (pC62L)
VF63R_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein DP63R
VF69R_ASFB7Uncharacterized membrane protein X69R
VF706_ASFB7Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Q706L (EC
VF717_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C717R (pC717R)
VF71_ASFB7Protein DP71L
VF73R_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein I73R
VF79_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein D79L (pD79L)
VF83L_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein L83L
VF84L_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein C84L (pC84L)
VF84_ASFB7Transmembrane protein EP84R (pEP84R)
VF859_ASFB7Probable helicase A859L (EC 3.6.4.-)
VF93L_ASFB7Uncharacterized membrane protein KP93L/DP93R
VF96_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein DP96R
VFB66_ASFB7Transmembrane protein B66L (pB66L)
VFD29_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein D129L (pD129L)
VFD38_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein DP238L
VFE66_ASFB7Uncharacterized protein E66L (pE66L)
VFH33_ASFB7Protein H339R (pH339R) (Protein j4R)
VHLP_ASFB7Viral histone-like protein
VPRT_ASFB7Cysteine protease S273R (pS273R) (EC 3.4.22.-)

159 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Warthog/Namibia/Wart80/1980) (ASFV)

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1001R_ASFWAProtein MGF 100-1R
1002L_ASFWAProtein MGF 100-2L
1003L_ASFWAProtein MGF 100-3L
11011_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-11L
11013_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-13L
1101B_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-11L
1101L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-1L
1102L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-2L
1104L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-4L
1105L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-5L
1106L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-6L
1107L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-7L
1108L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-8L
1109L_ASFWAProtein MGF 110-9L
3001L_ASFWAProtein MGF 300-1L
3002R_ASFWAProtein MGF 300-2R
36010_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-10L
36011_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-11L
36012_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-12L
36013_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-13L
36014_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-14L
36015_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-15R
36016_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-16R
36018_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-18R
36019_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-19R
3601L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-1L
3602L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-2L
3603L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-3L
3604L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-4L
3608L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-8L
3609L_ASFWAProtein MGF 360-9L
50510_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-10R
50511_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-11L
5051R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-1R
5052R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-2R
5053R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-3R
5054R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-4R
5055R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-5R
5056R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-6R
5057R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-7R
5059R_ASFWAProtein MGF 505-9R
APE_ASFWAProbable AP endonuclease (APE) (EC 3.1.21.-)
ARBH_ASFWAApoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog
CD2H_ASFWACD2 homolog (CD2H) (T-lymphocyte CD2 receptor-like protein)
DIPP_ASFWAmRNA-decapping protein g5R (EC 3.1.3.-) (Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate ...
DNLI_ASFWADNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DPOLX_ASFWARepair DNA polymerase X (Pol X) (EC
DPOL_ASFWADNA polymerase beta (EC
DUTP_ASFWADeoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP ...
ENV22_ASFWAEnvelope protein p22
EV166_ASFWAEnvelope protein 166
EV167_ASFWAEnvelope protein 167
FLSO_ASFWAFAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase (EC (p14)
H962L_ASFWAPutative RNA Helicase B962L (EC
H962R_ASFWAPutative helicase C962R (EC 3.6.4.-)
IAP_ASFWAInhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP)
KITH_ASFWAThymidine kinase (TDK) (EC
KTHY_ASFWAThymidylate kinase (EC (dTMP kinase)
MCE_ASFWAProbable mRNA-capping enzyme
MCP_ASFWAMajor capsid protein (MCP) (p72)
NIFSL_ASFWANifS-like protein
P10_ASFWAStructural DNA-binding protein p10 (p10)
P12_ASFWAVirus attachment protein p12 (Protein p12)
P14_ASFWAStructural protein p14.5
P17_ASFWAMajor structural protein p17
P30_ASFWAPhosphoprotein p30 (p30) (Phosphoprotein p32) (p32)
P49_ASFWAStructural protein p49 (p49)
P54_ASFWAEnvelope protein p54
PAP1_ASFWAPutative poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC
PK1_ASFWASerine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC
PP220_ASFWAPolyprotein pp220 (220 kDa polyprotein)
PP62_ASFWAPolyprotein pp62 (60 kDa polyprotein) (p60) (62 kDa polyprotein) (p62)
PRIM_ASFWAPutative helicase/primase complex protein (pF1055L)
RIR1_ASFWARibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit (EC ...
RIR2_ASFWARibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide ...
RPB10_ASFWAPutative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 10 homolog
RPB1_ASFWAProbable DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 1 homolog (EC
RPB2_ASFWADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 2 (EC
RPB3_ASFWAPutative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 3 homolog
RPB5_ASFWAPutative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 5 homolog
RPB6_ASFWADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog
TFS2_ASFWATranscription factor S-II-related protein
TOP2_ASFWADNA topoisomerase 2 (EC (DNA topoisomerase II)
TPRT_ASFWATrans-prenyltransferase (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) ...
UBC_ASFWAUbiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) ...
VF108_ASFWAProtein H108R (pH108R)
VF111_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E111R (pE111R)
VF113_ASFWAPutative ATP-dependent RNA helicase D1133L (EC
VF117_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B117L (pB117L)
VF122_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C122R (pC122R)
VF123_ASFWAUncharacterized protein CP123L (pCP123L)
VF124_ASFWAUncharacterized protein H124R (pH124R)
VF125_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B125R (pB125R)
VF129_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C129R (pC129R)
VF134_ASFWAUncharacterized protein G1340L (pG1340L)
VF137_ASFWAStructural protein A137R
VF145_ASFWAUncharacterized protein K145R (pK145R)
VF146_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E146L (pE146L)
VF151_ASFWAProtein A151R (pA151R)
VF152_ASFWAUncharacterized protein EP152R (pEP152R)
VF153_ASFWALectin-like protein EP153R (pEP153R)
VF165_ASFWAUncharacterized protein F165R (pF165R)
VF169_ASFWATransmembrane protein B169L (pB169L)
VF171_ASFWAUncharacterized protein H171R (pH171R)
VF175_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B175L (pB175L)
VF177_ASFWAMembrane protein I177L
VF183_ASFWAUncharacterized protein S183L (pS183L)
VF184_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E184L (pE184L)
VF196_ASFWALate protein I196L
VF199_ASFWACysteine-rich protein E199L (pE199L)
VF205_ASFWAUncharacterized protein K205R (pK205R)
VF226_ASFWALate protein I226R (pI226R)
VF233_ASFWAUncharacterized protein H233R (pH233R)
VF238_ASFWAAnkyrin repeat domain-containing protein A238L (p28)
VF240_ASFWAUncharacterized protein H240R (pH240R)
VF248_ASFWAProtein E248R (pE248R)
VF249_ASFWAUncharacterized protein M1249L (pM1249L)
VF257_ASFWATransmembrane protein C257L (pC257L)
VF263_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B263R (pB263R)
VF267_ASFWAUncharacterized protein I267L (pI267L)
VF301_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E301R
VF312_ASFWAUncharacterized protein CP312R (pCP312R)
VF315_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C315R (pC315R)
VF317_ASFWAUncharacterized protein F317L (pF317L)
VF329_ASFWATransmembrane protein I329L
VF339_ASFWAUncharacterized protein D339L (pD339L)
VF345_ASFWAUncharacterized protein D345L (pD345L)
VF354_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B354L (pB354L)
VF364_ASFWAERCC4 domain-containing protein EP364R (pEP364R)
VF385_ASFWAZinc finger protein B385R (pB385R)
VF407_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B407L (pB407L)
VF421_ASFWAUncharacterized protein K421R (pK421R)
VF423_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E423R (pE423R)
VF424_ASFWAProbable methyltransferase EP424R (pEP424R) (EC 2.1.1.-)
VF448_ASFWAUncharacterized protein M448R (pM448R)
VF475_ASFWAUncharacterized protein B475L (pB475L)
VF509_ASFWAPutative ATP-dependent RNA helicase QP509L (EC
VF602_ASFWAProtein B602L (pB602L)
VF62_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C62L (pC62L)
VF63R_ASFWAUncharacterized protein DP63R
VF69R_ASFWAUncharacterized membrane protein X69R
VF706_ASFWAPutative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Q706L (EC
VF717_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C717R (pC717R)
VF71_ASFWAProtein DP71L
VF73R_ASFWAUncharacterized protein I73R
VF79_ASFWAUncharacterized protein D79L (pD79L)
VF83L_ASFWAUncharacterized protein L83L
VF84L_ASFWAUncharacterized protein C84L (pC84L)
VF84_ASFWATransmembrane protein EP84R (pEP84R)
VF859_ASFWAProbable helicase A859L (EC 3.6.4.-)
VF93L_ASFWAUncharacterized membrane protein KP93L
VF96_ASFWAUncharacterized protein DP96R
VFB66_ASFWATransmembrane protein B66L (pB66L)
VFD29_ASFWAUncharacterized protein D129L (pD129L)
VFD38_ASFWAUncharacterized protein DP238L
VFE66_ASFWAUncharacterized protein E66L (pE66L)
VFH33_ASFWAProtein H339R (pH339R) (Protein j4R)
VHLP_ASFWAViral histone-like protein A104R
VPRT_ASFWACysteine protease S273R (pS273R) (EC 3.4.22.-)

158 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Kenya/KEN-50/1950) (ASFV)

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1001R_ASFK5Protein MGF 100-1R
1002L_ASFK5Protein MGF 100-2L
1003L_ASFK5Protein MGF 100-3L
11011_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-11L
11012_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-12L
11014_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-14L
1101L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-1L
1102L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-2L
1103L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-3L
1104L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-4L
1106L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-6L
1107L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-7L
1108L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-8L
1109L_ASFK5Protein MGF 110-9L
3001L_ASFK5Protein MGF 300-1L
3002R_ASFK5Protein MGF 300-2R
36010_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-10L
36011_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-11L
36012_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-12L
36013_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-13L
36014_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-14L
36015_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-15R
36016_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-16R
36019_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-19R
3601L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-1L
36021_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-21R
3602L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-2L
3603L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-3L
3604L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-4L
3606L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-6L
3607L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-7L
3608L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-8L
3609L_ASFK5Protein MGF 360-9L
50510_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-10R
50511_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-11L
5051R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-1R
5052R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-2R
5053R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-3R
5054R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-4R
5055R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-5R
5057R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-7R
5059R_ASFK5Protein MGF 505-9R
APE_ASFK5Probable AP endonuclease (APE) (EC 3.1.21.-)
ARBH_ASFK5Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog
CD2H_ASFK5CD2 homolog (CD2H) (T-lymphocyte CD2 receptor-like protein)
DIPP_ASFK5mRNA-decapping protein g5R (EC 3.1.3.-) (Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate ...
DNLI_ASFK5DNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DPOLX_ASFK5Repair DNA polymerase X (Pol X) (EC
DPOL_ASFK5DNA polymerase beta (EC
DUTP_ASFK5Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP ...
ENV22_ASFK5Envelope protein p22
EV164_ASFK5Envelope protein 164
EV165_ASFK5Envelope protein 165
FLSO_ASFK5FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase (EC (p14)
H962L_ASFK5Putative RNA Helicase B962L (EC
H962R_ASFK5Putative helicase C962R (EC 3.6.4.-)
IAP_ASFK5Inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP)
KITH_ASFK5Thymidine kinase (TDK) (EC
KTHY_ASFK5Thymidylate kinase (EC (dTMP kinase)
MCE_ASFK5Probable mRNA-capping enzyme
MCP_ASFK5Major capsid protein (MCP) (p72)
NIFSL_ASFK5NifS-like protein
P10_ASFK5Structural DNA-binding protein p10 (p10)
P12_ASFK5Virus attachment protein p12 (Protein p12)
P14_ASFK5Structural protein p14.5
P17_ASFK5Major structural protein p17
P30_ASFK5Phosphoprotein p30 (p30) (Phosphoprotein p32) (p32)
P49_ASFK5Structural protein p49 (p49)
P54_ASFK5Envelope protein p54
PAP1_ASFK5Putative poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC
PK1_ASFK5Serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC
PP220_ASFK5Polyprotein pp220 (220 kDa polyprotein)
PP62_ASFK5Polyprotein pp62 (60 kDa polyprotein) (p60) (62 kDa polyprotein) (p62)
PRIM_ASFK5Putative helicase/primase complex protein (pF1055L)
RIR1_ASFK5Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit (EC ...
RIR2_ASFK5Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide ...
RPB10_ASFK5Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 10 homolog
RPB1_ASFK5Probable DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 1 homolog (EC
RPB2_ASFK5DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 2 (EC
RPB3_ASFK5Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 3 homolog
RPB5_ASFK5Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 5 homolog
RPB6_ASFK5DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog
TFS2_ASFK5Transcription factor S-II-related protein
TOP2_ASFK5DNA topoisomerase 2 (EC (DNA topoisomerase II)
TPRT_ASFK5Trans-prenyltransferase (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) ...
UBC_ASFK5Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) ...
VF108_ASFK5Protein H108R (pH108R)
VF111_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein E111R (pE111R)
VF113_ASFK5Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase D1133L (EC
VF117_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B117L (pB117L)
VF122_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C122R (pC122R)
VF123_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein CP123L (pCP123L)
VF124_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein H124R (pH124R)
VF125_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B125R (pB125R)
VF129_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C129R (pC129R)
VF134_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein G1340L (pG1340L)
VF137_ASFK5Structural protein A137R
VF145_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein K145R (pK145R)
VF146_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein E146L (pE146L)
VF151_ASFK5Protein A151R (pA151R)
VF152_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein EP152R (pEP152R)
VF153_ASFK5Lectin-like protein EP153R (pEP153R)
VF165_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein F165R (pF165R)
VF169_ASFK5Transmembrane protein B169L (pB169L)
VF171_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein H171R (pH171R)
VF175_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B175L (pB175L)
VF177_ASFK5Membrane protein I177L
VF183_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein S183L (pS183L)
VF184_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein E184L (pE184L)
VF196_ASFK5Late protein I196L
VF199_ASFK5Cysteine-rich protein E199L (pE199L)
VF205_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein K205R (pK205R)
VF226_ASFK5Late protein I226R (pI226R)
VF233_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein H233R (pH233R)
VF238_ASFK5Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein A238L (p28)
VF240_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein H240R (pH240R)
VF248_ASFK5Protein E248R (pE248R)
VF249_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein M1249L (pM1249L)
VF257_ASFK5Transmembrane protein C257L (pC257L)
VF263_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B263R (pB263R)
VF267_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein I267L (pI267L)
VF301_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein E301R
VF312_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein CP312R (pCP312R)
VF315_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C315R (pC315R)
VF317_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein F317L (pF317L)
VF329_ASFK5Transmembrane protein I329L
VF339_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein D339L (pD339L)
VF345_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein D345L (pD345L)
VF354_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B354L (pB354L)
VF364_ASFK5ERCC4 domain-containing protein EP364R (pEP364R)
VF385_ASFK5Zinc finger protein B385R (pB385R)
VF407_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B407L (pB407L)
VF421_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein K421R (pK421R)
VF423_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein E423R (pE423R)
VF424_ASFK5Probable methyltransferase EP424R (pEP424R) (EC 2.1.1.-)
VF448_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein M448R (pM448R)
VF475_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein B475L (pB475L)
VF509_ASFK5Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase QP509L (EC
VF602_ASFK5Protein B602L (pB602L)
VF62_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C62L (pC62L)
VF63R_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein DP63R
VF69R_ASFK5Uncharacterized membrane protein X69R
VF706_ASFK5Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Q706L (EC
VF717_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C717R (pC717R)
VF71_ASFK5Protein DP71L
VF73R_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein I73R
VF79_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein D79L (pD79L)
VF83L_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein L83L
VF84L_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein C84L (pC84L)
VF84_ASFK5Transmembrane protein EP84R (pEP84R)
VF859_ASFK5Probable helicase A859L (EC 3.6.4.-)
VF96_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein DP96R
VFB66_ASFK5Transmembrane protein B66L (pB66L)
VFD29_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein D129L (pD129L)
VFD38_ASFK5Uncharacterized protein DP238L
VFH33_ASFK5Protein H339R (pH339R) (Protein j4R)
VHLP_ASFK5Viral histone-like protein A104R
VPRT_ASFK5Cysteine protease S273R (pS273R) (EC 3.4.22.-)

158 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Pretoriuskop Pr4/1996) (ASFV)

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1001R_ASFP4Protein MGF 100-1R
1002L_ASFP4Protein MGF 100-2L
1003L_ASFP4Protein MGF 100-3L
11011_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-1L
1101B_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-1L
1101L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-1L
1102L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-2L
1104L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-4L
1105L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-5L
1106L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-6L
1107L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-7L
1108L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-8L
1109L_ASFP4Protein MGF 110-9L
3001L_ASFP4Protein MGF 300-1L
3002R_ASFP4Protein MGF 300-2R
36010_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-10L
36011_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-11L
36012_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-12L
36013_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-13L
36014_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-14L
36015_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-15R
36016_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-16R
36018_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-18R
36019_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-19R
3601L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-1L
36021_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-21R
3602L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-2L
3603L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-3L
3604L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-4L
3605L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-5L
3608L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-8L
3609L_ASFP4Protein MGF 360-9L
50510_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-10R
50511_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-11L
5051R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-1R
5052R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-2R
5053R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-3R
5054R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-4R
5055R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-5R
5056R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-6R
5057R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-7R
5059R_ASFP4Protein MGF 505-9R
APE_ASFP4Probable AP endonuclease (APE) (EC 3.1.21.-)
ARBH_ASFP4Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog
CD2H_ASFP4CD2 homolog (CD2H) (T-lymphocyte CD2 receptor-like protein)
DIPP_ASFP4mRNA-decapping protein g5R (EC 3.1.3.-) (Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate ...
DNLI_ASFP4DNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DPOLX_ASFP4Repair DNA polymerase X (Pol X) (EC
DPOL_ASFP4DNA polymerase beta (EC
DUTP_ASFP4Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP ...
ENV22_ASFP4Envelope protein p22
EV168_ASFP4Envelope protein 168
EV169_ASFP4Envelope protein 169
H962L_ASFP4Putative RNA Helicase B962L (EC
H962R_ASFP4Putative helicase C962R (EC 3.6.4.-)
IAP_ASFP4Inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP)
KITH_ASFP4Thymidine kinase (TDK) (EC
KTHY_ASFP4Thymidylate kinase (EC (dTMP kinase)
MCE_ASFP4Probable mRNA-capping enzyme
NIFSL_ASFP4NifS-like protein
P10_ASFP4Structural DNA-binding protein p10 (p10)
P12_ASFP4Virus attachment protein p12 (Protein p12)
P14_ASFP4Structural protein p14.5
P17_ASFP4Major structural protein p17
P30_ASFP4Phosphoprotein p30 (p30) (Phosphoprotein p32) (p32)
P49_ASFP4Structural protein p49 (p49)
P54_ASFP4Envelope protein p54
PAP1_ASFP4Putative poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC
PK1_ASFP4Serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC
PP220_ASFP4Polyprotein pp220 (220 kDa polyprotein)
PP62_ASFP4Polyprotein pp62 (60 kDa polyprotein) (p60) (62 kDa polyprotein) (p62)
PRIM_ASFP4Putative helicase/primase complex protein (pF1055L)
RIR1_ASFP4Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit (EC ...
RIR2_ASFP4Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide ...
RPB10_ASFP4Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 10 homolog
RPB1_ASFP4Probable DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 1 homolog (EC
RPB2_ASFP4DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 2 (EC
RPB3_ASFP4Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 3 homolog
RPB5_ASFP4Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 5 homolog
RPB6_ASFP4DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog
TFS2_ASFP4Transcription factor S-II-related protein
TOP2_ASFP4DNA topoisomerase 2 (EC (DNA topoisomerase II)
TPRT_ASFP4Trans-prenyltransferase (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) ...
UBC_ASFP4Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) ...
VF108_ASFP4Protein H108R (pH108R)
VF111_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E111R (pE111R)
VF113_ASFP4Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase D1133L (EC
VF117_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B117L (pB117L)
VF122_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C122R (pC122R)
VF123_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein CP123L (pCP123L)
VF124_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein H124R (pH124R)
VF125_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B125R (pB125R)
VF129_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C129R (pC129R)
VF134_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein G1340L (pG1340L)
VF137_ASFP4Structural protein A137R
VF145_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein K145R (pK145R)
VF146_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E146L (pE146L)
VF151_ASFP4Protein A151R (pA151R)
VF152_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein EP152R (pEP152R)
VF153_ASFP4Lectin-like protein EP153R (pEP153R)
VF165_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein F165R (pF165R)
VF169_ASFP4Transmembrane protein B169L (pB169L)
VF171_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein H171R (pH171R)
VF175_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B175L (pB175L)
VF177_ASFP4Membrane protein I177L
VF183_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein S183L (pS183L)
VF184_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E184L (pE184L)
VF196_ASFP4Late protein I196L
VF199_ASFP4Cysteine-rich protein E199L (pE199L)
VF205_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein K205R (pK205R)
VF226_ASFP4Late protein I226R (pI226R)
VF233_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein H233R (pH233R)
VF238_ASFP4Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein A238L (p28)
VF240_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein H240R (pH240R)
VF248_ASFP4Protein E248R (pE248R)
VF249_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein M1249L (pM1249L)
VF257_ASFP4Transmembrane protein C257L (pC257L)
VF263_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B263R (pB263R)
VF267_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein I267L (pI267L)
VF301_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E301R
VF312_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein CP312R (pCP312R)
VF315_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C315R (pC315R)
VF317_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein F317L (pF317L)
VF329_ASFP4Transmembrane protein I329L
VF339_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein D339L (pD339L)
VF345_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein D345L (pD345L)
VF354_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B354L (pB354L)
VF364_ASFP4ERCC4 domain-containing protein EP364R (pEP364R)
VF385_ASFP4Zinc finger protein B385R (pB385R)
VF407_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B407L (pB407L)
VF421_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein K421R (pK421R)
VF423_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E423R (pE423R)
VF424_ASFP4Probable methyltransferase EP424R (pEP424R) (EC 2.1.1.-)
VF448_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein M448R (pM448R)
VF475_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein B475L (pB475L)
VF509_ASFP4Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase QP509L (EC
VF602_ASFP4Protein B602L (pB602L)
VF62_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C62L (pC62L)
VF63R_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein DP63R
VF69R_ASFP4Uncharacterized membrane protein X69R
VF706_ASFP4Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Q706L (EC
VF717_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C717R (pC717R)
VF71_ASFP4Protein DP71L
VF73R_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein I73R
VF79_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein D79L (pD79L)
VF83L_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein L83L
VF84L_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein C84L (pC84L)
VF84_ASFP4Transmembrane protein EP84R (pEP84R)
VF859_ASFP4Probable helicase A859L (EC 3.6.4.-)
VF93L_ASFP4Uncharacterized membrane protein KP93L
VF96_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein DP96R
VFB66_ASFP4Transmembrane protein B66L (pB66L)
VFD29_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein D129L (pD129L)
VFD38_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein DP238L
VFE66_ASFP4Uncharacterized protein E66L (pE66L)
VFH33_ASFP4Protein H339R (pH339R) (Protein j4R)
VHLP_ASFP4Viral histone-like protein A104R
VPRT_ASFP4Cysteine protease S273R (pS273R) (EC 3.4.22.-)

156 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/Malawi/Lil 20-1/1983) (ASFV)

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1001R_ASFM2Protein MGF 100-1R
1002L_ASFM2Protein MGF 100-2L
1003L_ASFM2Protein MGF 100-3L
11011_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-3L
11012_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-12L
11013_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-13L
11014_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-14L
1101L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-1L
1102L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-2L
1104L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-4L
1105L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-5L
1106L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-6L
1107L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-7L
1108L_ASFM2Protein MGF 110-8L
3001L_ASFM2Protein MGF 300-1L
3002R_ASFM2Protein MGF 300-2R
3003L_ASFM2Protein MGF 300-3L
3004L_ASFM2Protein MGF 300-4L
36010_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-10L
36011_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-11L
36012_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-12L
36013_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-13L
36014_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-14L
36015_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-15R
36016_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-16R
36021_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-21R
36022_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-22R
3603L_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-3L
3604L_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-4L
3606L_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-6L
3608L_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-8L
3609L_ASFM2Protein MGF 360-9L
50510_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-10R
50511_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-11L
5051R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-1R
5052R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-2R
5053R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-3R
5054R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-4R
5055R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-5R
5057R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-7R
5059R_ASFM2Protein MGF 505-9R
APE_ASFM2Probable AP endonuclease (APE) (EC 3.1.21.-)
ARBH_ASFM2Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog
CD2H_ASFM2CD2 homolog (CD2H) (T-lymphocyte CD2 receptor-like protein)
DIPP_ASFM2mRNA-decapping protein g5R (EC 3.1.3.-) (Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate ...
DNLI_ASFM2DNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DPOLX_ASFM2Repair DNA polymerase X (Pol X) (EC
DPOL_ASFM2DNA polymerase beta (EC
DUTP_ASFM2Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP ...
ENV22_ASFM2Envelope protein p22
EV162_ASFM2Envelope protein 162
FLSO_ASFM2FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase (EC (p14)
H962L_ASFM2Putative RNA Helicase B962L (EC
H962R_ASFM2Putative helicase C962R (EC 3.6.4.-)
IAP_ASFM2Inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP)
KITH_ASFM2Thymidine kinase (TDK) (EC
KTHY_ASFM2Truncated thymidylate kinase
MCE_ASFM2Probable mRNA-capping enzyme
MCP_ASFM2Major capsid protein (MCP) (p72)
NIFSL_ASFM2NifS-like protein
P10_ASFM2Structural DNA-binding protein p10 (p10)
P12_ASFM2Virus attachment protein p12 (Protein p12)
P14_ASFM2Structural protein p14.5
P17_ASFM2Major structural protein p17
P30_ASFM2Phosphoprotein p30 (p30) (Phosphoprotein p32) (p32)
P49_ASFM2Structural protein p49 (p49)
P54_ASFM2Envelope protein p54
PAP1_ASFM2Putative poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC
PK1_ASFM2Serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC
PP220_ASFM2Polyprotein pp220 (220 kDa polyprotein)
PP62_ASFM2Polyprotein pp62 (60 kDa polyprotein) (p60) (62 kDa polyprotein) (p62)
PRIM_ASFM2Putative helicase/primase complex protein (pF1055L)
RIR1_ASFM2Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit (EC ...
RIR2_ASFM2Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide ...
RPB10_ASFM2Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 10 homolog
RPB1_ASFM2Probable DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 1 homolog (EC
RPB2_ASFM2DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 2 (EC
RPB3_ASFM2Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 3 homolog
RPB5_ASFM2Putative DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 5 homolog
RPB6_ASFM2DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog
RPO6_ASFM2DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit 6 homolog (EC
TFS2_ASFM2Transcription factor S-II-related protein
TOP2_ASFM2DNA topoisomerase 2 (EC (DNA topoisomerase II)
TPRT_ASFM2Trans-prenyltransferase (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) ...
UBC_ASFM2Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) ...
VF108_ASFM2Protein H108R (pH108R)
VF111_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein E111R (pE111R)
VF113_ASFM2Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase D1133L (EC
VF117_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B117L (pB117L)
VF122_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C122R (pC122R)
VF123_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein CP123L (pCP123L)
VF124_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein H124R (pH124R)
VF125_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B125R (pB125R)
VF129_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C129R (pC129R)
VF134_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein G1340L (pG1340L)
VF137_ASFM2Structural protein A137R
VF145_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein K145R (pK145R)
VF146_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein E146L (pE146L)
VF151_ASFM2Protein A151R (pA151R)
VF152_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein EP152R (pEP152R)
VF153_ASFM2Lectin-like protein EP153R (pEP153R)
VF165_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein F165R (pF165R)
VF169_ASFM2Transmembrane protein B169L (pB169L)
VF171_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein H171R (pH171R)
VF175_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B175L (pB175L)
VF177_ASFM2Membrane protein I177L
VF183_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein S183L (pS183L)
VF184_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein E184L (pE184L)
VF196_ASFM2Late protein I196L
VF199_ASFM2Cysteine-rich protein E199L (pE199L)
VF205_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein K205R (pK205R)
VF226_ASFM2Late protein I226R (pI226R)
VF233_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein H233R (pH233R)
VF238_ASFM2Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein A238L (p28)
VF240_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein H240R (pH240R)
VF248_ASFM2Protein E248R (pE248R)
VF249_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein M1249L (pM1249L)
VF257_ASFM2Transmembrane protein C257L (pC257L)
VF263_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B263R (pB263R)
VF267_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein I267L (pI267L)
VF301_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein E301R
VF312_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein CP312R (pCP312R)
VF315_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C315R (pC315R)
VF317_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein F317L (pF317L)
VF329_ASFM2Transmembrane protein I329L
VF339_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein D339L (pD339L)
VF345_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein D345L (pD345L)
VF354_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B354L (pB354L)
VF364_ASFM2ERCC4 domain-containing protein EP364R (pEP364R)
VF385_ASFM2Zinc finger protein B385R (pB385R)
VF407_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B407L (pB407L) (Protein L09BBL)
VF421_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein K421R (pK421R)
VF423_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein E423R (pE423R)
VF424_ASFM2Probable methyltransferase EP424R (pEP424R) (EC 2.1.1.-)
VF448_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein M448R (pM448R)
VF475_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein B475L (pB475L)
VF509_ASFM2Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase QP509L (EC
VF602_ASFM2Protein B602L (pB602L)
VF62_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C62L (pC62L)
VF63R_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein DP63R
VF69R_ASFM2Uncharacterized membrane protein X69R
VF706_ASFM2Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Q706L (EC
VF717_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C717R (pC717R)
VF71_ASFM2Protein DP71L
VF73R_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein I73R
VF79_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein D79L (pD79L)
VF83L_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein L83L
VF84L_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein C84L (pC84L)
VF84_ASFM2Transmembrane protein EP84R (pEP84R)
VF859_ASFM2Probable helicase A859L (EC 3.6.4.-)
VFB66_ASFM2Transmembrane protein B66L (pB66L)
VFD29_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein D129L (pD129L)
VFD38_ASFM2Uncharacterized protein DP238L
VFH33_ASFM2Protein H339R (pH339R) (Protein j4R)
VHLP_ASFM2Viral histone-like protein
VPRT_ASFM2Cysteine protease S273R (pS273R) (EC 3.4.22.-)

147 entries

African swine fever virus (strain Badajoz 1971 Vero-adapted) (Ba71V) (ASFV)

I78_ASFB7Early protein I78R

12 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Portugal/Lis 57/1957) (ASFV)

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3604L_ASFL5Protein MGF 360-4L
3605L_ASFL5Protein MGF 360-5L
V117_ASFL5Protein LIS 117
V118_ASFL5Protein V118
V119_ASFL5Protein LIS 119-1
V120_ASFL5Protein LIS 119-2
V121_ASFL5Protein LIS 121-1
V122_ASFL5Protein LIS 121-2
V124_ASFL5Protein LIS 124-1
V125_ASFL5Protein LIS 124-2
V137_ASFL5Protein LIS 137
V290_ASFL5Protein LIS 290

3 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Portugal/Lis 60/1960) (ASFV)

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DPOL_ASFL6DNA polymerase beta (EC
IAPL_ASFL6IAP-like protein p27
P54_ASFL6Envelope protein p54

2 entries

African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Spain/E-75/1975) (ASFV)

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IAPL_ASFE7IAP-like protein p27
P30_ASFE7Phosphoprotein p30 (p32)

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Haiti/H811/1981) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFH8IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Crocodile Cr1/1996) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFC1IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Crocodile Cr3/1996) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFC3IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Pretoriuskop Pr5/1996) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFP5IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Wildebeeslaagte M1/1996) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFM1IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/Zimbabwe/Chiredzi Ch1/1983) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFCHIAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (strain E-70 MS16) (ASFV)

IAPL_ASFE1IAP-like protein p27

1 entry

African swine fever virus (strain E-70 MS44) (ASFV)

ARBH_ASFE4Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 homolog (LMH-5W)