Non-enveloped, head-tail structure. Head is about 60 nm in diameter. The tail is non-contractile, has 6 short subterminal fibers. The capsid is icosahedral with a T=7 symmetry.


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 40-42 kb encoding for about 55 genes.




  1. The phage attaches to target cell adhesion receptors through its tail fibers.
  2. Ejection by short tail system: viral DNA is injected in host cell periplasm.
  3. Transcription of class I genes by host RNA polymerase before the viral genome completely exits out of capsid.
  4. Transcription of class II genes by T7 RNA polymerase.
  5. Bacterial genome degradation
  6. Replication of genomic DNA by T7 DNA polymerase, formation of viral genome concatemers.
  7. Transcription of class III genes by T7 RNA polymerase.
  8. Assembly of empty procapsids and viral genome packaging.
  9. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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Enterobacteria phage T7 (Bacteriophage T7) reference strain

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CAPSA_BPT7Major capsid protein 10A (Gene product 10A) (Gp10A) (Major head protein 10A)
CAPSB_BPT7Minor capsid protein 10B (Gene product 10B) (Gp10B) (Minor head protein 10B)
DNBI_BPT7Single-stranded DNA-binding protein gp2.5 (SSB protein)
DNLI_BPT7DNA ligase (EC (DNA ligase gp1.3) (Gene product 1.3) (Gp1.3)
DPOL_BPT7DNA-directed DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-) (Gene product 5) (Gp5)
ENDO_BPT7Endonuclease I (EC (Gene product 3) (Gp3) (Junction-resolving enzyme ...
ENLYS_BPT7Endolysin (EC (N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase)
EXLYS_BPT7Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp16 (EC 4.2.2.n1) (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Internal ...
EXRN_BPT7Exonuclease (Exonuclease gp6) (Gene product 6) (Gp6) (EC
FIBER_BPT7Tail fiber protein (Gene product 17) (Gp17) (Tail fiber protein gp17)
GP04_BPT7Gene 0.4 protein (Gene product 0.4) (Gp0.4)
GP12_BPT7Inhibitor of dGTPase (Gene product 1.2) (Gp1.2) (Inhibitor of dGTPase gp1.2)
GP13_BPT7Probable scaffold protein gp13 (Gene product 13) (Gp13)
GP14_BPT7Internal virion protein gp14 (Gene product 14) (Gp14)
GP15_BPT7Internal virion protein gp15 (Gene product 15) (Gp15)
GP59_BPT7Probable RecBCD inhibitor gp5.9 (Gene product 5.9) (Gp5.9)
GP67_BPT7Protein 6.7 (Gene product 6.7) (Gp6.7)
GP73_BPT7Protein 7.3 (Gene product 7.3) (Gp7.3)
HOLIN_BPT7Holin (Gene product 17.5) (Gp17.5)
ITAS_BPT7Inhibitor of toxin/antitoxin system (Gene product 4.5) (Gp4.5)
NUCK_BPT7Nucleotide kinase gp1.7 (Gene product 1.7) (Gp1.7)
OCR_BPT7Overcome classical restriction gp0.3 (Gene product 0.3) (Gp0.3) (OCR)
PK_BPT7Protein kinase 0.7 (EC (Gene product 0.7) (Gp0.7) (Protein kinase ...
PORTL_BPT7Portal protein (Gene product 8) (Gp8) (Head-to-tail connector gp8)
PRIM_BPT7DNA primase/helicase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC (Gene product 4) (Gp4)
RPOL_BPT7T7 RNA polymerase (DNA-directed RNA polymerase) (EC
SCAF_BPT7Capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 9) (Gp9) (Head morphogenesis ...
SGS_BPT7Protein suppressor of silencing (Gene product 5.5)
SPAN1_BPT7Spanin, inner membrane subunit (i-spanin) (Gene product 18.5) (Gp18.5)
SPAN2_BPT7Spanin, outer lipoprotein subunit (o-spanin) (Gene product 18.7) (Gp18.7) ...
TERL_BPT7Terminase, large subunit gp19 (EC 3.1.-.-) (DNA-packaging protein B) (Gene ...
TERS_BPT7Terminase, small subunit gp18 (DNA-packaging protein A) (Gene product 18) (Gp18)
TUBE1_BPT7Tail tubular protein gp11 (Gene product 11) (Gp11)
TUBE2_BPT7Tail tubular protein gp12 (Gene product 12) (Gp12)
V5557_BPT7Fusion protein 5.5/5.7
VRPI_BPT7Bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor (Gene product 2) (Gp2)
Y05_BPT7Protein 0.5 (Gene product 0.5) (Gp0.5)
Y06_BPT7Protein 0.6B
Y11_BPT7Uncharacterized protein 1.1 (Gene product 1.1) (Gp1.1)
Y14_BPT7Protein 1.4 (Gene product 1.4) (Gp1.4)
Y15_BPT7Protein 1.5 (Gene product 1.5) (Gp1.5)
Y16_BPT7Protein 1.6 (Gene product 1.6) (Gp1.6)
Y18_BPT7Protein 1.8 (Gene product 1.8) (Gp1.8)
Y192_BPT7Protein 19.2 (Gene product 19.2) (Gp19.2)
Y193_BPT7Protein 19.3 (Gene product 19.3) (Gp19.2)
Y195_BPT7Protein 19.5 (Gene product 19.5) (Gp19.5)
Y28_BPT7Protein 2.8 (Gene product 2.8) (Gp2.8)
Y38_BPT7Protein 3.8 (Gene product 3.8) (Gp3.8)
Y41_BPT7Protein 4.1 (Gene product 4.1) (Gp4.1)
Y42_BPT7Preotein 4.2 (Gene product 4.2) (Gp4.2)
Y43_BPT7Protein 4.3 (Gene product 4.3) (Gp4.3)
Y47_BPT7Protein 4.7 (Gene product 4.7) (Gp4.7)
Y53_BPT7Protein 5.3 (Gene product 5.3) (Gp5.3)
Y63_BPT7Protein 6.3 (Gene product 6.3) (Gp6.3)
Y65_BPT7Protein 6.5 (Gene product 6.5) (Gp6.5)
Y77_BPT7Protein 7.7 (Gene product 7.7) (Gp7.7)
Y7_BPT7Protein 7 (Gene product 7) (Gp7)

43 entries

Enterobacteria phage T3 (Bacteriophage T3) reference strain

ADOM_BPT3S-adenosyl-L-methionine hydrolase (ADOMetase) (Adenosylmethionine hydrolase) ...

1 entry

Enterobacteria phage K1F (Bacteriophage K1F) reference strain

FIBER_BPK1FTail spike protein (TSP) (Endo-N-acetylneuraminidase) (Endo-N) (EC ...

43 entries

Enterobacteria phage T3 (Bacteriophage T3)

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CAPSA_BPT3Major capsid protein 10A (Gene product 10A) (Gp10A) (Major head protein 10A)
CAPSB_BPT3Minor capsid protein 10B (Minor head protein 10B)
DNLI_BPT3DNA ligase (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase
DPOL_BPT3DNA-directed DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-) (Gene product 5) (Gp5)
ENRN_BPT3Endodeoxyribonuclease 1 (EC (Endodeoxyribonuclease I) (Endonuclease)
EXRN_BPT3Exodeoxyribonuclease (Exonuclease) (EC
FIBER_BPT3Tail fiber protein (Gene product 17) (Gp17) (Tail fiber protein gp17)
GP73_BPT3Protein 7.3 (Gene product 7.3) (Gp7.3) (Host specificity protein B)
HOLIN_BPT3Holin (Lysis protein)
NAAA_BPT3N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase (EC (T3 lysozyme)
PORTL_BPT3Portal protein (Gene product 8) (Gp8) (Head-to-tail connector gp8) ...
PRIM_BPT3DNA primase/helicase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC
RPOL_BPT3DNA-directed RNA polymerase (EC
SCAF_BPT3Capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Capsid assembly protein) (Gene product 9) ...
SPAN1_BPT3Spanin, inner membrane subunit (i-spanin) (Gene product 18.5) (Gp18.5)
SPAN2_BPT3Spanin, outer lipoprotein subunit (o-spanin) (Gene product 18.7) (Gp18.7) ...
TERL_BPT3Terminase, large subunit gp19 (EC 3.1.-.-) (DNA maturase B) (DNA-packaging ...
V11_BPT3Gene 1.1 protein
V12_BPT3Gene 1.2 protein
V17_BPT3Gene 1.7 protein
V192_BPT3Gene 19.2 protein
V193_BPT3Gene 19.3 protein
V42_BPT3Gene 4.2 protein
V43_BPT3Gene 4.3 protein
V45_BPT3Gene 4.5 protein
V55_BPT3Gene 5.5 protein
V57_BPT3Gene 5.7 protein
V59_BPT3Gene 5.9 protein
VDMA_BPT3DNA maturase A (DNA-packaging protein A) (GP18)
VHED_BPT3Helix-destabilizing protein (Single-stranded DNA-binding protein) (SSB protein)
VRPI_BPT3Bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor (Gene product 2) (Gp2)
Y105_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 1.05 protein
Y15_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 1.5 protein
Y16_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 1.6 protein
Y18_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 1.8 protein
Y195_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 19.5 protein
Y37_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 3.7 protein
Y51_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 5.1 protein
Y53_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 5.3 protein
Y63_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 6.3 protein
Y65_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 6.5 protein
Y67_BPT3Uncharacterized gene 6.7 protein