Enveloped, brick-shaped about 300x250x200nm. Two distinct infectious virus particles exists: the intracellular mature virus (IMV) and the extracellular enveloped virus (EEV).


Linear, dsDNA genome of 175kb. The linear genome is flanked by inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences which are covalently-closed at their extremities.
Swinepox virus strain Nebraska 17077-99 genome at Poxvirus Bioinformatics Ressource center




  1. Attachement of the viral proteins to host glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion with the plasma membrane to release the core into the host cytoplasm.
  3. Early phase: early genes are transcribed in the cytoplasm by viral RNA polymerase. Early expression begins at 30 minutes post-infection.
  4. Core is completely uncoated as early expression ends, viral genome is now free in the cytoplasm.
  5. Intermediate phase: Intermediate genes are expressed, triggering genomic DNA replication at approximately 100 minutes post-infection.
  6. Late phase: Late genes are expressed from 140 min to 48 hours post-infection, producing all structural proteins.
  7. Assembly of progeny virions starts in cytoplasmic viral factories, producing an spherical immature particle. This virus particle matures into brick-shaped intracellular mature virion (IMV).
  8. IMV virion can be released upon cell lysis, or can acquire a second double membrane from trans-Golgi and bud as external enveloped virion (EEV).

Host-virus interaction

Adaptive immune response inhibition

The poxviral E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase LAP promotes ubiquitination and subsequent degradation of host MHC-I and CD4 molecules.

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Swinepox virus (strain Swine/Nebraska/17077-99/1999) (SWPV) reference strain

PAP1_SWPV1 Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC (Poly(A) polymerase large subunit) (PAP-L)
D3_SWPV1 27 kDa core protein

26 entries

Swinepox virus (strain Kasza) (SWPV)

VHR2_SWPVK Probable host range protein 2
VC05_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C5
VC16_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C16
VC02_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C2
VC15_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C15
VC06_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C6
VC10_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C10
VC12_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C12
VPK2_SWPVK Serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 (EC
RIR2_SWPVK Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide reductase small ...
VC17_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C17
MCES_SWPVK mRNA-capping enzyme small subunit (mRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase) (EC (mRNA cap ...
DUT_SWPVK Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP pyrophosphatase)
SPI1_SWPVK Probable serine proteinase inhibitor 1 (Serp-1) (Serpin-1)
K3_SWPVK Protein K3 homolog
VK02_SWPVK G-protein coupled receptor homolog K2
VC04_SWPVK Protein C4
VC01_SWPVK Putative Ig-like domain-containing protein C1
VC18_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C18
VC03_SWPVK G-protein coupled receptor homolog C3
VC09_SWPVK Uncharacterized protein C9
VC13_SWPVK Protein C13
LAP_SWPVK E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase LAP (EC (Leukemia associated protein) (LAP) (RING-type E3 ...
F9_SWPVK F9 protein homolog (Protein C19)
KITH_SWPVK Thymidine kinase (EC
D13_SWPVK Scaffold protein D13 ortholog (62 kDa protein) (Rifampicin resistance protein)